Why B5 is better than Star Trek.! 30 reasons so far.!
I came up with these while I watched the Shadow war.. all 73 epi's in almost one go.

1: 	one word JMS   ( i.e. Storyline )
2: 	Kosh can kick Q's butt in a second (without having to dress up to do it)
3:	B5's crew dont need any fancy transporter beams to get around.
	(they go there by any means nescecary)
4:	G'Kar can kick any klingon's butt (and at least he can read)
5:	Kirk went to Chicago, Sheridan went to Z'Ha'Dum (and came back)
6:	ST has Tasja Yar (bimbo), B5 has Mr Garibaldi (pure tetosterone)
7:	Situation: There's a bunch of hostile alien ships outside.
	ST solution: 
	Please cant we settle this peacefully..??
	B5 solution: 
	Welcome to Babylon5 our guns are now targeting you. 
	You will find their power quite impressive... for a few seconds anyway.
8:	ST has Mr.Chekow (wimp), B5 has Mr.Bester (hardcase)
9:	ST has Romulons n' Klingons (Ha Ha), B5 has Shadows (ohhh shit)
10:	Picard had Vash, Sheridan have Delenn (no contest)
11:	Sheridan dont need any fancy targeting systems. 
	He's got fusion bombs. (and is not afraid to use them)
12:	Garibaldi & Lenier build a Kawazaki Ninja and rode it inside the station.
	The most Tasja Yar ever rode was an producer.  
13:	one word...Tecnomages
14:	Riker had Troi. Londo has 3 wives (famine,pestilence and death)
15:	Kirk met G*D (a fake), Delenn met Jack the Ripper (very real)
16:	Starfury pilots fly standing up. (they die on their feet).
17:	Kirk spends more time at the wigmakers than Londo at the hairdresser.
18:	Garibaldi would never fall for a hermafrodite (unlike Riker).
19:	At least Sheridan is'nt french, like some captains I could mention.
20:	DS9 got defensive shields and puny torpedoes,
	B5 got gun arrays. (a lot) (and they know how to use them)
21:	ST got Troi, B5 got Talia Winters and Lyta Alexander
	( I read felings.    HA...we read minds u betazoid bimbo )
22:	Picard became a borg and helped wipe out starflet cruisers 
	then became human (well.. french) and got his ship back.!!
	Sinclair went back in time became Valen and saved everyone.
25:	Sheridan has always been there.
26:	ST has phasers with multi/wimpy settings, B5 has PPG's.. 1 setting (trouble)
27:	Worf fight holos in the holodeck, Walker Smith fights in the Mutai. 
	(worf would'nt last 5 sek.)
28:	B5 fans dont go around with cramp in their fingers.   ;-)
29:	Why.? becourse faith manages.
30:	Prime Directive....What Prime Directive.!