S p o f l i g h t

Interviewed: JanJ, alias 'Kuragari'

Topic: Interview with Kuragari about the Church of Dawn

Credits: This interview was conducted by several interesting people, and may be distributed without their written permission!
Copyright 1998 JanJ, alias 'Kuragari'. No rights reserved.
Session Start: Friday 16 October 1998 10:59:34:78/100

Inazuma.. Have you heard about klam.dk?
Kuragari ..Tja.. well kinda is'nt it about the guy's who used to run klam.dk but was working on a competing site at the same time.?
Inazuma..Yep..thats right so Agura cut them off from their ftp accounts and made every one angry.
Kuragari ..Why.?
Inazuma..Why what.?
Kuragari ..Why was everyone angry.?
Inazuma..Ohh that.. I dont know... probaly some misplaced loyalty toward Sir Prize and Ms. Terious.
Kuragari ..I dont get it.. was'nt it Agura who supplied all the free webspace for the klans.?
Inazuma..Yes but..but.. I mean..
Inazuma..It was Sir Prize and Ms. Terious who made the work.!
Kuragari ..hmm.. on Agura's site.?
Kuragari ..Agura paid for site and traffic.
Kuragari ..Did Sir Prize and Ms. Terious get pay for running it.
Inazuma..Yeaa I think so.
Kuragari ..So.!
Inazuma..So what.?
Kuragari ..So what's the problem.
Inazuma..Sir Prize and Ms. Terious say that it's a hostile takeover.
Kuragari ..Come again... A hostile takeover on a site they own and was paying for. What's wrong with this picture.
Inazuma..hmm. Yeaa I get it...Anyway what's you been up to lately?
Larri King.. Yes Kuragari.. I've noticed that your updates on DSH has been sparce lately.
Kuragari ..Well I've been working on other sites for a while.
Larri King..Oh are you performing a hostile takeover ?
Kuragari ..Nope there's nothing hostile about it.
Larri King..So what's it about then.
Kuragari ..Well.. Inazuma came crying to..
Inazuma..Did not.
Kuragari ..Did
Inazuma..DID NOT
Kuragari ..DID TO
Larri King..ehh excuseme..
Kuragari ..Inazuma..WHAT!!
Michael Moriaty.. God I hate that whale.
Larri King..Sorry I got to go. I've got a date with Janit Reno
Kuragari ..My condolenses.
Inazuma..Hubba Hubba.. hehe.
Babara Walter..So what are you doing?
Kuragari ..Well.. Inazuma came crying asking me to run a site for them.
Babara Walter..What kind of site?
Kuragari ..A Clan/game site.
Babara Walter..Is it going to be a competition to other danish sites. You know who I mean.
Kuragari ..No Way.. no competition at all :) .
Babara Walter..In what way.?
Kuragari ..For one thing no cencurship of anyone. However any tags or rants will be subject to the Orthography Commandos.
Babara Walter..Orthography Commandos ?
Kuragari ..Yeaa they scourer the universe for bad syntax. They only have one rule Spell or Die.
Denis Rotmann..ohh oh bad news for the jocs huh
Orthography Commandos..-={[Flash]}=- Bad Move.. Denis
Denis Rotmann..ooohhh shiiiiit.!!!
Orthography Commandos..Thats jocks you illiterate ball freak..BAM BAM -*KABOM*-
Kuragari ..That's pretty hard guy's.!!
Orthography Commandos..Do you have a problem with it.
Kuragari ..No sir.
Orthography Commandos..Good.
Monica Ritterbrun..You want a beer?
Orthography Commandos..Thats would you care for a beer..BAM BAM -*KABOM*-
Kuragari ..Excuse me.. but you can say You want a beer? (it's a question)
Orthography Commandos..We know..we just dont like her.
Kuragari ..Oh I guess that's allright then.
Orthography Commandos..-={[hsalF]}=-
Kuragari ..Strange guy's !
Babara Walter..You can say that again.
Kuragari ..I can.? ok ..ahemmm Strange guy's !
Babara Walter..You was saying about competition.
Kuragari ..I was.. oh yes.. We're not going to be competing with anyone.
Babara Walter..How comes.
Orthography Commandos..-={[Flash]}=- That's come, you over the hill bimbo -={[hsalF]}=-
Walter Croenkite..About time too I've been wanting to do that for years. So how come?
Kuragari ..For one thing we dont want to spend our time playing Lord of the manor.
Walter Croenkite..Why not?
Kuragari ..Well.. there's to many of those around.
Walter Croenkite..Then what about hosting clans.?
Kuragari ..Naa I dont think so. Not for quite a while anyway.
Walter Croenkite..It seems like a good way to get on in the gameworld.!
Kuragari ..Maybe so.! But you can get hosted for free just about anywhere these days. Besides it probaly to much work just so clan can have a cool Email adress.
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..Ups... sorry I was just looking for Monica.
Kuragari ..Well she's not here. Have you checked at Janit Reno's office.?
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..Yep and I'm not going there again!
Walter Croenkite..Why not mr. Prezident
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..She was wearing a corset and high heel's and nothing else.
Inazuma..Urrrghhh blaaaarg
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..And apparently she was being interviewed by Larri King. He's a clumsy guy is'nt he.
Walter Croenkite..What do you mean sir.??
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..It looked like he droped something on the floor, he was crawling around the room on hands and knee's.
Inazuma..He was?
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..Yes and he probaly spilled something all over himself because his clothes was on the radiator.
Kuragari ..You dont get out much.. do you?
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..What do you mean?
Kuragari ..Dont you think that something else was going on.?
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..No I'm sure it was an interview. Why else was Janit Reno holding the microphone and I'm sure the microphone was on.
Kuragari ..Why are you sure?
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..It was humming.
Kuragari ..Forget it mr. prez.. why where you looking for Monica ?
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..She got my Cuban cigar, and I want it back.
Fidler Casto ..Why dont you just get a humidore, you sicko.
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..WHAT are'nt you dead yet.
Fidler Casto ..You really dont get out much, do you?
Kuragari ..Excuse me but cant you take it elsewhere please...we working here.
Wiliam J. Clinthon ..SLAM....
Fidler Casto ..SLAM....
Walter Croenkite..OhBoy it does'nt take much to make those 2 mad does it.
Kuragari ..:) maybe they been taking lessons.
Walter Croenkite..what do you mea...Oh I get it :)
Kuragari ..I knew you would.
Walter Croenkite..About the site..
Kuragari ..Well It's just going to be a site to drop in on from time to time to check out what been happening around the world.
Walter Croenkite..Like ?....
Kuragari ..Yes I do.
Walter Croenkite..No I mean like what ?
Kuragari ..News mainly, guides, files from time to time, you know.. stuff we like.
Walter Croenkite..Sounds like a good idea..*bib*..*bib* sorry I got to go. Cu l8r
Orthography Commandos..-={[Flash]}=- Thats wrong syntax.. hey where did he go?
Kuragari ..Tuzla I think.
Orthography Commandos..Damm -={[hsalF]}=-
Mogens Rubonstien..**crackle** This is Mogens Rubonstien standing in Jerusalem looking down on the western wall. It look like the ban the doomed guy from the wall's demonstation has taken on a whole new meaning.Bands of roaming rightwing student are trying to break up the demonstrations in favor of their hero from Denmark. But in a amazing show of solidarity even the Islamic Jyhad has joined ranks with the Tora wielding freespeach youth of Israel Hizzbolla leaders said "this guy is just to rightwing for our taste".**crackle**
Inazuma..How did he get in here?
Kuragari ..Dont know, maybe he's a weekend hacker.
Hillarius R. Clinthon ..Excuse me have you seen my husband..
Inazuma..Yes he's just popped in to Janit Reno's office.. He said if you came by you should join him.
Hillarius R. Clinthon ..Thank you..You are a nice young man. tada
Kuragari ..That was nasty..
Inazuma..Well why should slick willie have all the fun ]:)
Riz Kagen..So will this be for your own benefit or what..?
Kuragari ..Well I suppose so, but I've have gotten quite a following on the [DSH] page.
Riz Kagen..How do you account for that.?
Kuragari ..Mainly I think it's because I refuse to take everything so serious.
Riz Kagen..You mean unlike..?
Kuragari ..Yes I do.
Riz Kagen..Well I have to admit that I like the story's you usually write.
Kuragari ..Thanks
Riz Kagen..Are any of them true..?
Kuragari ..Belive it or not every one of them.
Riz Kagen..Every one.?
Kuragari ..Absofragginlutly
Orthography Commandos..-={[Flash]}=- Got you.!! (evil grin)
Kuragari ..Wanna bet.!!
Orthography Commandos..What do you mean.?
McManus..ahh....six, seven, eight...Oswald was a fag.
Orthography Luitenent..Hey -=urg=-
Orthography Sergant..What the -=umf=-
Orthography Corporal..Did you! -=arg=-
Orthography PointmanWhere the -=gronk=-
Orthography PrivateFind hi.-=klink=-
Orthography PrivateThere he is -=bamf=-
Orthography PrivateGet him -=o0hg=-
Orthography PrivateI'm gettin the hell out o-=blask=-
Riz Kagen..Nice one.
Kuragari ..(evil grin)
Riz Kagen..But honestly the stories from your LAN's are true ?
Kuragari ..You bet.
Riz Kagen..Got room for one more?
Kuragari ..We will keep you in mind.
Riz Kagen......?
Kuragari .......?
Riz Kagen..What's that noise.
Kuragari ..Sounds like thunder.
Riz Kagen..Ohhhh nooo it's Rosyanne.!!
Kuragari ..Dont worry she wont be able to get through the door.
Riz Kagen..Well you can stay but I'm not taking any chances. Byeee
Kuragari ..Come back you coward..
Rosyanne ..Hello sweetie how are you.
Kuragari ..Badly I suspect..
Rosyanne ..Dont worry I just wanted to invite you to be on my show.
Kuragari ..Hmm. wil there be any models on at the same time.?
Rosyanne ..Sure.. I'll even introduce you to them.
Kuragari ..Something's fishy..
Rosyanne ..No really... I'll even fix it so your dressing room will be next to each other.
Kuragari ..Hmm.. well... name one of the models..
Rosyanne ..Fabio..?
Kuragari ..Get out of here woman..and I use that term loosely.
Rosyanne ..ok..BLAM.
Geri Haliwall ..Hello could I interest you in
Kuragari ..Leave now bimbo or suffer my wrath.
Geri Haliwall ..Touchy are'nt you.
Kuragari ..No... unlike some I have some mesure of taste...be gone wrench.
Geri Haliwall ..sob..blam
Kuragari ..Jeezz what's next ?? Mette Ful?
Mette Ful ..Funny you should say that..
Kuragari ..No way.. take your opinions and get the hell out of here right now before I call Camrċ.
Mette Ful ..Facist.
Kuragari ..Where you are concerned.. Yes and proud of it.
Mette Ful ..Well I think that's kind of thinking is wrong.
Kuragari ..Who cares what you think. Why dont you and your stupid girlfriend take a long walk of a short pier.?
Mette Ful ..What do you meen.
Orthography Special Forces..-=Wumph=- Thats mean you leftwing dummy. -*KABOM²*-
Mette Ful ..Pheew that was close.
Antropomorfic Personification ..CLOSE TO WHAT ?.
Mette Ful ..Did'nt you see.
Antropomorfic Personification ..YES !.
Mette Ful ..They shot at me.
Antropomorfic Personification ..YES !.
Mette Ful ..They could have killed me!!
Antropomorfic Personification ..AHHH WELL !.
Mette Ful ..Who are you anyway ?
Antropomorfic Personification ..THE GREAT PRODUCER !.
Mette Ful ..Finaly we meet!
Antropomorfic Personification ..YES !.
Mette Ful ..Well I want to by on prime time from now on !
Antropomorfic Personification ..SORRY BUT YOU HAVE BEEN CANCELD !.
Orthography Special Forces..-=Wumph=- Thats.. Oh sorry sir we will be leaving now.
Antropomorfic Personification ..WANNA BET ? !.
Kuragari ..pheww I must have done something right in a previous life..
Inazuma..Yep... cant think of what it might have been though.?
John Glyn..Whoooo I'm up high...
Kuragari ..Hey was'nt that John Glyn ?
Inazuma..Yeaa.. I thought he was in a resting home.?
Kuragari ..hmm aparently you cant you cant keep a good man down.
Ali Capone..Maybe they should try a ciment overcoat and the Hudson river.
Kuragari ....
Ali Capone....
Kuragari ..hmm.. maybe they are'nt comming.?
Inazuma..You think something happend to them ?
Ali Capone..Bunch of wussies that's what I think.
Kuragari ..hey Ali what was in your safe anyway?
Ali Capone..The last remains of a second rate reporter :)
Peter Arnutt..Just to get back on track.! Are you going to be hosting.
Kuragari ..Yeaa I expect that our parties are going to go on and on.
Peter Arnutt..No no I mean are you goin to offer hosting to clans and so on.?
Kuragari ..I'll expect they are quite able to throw their own parties.
Peter Arnutt..No I mean are you going to give away free space..?
Inazuma..You mean like the one between your ears?
Peter Arnutt..Hey dont mess with me young man. I know Saddum personally!
Inazuma..uuuuuh I'm shaking.
Kuragari ..why..? are you cold ? :)
Peter Arnutt..Yes.. and the Hammas like me.
Inazuma..That's quite a coincidence.
Kuragari ..what do you mean?
Inazuma..The Hammas like him and I like the Hummus.
Kuragari ..-=chuckle=-
Peter Arnutt..You just wait..!!!!.
Orthography Elite..-=Zlamompf=- 4 !'s that's not only wrong that's tacky.
Martha Stewaard..That's my area...
Peter Arnutt..Yiekes!.
Martha Stewaard..Are you boy's going to let me handle this.?
Orthography Elite..Off course Ms. Stewaard . We have some manners unlike some I could mention.
Martha Stewaard..But wont !
Orthography Elite..Excatly Bye.. -=Fpmomalz=-
Peter Arnutt..Ohh and what are you going to do.. read the manners section out loud.:)
Martha Stewaard..Just so. DONT -=kick=-
Peter Arnutt..bleww uhhh
Kuragari ..arrg .. right in the
Inazuma..yikes .I'm not going to mess with her.
Peter Arnutt..That's not
Martha Stewaard..USE -=gouge=-
Peter Arnutt..aiii
Martha Stewaard..TO -=rip=-
Peter Arnutt..aiiiuuuu
Martha Stewaard..MANY -=scratch=-
Peter Arnutt..eiii
Martha Stewaard..EXCLAMATION -=scratch=-
Peter Arnutt..-sob-
Martha Stewaard..MARKS ! -=scratch=-
Kuragari ..Nice moves you have there Ms.Stewaard.
Martha Stewaard..Thank you. I work out you know.!
Kuragari ..Who's your trainer...Chuck Norries?
Martha Stewaard..Yes as a matter of fact.! Well I cant stay here.. somewhere a pillow is'nt being fluffed the right way.
Inazuma..Wow tough lady.!
Kuragari ..You bet.!
Tim Tailor ..HrrrHrrrm she's got more power.!
Al Boredland ..I dont think so Tim.!
Tim Tailor ..Spoken like a true..Hey what are we doing here.
Al Boredland ..What did you touch this time.!
Kuragari ..Hey Tim the Toonman what are you doing here?
Al Boredland ..He probably "fixed" his internet connection! *smile*
Tim Tailor ..All I did was to overclock it a little.! HrrrHrrrm more power.
Kuragari ..Hey Tim do you play Quake?
Tim Tailor ..Are you kidding all the time.!
Kuragari ..Against who?
Tim Tailor ..Wilsonn most of the time .!
Kuragari ..Is he good?
Tim Tailor ..Well I think he is a camper all I ever see of him is his eyes .!
Wilsonn ..Am not !
Tim Tailor ..The how come I never see you .?
Wilsonn ..Well Tim... the ancient Sumerians had a word for that SKILL!
Tim Tailor ..Oh yeaa let's go I got a Bfg I want to show you .!
Al Boredland ..Be carefull Wilsonn he probably "fixed" it up ! *grin*
Wilsonn ..In that case do you want to put some money on a game?
Tim Tailor ..I'll show you .!
Kuragari ..Could you wait until I've ripped a ATM?
Inazuma..Hey I want some of that action.!
Tim Tailor ..Very funny .! Bye.

CoDServerSySaDmiiiiiin ..Whoaa TimeLapse... Heavy..

Kuragari ..Hmm has he been at the musrooms again.?
Inazuma..Dunno.. He did look a little strange.!
Kuragari ..No Sh*t. Where has he been all this time ?
Inazuma..Beats me.!
Kuragari ..Who does.?
Don GrillKulling ..I'll bet it that Grossmeoutman dude that did it.!
Kuragari ..You think ?
Don GrillKulling ..Yaa it's just the kind of thing he would do.!
Kuragari ..Well.. You're probaly right about that.!
Inazuma..Hehe. There's a first for everything !
Don GrillKulling ..Yaa.. Hey what do you mean.. You looking for a crowbarupandrealclose!