These weren't written by me - they "came into my possession...."
LINCOLN has seven letters. KENNEDY has seven letters. BABYLON 5 has seven letters ("5" is not a letter.)
LINCOLN was shot in a theatre. His assassin hid in a warehouse. KENNEDY was shot from a warehouse. His assassin hid in a theatre. Babylon 5 is shot in a warehouse by a lot of people who often go the theatre (or who used to work in theatre).
LINCOLN had a secretary working for him named KENNEDY. KENNEDY had a secretary working for him named LINCOLN. BABYLON 5 has a lot of secretaries working for pictures of LINCOLN and KENNEDY.
LINCOLN was shot in Ford's Theatre. KENNEDY was shot in a Ford - a LINCOLN limousine. Kim Kerry drives a Ford Bronco.
LINCOLN sat in Box 7 at Fords' Theatre. KENNEDY rode in car 7 in the Dallas motorcade. Doug McCoy played Delta 7 during the first season of Babylon 5. (his character was killed off!)
LINCOLN's casket was built out of mahogany. KENNEDY's casket was built out of mahogany. Much of the scenery on BABYLON 5 is built out of mahogany. (Lauan is 1/8 inch mahogany plywood.)
After they were shot, both presidents were taken to a place with the initials P and H. LINCOLN was taken to the Peterson House and KENNEDY was taken to Parkland Hospital. When a BABYLON 5 carpenter gets shot with a staple gun, he is taken to Pacifica Hospital. (Not that this has ever happened.)
LINCOLN's successor was Andrew Johnson. KENNEDY's successor was Lyndon Johnson. Jay Johnson is "ON SET PROPS." (Look out Kurt!)
LINCOLN and KENNEDY were both athletic men. Babylon 5 has installed a weight room in an attempt to make the crew athletic.
LINCOLN and KENNEDY both enjoyed sitting in a rocking chair. Babylon 5 crew members enjoy sitting in any chair.
LINCOLN and KENNEDY could both express themselves well. LINCOLN's works were considered classics. KENNEDY won the Pulitzer Prize. Babylon 5 won a Hugo Award.
Bruce Boxleitner's character is named John Sheridan. The boom operator (sound) on BABYLON 5 is named John Sheridan. (This has nothing to do with LINCOLN or KENNEDY, but don't you find it interesting?)
Neither president was known to carry money and constantly borrowed funds from friends. Babylon 5 crew members never have any money and always borrow from their friends.
LINCOLN, KENNEDY and BABYLON 5 all spelled backwards appear to be Russian. Nlocnil, Ydennek, 5 Nolybab. Londo speaks with a Russian accent. (I know it's really Centauri, but it sounds like Russian to me.)
Both presidents were in the presence of another couple when shot. In each case, the man was injured but not fatally. Many people have been injured while working on BABYLON 5, none fatally.
Both presidents were shot in the presence of their wives. Bruce Boxleitner was shot in two episodes in the presence of his wife.
Both presidents were shot on a Friday. BABYLON 5 is shot every Friday.