Ein Gedi 99... [pictures to be inserted when I get my scanner.]
100.-kr = 56NiS (50 in the kibbutz ) 100$ = approx 400NiS
Week one Jalla give gas?!?! [Part deux]
Well if you read last years rapport you'll recognize the above..
The camping ground is still closed and the minimarket as well.
But with the natural jewish "clear" thinking, instead of moving the campground or fixing
the holes they moved the site up to the guesthouse and turned the minimarket into
a micromarked that a stallkeeper at a carny would be ashamed off.
Ahh well as Don Ameche said "things change", a cool thing (no pun intended) it's now possible
to rent a fridge, man that changes things a lot.. cool coke's and the occasional brewski.. ahhh.
But the first thing to do is to shout for the bedu driverfrom last year [Yunice] and do a cokerun
right away [the first few afternoons are "free of charge" we only get 2 day off of the 28 days]
(and if we should happen to get a few brewskies well... no harm done ).
And Yunice was up to par in his hi's 2 speed car (fast 'n really fast) with the car filled to the breaking
point with cokes some beer and other needfull thingies. not to mention my Oreoes (Yummy)
they call them Hydrox Droxies.. go figgure. Ohh btw I was in the "army store" just to see if they
had some interesting knife (my trademark souvenier) they did'nt but they did have a cute
little handlaser for only 70NiS (about 150.-dk) what fun can that be you ask ??
It's just a little red dot aint'it... well just imagine how much fun you can have in Jerusalem or any
place where heavy armed forces patrol on alert. . Naa I would'nt dare it.

Temp high 39'c

Week two White meat please.
Last night the replacement team in somewhat high spirits... hmm let me refrase that...
That offcourse means that we're not the fresh meat anymore. But man did that week rush by fast.
We have a trip planned to Jerusalem nonguided off course, that way we can set our pace ourselfs and
we will probaly be better at finding thing than the bedu driver from last year so..
Strange thing about this country/region there's not much internet going on considering it's one of the
warez center of the world and that it here that ICQ came into being and it's in the Negev that Intel placed
their new super factory. But if there's a internetcafe I'll find it.
Anyway we're off to the Old City on thursday. Main objective for me is to get the rings I wanted last year,
that is if I can make a deal with the jeweler. First one is the [CoD] ring one just for starters.
They should go for about 45-65$. Yaa I know that I could get them made at home
but I'm just a little superstitious and things of power should come from places of power,
and to me Jerusalem is one such.

Temp high yes

Week tree No I dont.
Week tree started by us going to Jerusalem with the bus taking the next team home,
that meant getting up at 5am... I'm not a morning person (more like a real late breakfeast type)
But up we came and away we went arriving some distance from the old city but after a nice (long)
walk we came to the Damascus Gate (wich is the most ornate). My traveling compadres did'nt have
anything important to do until later so I led them around the Old city pretending I gotten a little lost ,
(I allmost never get lost if I been somewhere before just once) so back alley by back alley I led them
to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
(I'd promished myself that I would light a candle for my mother who died last year)
That done I suddenly rememberd how to get to Moses at the Jaffa gate where we waited for the rest of our party who took the regular bus (late sleepers).
Then it was on to Andalucia a jeweler shop run by Mr.Nader a real nice guy.
I orderd the rings which came out at 75$ a piece. Then the party split, some went in search of sister Abraham
yes I know but that's her name she a Danish nun living in Jerusalem where she's painting Icons.
Some went to get a shave n' sharwarma, and me and Carlo went for a walk on the ramparts around the Old city
That was real cool (hot actually) but it gives you a view of the city thats quite spectacular.
One thing I noticed it that they probaly dont get cable down here... I've never seen so many dishes in my life.
Then it was on to Ben Yahuda (the main walking street) for some gifts and more important some steaks.
And then we went looking for some Strudel the only internet bar in Jerusalem.(that we coould find)
Strudel is a very cool place more bar than internet I'll admit but.. they speak english.. well ok canadian'ehh LOL.
It's just the kind of place I dream of running, if you ever find yourself in Jerusalem this is where you want to go
for your net needs. Map to Strudel.
Then back to Ein Gedi via taxi, that was fun.... I DONT THINK!!!
We were 7 guy's with bags an packs..... ok stop a taxi
Hey there we want to go to Ein Gedi
NoNo to many ... only 4...
Yes we know that .. Use your radio.
NoNo to many people... only 4...
YES we think we know that..!!! USE THE RADIO to call another taxi...
Only 4 for 200NiS...
Are you going to call another taxi..
No only 4 people in this taxi other taxi come...
(meanwhile Peter found a van that could take all 7) the only thing this van is missing is the JollyRoger flying.
Hey can you take us to Ein Gedi..?
Sure kibbutz....?
Yea kibbutz Ein Gedi.!
Sure I know kibbutz.. You go ?? 280NiS.
280 NiS to Ein Gedi ? cool (the other wanted 400).
Yes I know kibbutz at dead sea..
That's right fella kibbutz Ein Gedi.
[I could go on for quite a while but the gist of it was that this guy did'nt know jack and the idea of getting stuck a some check point in the middle of the nowhere at night was not what we had in mind. Call us cautious but... ]
So we went on again this time we found a van (with a taxi sign on)
Kibbutz Ein Gedi.. Sure... only wait a moment.
Rather that just trying to scam us he went into the taxi office and came out smiling saying 250NiS.
DEAL ..... Quite a day.

Temp High yeaa still..

Week allmost four Back to Jaffa.
We went back to Jerusalem again yesterday, me to get my rings the others to get some more gold
(Hoooray for master card )
BUT first we had to get there...
No problemo we'll just take the bus... Stupid us...
If there's one thing worse than a bus thats late it's a bus that early.. What a stinker.
Well we just had to hike it down to the road, quite a way with no shade at all to wait for 20 min for the bus,
only to watch it go right by us... and I swear that the guy was laughing.
Another wait for 30 min this guy stopped. pheew.. we're on our way, but then about 40min later the panic starts slowly
when we notice that the bus is following the roadsigns toward TelAviv noooooo...
But it's only a trick to scare us (I wonder if it's an conspiracy...) and we do end up at the central bus station
The first thing we se when we get out of the bus is a taxi driver trying to hustle up some buissness.
You go to Old City ??
Yes Jaffa Gate.
I take..!
To Jaffa gate ?? how much.
Yes cheap show sites.
NO Just Jaffa gate.
NoNo Bethlehem... Get the picture ??
We finaly didengaged him and found a real taxi.. Jaffa gate! sure 12NiS SOLD. Mr. Nader here we come.
But first ahhh them golden arches... McMac here we come.
4 danes doing cheeseburgers after 3 weeks of kosher cooking, not a pretty thing to look at. Dont get in our way.
Filled with burgers we go to the Old City where Mr.Nader was waiting with my rings, pretty cool only..
He'd been nice enough to use a different base ring more expensive but at no cost to me.. ahh well.
I then noticed a cool pocket watch ehh how much for that Mr.Nader 25$ kewl sold (dont wear a pocket watch but...)
the I made the mistake.. I saw a ring kinda braided.. how much.. what 25$ sold.
The ring is made of 8 rings inter twined kinda like a puzzle (take a guess) right before we went home to Ein Gedi
we just had check back at Strudel for a beer, and at McMac just to do a refill.. and while we where sitting there
full of burgers feeling good about ourselves, I Just had to play with the ring and apart it came. ahh shuckjs
But how difficult can it be to put back togeather again. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..... like very..
120 danes 8 kibbutz volunteres 2 nurses and a bartender and receptionist could'nt put it back together again.
I finaly had to send it back to the jeweler in Jerusalem
(who actually had to get a friend to do it) best 25$ ever spent.
Then it was finaly home to good olde DK well.. finaly dont really know about that I think the 4 weeks raced along
like there was no tomorrow. Usually that means that you had a good time.
(or that your short term memory is gone).
Sad thing is that we had to say goodbye rather than see you again to our headnurse Anette.
Anette have gotten a job at Ein Bochek which is about 3min away from where she lives
so you cant really blame that after 25years she wants to try something else.
We are going to miss you Anette.
Well I'm back and I cant see anything blue above.. ahh well. maybe next year....

Temp high.. Yes when the aircaptain found out that somebody had been smoking on the toilets.
Man was he PO'ed.. he was ready to set down in Warsaw. NOT a clever more whoever it was.