Ein Gedi 98... [pictures to be inserted when I get my scanner.]
Week one (a bad mofo)
Ariviving in Ben Gurion Airport we get slammed by the heat (35'c at 9:00 ay night)
not a good thing when the drinks have been free free on the flight...
ohh yeah and smokeless (dammed puritans) which means you drink more (and more)..
Then we had to wait for a passenger that was'nt there.!
by way of our inibriations no one thought that was wierd..
An hour n' half later we was on our way to Ein Gedi.
We arrived around midnight nicotine depraved and "sligthy" drunk.
Time for some food.. naaaee!! Jewish Easter cooking leaves a little to be desired.!!
Like no red meat and no yeast products like bread and yikes!! beer, no beer !!
Ohh come on it's 45'c in the shade and no beer..
Israel may be closer to heaven but it's a whole lot more boring.
(at leat during the holidays)
And to top it of the little shop on the camping site is closed
( well it stands to reason the camping site is closed)
( well that stand to reason to since the camping grounds is gone)
no not closed, GONE.!! You know like not there
like the ground opend up and swallowd the site (which it did)!!

So the first thing to do was to arrange raiding parties for coke runs,
ohh it's not like you cant buy coke at the guest house but only in cans at 6 Nis=13kr,
but if you buy a 1 l.you pay 4.85 Nis, and when you have to drink 4-7 l. a day to
keep from dehydrating, it's to freeking expensive to buy cans.
Well anyway one week is gone and i managed to get sunburned in the eyes,
NOT to be recomended well i hope they are allright til monday
(my first day off (we got 2 day to ourselfs of the 28 days we are here))
Im going to Jerusalem to see what I can buy in the old city
(silver, gold and leather are cheaper)
Maybe i can get our goldsmith friend to make some DSH rings.
Well enough for now

Temp high 47' at 11:00 night
Temp low 28' in a nigthly rainstorm

Week two ( Son of ramsin )

Week two and the weather is beginning to be nice again only 28'-34'c,
which means we can breathe again.
Downthing is that time is racing away and we are sending team 6 home tomorrow ..
yikes! only two weeks left, not good
Made one trip so far, to Jerusalem it's a real nice city
( if it was'nt for all the foreigners)
There's no way to make them understand that you dont want buy their trinkets.
Very cheep very cheep spicil price just for you.
Yeaah right Achmed i belive that sure and uknowwho is'nt a facist ,
Israely beer is the best and kosher cooking taste good..
( Pull the other one Achmed it's got bells on. )
We saw the Dome of the Rock and the AlAksha moske on the temple mound,
the Western wall (the wailing wall) and the "tunnel" to bad we could'nt go in.
We then went to the Cristian sites like St.Anne (the oldest Crusader church)
(with the greatest acustic anywhere, 10-12 people sound better then the DR boy's
and girl choir) a real nice church very simple only hewn rocks and flowers.
Then we went to the church of the Holy Sepulchre (which is the official place of Golgatha the place of crucifiction, anonitment, grave and ressurection all rolled into one)
It's nice, big but nice the amazing thing about it is that they have managed to cram
every denomination in to it, making a patchwork of small chapels not seen anywhere
else and nobody is figthing (at least not in public)
Then onto my favorite.. Gordons Garden Tomb it's a smal garden overlookin Skull hill
outside the walls of the Old Jerusalem
The whole place makes more sense when you look at the history and the biblestory,
and there's another quality about it it's quiet, even though it's right behind the arabic
busstation. The place has a certian serenity about it .
Well worth a visit ( maybe it's becourse it's a "thinking man"s tomb site).
The idea was to finish on Ben Yahuda wich is the main walking street .
Shops all over and a McDonald's to bad the bedu driver had no idea what Jerusalem
looked like, that guy could'nt find his way out of a paperbag so no shopping for rings
and worse NO cheeseburgers........Arggggg

Week tree (jalla,jalla)

Jalla, Jalla give gas.!!! We took a short trip to Arad to get supplies
(i.e. something clear firehazardus and liquid)
Ohh and off course coke's n' smokes, you smoke like crazy down here
oh and drink like a camel as well.
Our driver was not Jewish he was BeduArab or something like that and man could
he drive, I'm an old driver myself and i was full of admiration of the dude.
The road to Arad is first a long drive along the Dead Sea until you get to Ein Bokec
followed by a 1.8km rise along a road that turns sharper than a Danish politician
When you are going about 90km through sharp curves it's not the right time to look
for somethin in the glove compartment .
Heeyy !! look out "there's 800m drop of that cliff" Jalla, Jalla give gas??
He knows exactly what he's doing!
Like for no reason he drops in speed and take on his seatbelt.
It's not for safety it's becourse he's seen a police
van 5 cliks and 3 turns away. No seatbelt it's a 100$ fine.
He then takes out a 5cm bundel of papers it turns out to be fines for speeding
(about 2400 Nis worth) Jalla, Jalla give gas?? he say's and grins.
We arived at the Arad market very cheap very cheap special prize just for you.
One guy tried to sell Peter ( the danish version of the Joker hhhhh)
a Phillipshaver very cheap only 200 nis
Very good prize only 180 Nis ..
It's a steal at only 160 Nis ..
For you offendi only 140 Nis..
Ohh you're Danish ohh then it's only 120 Nis ..
80 Nis down in only 3 min then you know something is wrong
We then did what we came for we raided a burgerranch.
Man was that good just to bad you cant get a cheeseburger, G*D damm kosher.
Full of food (real meat) we went in search of a army store.
( how do you find an army store in Israel ? Easy throw a rock (and run )
I got a coupple of knives for my nephews 9 n' 11 that ought to make some
wawes in the little house in the outback.
(About 4 years ago i gave them carpenter sets for x-mas 2 hour later we noticed
that it was unusually quiet, we went up to their room and found them sawing their table
in two boy was my sister mad Did i laugh you bet !
Monday night we held a BBQ, man talk about chaos. Rule1 down here if you order
something check, check, check and check again and it'll probaly still turn out wrong ..
a BBQ without stakes what a bunch of morons dumb X3 and apparently down here
guide means dont know what's going on.
Ahh well 6 days left and we'll be home where you dont have to travel to get some
cheeseburgers propper meat and beer. ohh Joy

Week four (strike what strike)

We sat around one evening drinking coffe (yes that's right coffe)
when Henrik ( trylle trylle) came by singing..
jawohl jawohl jawohl wir drinkink alcohol.
You know when you hear something catchy, it just stays there forever and you find
your self repeating it over and over again.
This frase is not something to go around singing in a jewish setlelment.
Well the heat is on the rise again, but we are so far ahead in our treatment that the
nurse relented at let us spend some time at the pool in the afternoons.
Boy is that nice, you just have to remember that that you sink in pool water .
It's strange when for a whole month you cant get below water
(not that you want to..! It's way to salty)
and it's actually nice to see girls in bikinis instead of in the nude.
(Yes i know it's sick) i guess to much of a good thing !
The buzz the last day's is how the hell are we going to get home?
Not that we care one way or another but the rumor mill is grinding faster and faster
it's to hot for anything else
Well wendesday night 05:30 Israely time we were off wondering where we are going.
We know we'll end up in Denmark, only how! we dont know .
Well turns out we are going with El AL to Gothenburg, but first we have to go through
security checks in Ben Gurion that takes time. Good thing they are pretty little things
to look at (the girlz not the counters) then on to the shops to spend our last Nis and
Dollars.. Junk time.........
After a long and noisy travel we finaly set down in Gothenborg and pile into a waiting
bus with a driver who must have had his training in the bazar in some wierd place.
The guy says welcome, greets us with coffe and when people begin to drink it he wants
money, you can't drink your own soda or beer but you can buy from him. You cant use your mobil phone but you can rent his.. jeezz what a nerd.
3000-4000 cliks and the first Dane you meet is just as greedy as Achmed the Arab.
Well I'm home and joy my mother bless her have been clever enough to stock up my
fridge with sirloin and coke.
It's at times like this im glad she's got a spare key to my apartment.