What Babylon 5 bumper stickers would you like to see?!

Sticker [submitted by]
My other vehicle is a Minbari Cruiser[ Chuck0]
Free the Narn [Chuck0]
I [heart] Babylon 5 [Chuck0]
Ivanova is GOD [Chuck0]
Lando for Prez. We KNOW he's dishonest! [Jupiter2]
I [heart] Ivanova! [Chris D.]
Kosh for Pres. On Clinton: Intolerable! [Coker le Coker]
I DON'T break for Shadows. ["Meester" Morden]
Got Spoo? [mccawj]
Vorlons break for nobody [kongo ]
Fasten, then Zip [Noa ]
Psicop in trunk! [Khorzan]
Sooner or later... BOOM! [Khorzan]
Impeach President Clark [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
Proud parent of a PsiCorps honor roll student. [Darb]
My other car is a Starfury [ Khorzan]
Kosh in 2260 - YES[Khorzan]
I brake for Spoo[ Khorzan]
Sheridan/Ivanova in 2264[ Khorzan]
Activate Jump Engines [Neroon]
If I were in a Starfury, I'd be home by now. [Zbear]
Save the First Ones[ Zbear]
Bonehead on Board[Zbear]
Practice Random Acts of Spacing...[Chuck0]
How's My Driving? Call 1-800-EAT-VLRN[Chuck0]
Vir for Emperor[Freddie]
Babylon 5: Our last, best hope for intelligent television [Freddie]
My other vehicle is a White Star. [ "Meester" Morden]
Free the Babylon Five [Mike French]
What Do You Want? [OshKosh]
*Everyone* breaks for Vorlons[Garance]
PsiCorps Meeting: You know When, You Know Where[XAOS]
My other car is a Shadow Vessel[Honalee]
I'll Take Garibaldi Over Captain Baldy Any Day! [Honalee]
The Man In Between is Looking For You [Honalee]
Caution: Shadow Allies On Board![Honalee]
I Don't Break For Psi-Cops[Honalee]
Is That a Keeper on Your Shoulder, or Are You Just Glad To See Me?[Honalee]
Vorlons break for nobody [crite]
I went to Z'Ha'Dum and all I got was this lousy bumper sticker. [Lonny]
Uncle Psi is watching YOU[Jupiter2]
Free Mars[G'Jed]
Join the President Clark hate club["Meester" Morden]
Why settle for the lesser evil? Vote Shadow![Faust]

Morden was framed![Faust]
Vorlon Light: Tastes Great, Less Filling[Faust]
I have always been here[Faust]
I got your three-edged sword right here![Faust]
Will work for Spoo[Wiz]
I break for First Ones["Meester" Morden]
Morden for Secretary of Planetary Defense!["Meester" Morden]
Member: Pain Technicians #ACB5[Matman]
My other car is parked at Sigma 957[Miguel Farah]
Vorlon tavutna chog![jennypenny]
If you get any closer to my bumper I'll flick spoo on your winshield [Squishy]
My child is an honor roll student at Psi Core Academy [Squishy]
Visit Markab: No snow, no hassle, no population [Shawn Charlton]
We are all *KOSH*[Chris D.]
We Break For No One!!![anonymous]
Earhart's - Our Last Best Hope for Pizza, Pasta, and Salad Bar[Big Brain]
Car containing Vorlon bio-tech[Stigmat]
I survived Z'ha'dum[Stigmat]
Sheridan/Ivanova in '96 - Our last Best Hope[NightRain]
My other car is a Vorlon Planet Killer [Naranek]
Babylon5: if you dont like it you better go join the rest beyond the rim[RevDennis]
Spoo happens[F.R.]
Driving not Zathras strong point [Who]
If join Heavens Gate You Will Die! [Coker Coler]
I married a Shadow[Coker Coler]
Oh my Gosh, it's Kosh[Coker Coler]
My child speaks Perfect Ebonics[Coker Coler]
B5 Re-Runs Suck[Coker Coler]
Are YOU afraid of shadows? [ "Meester" Morden]
Your child may be a Psi Corps honor student -- But you're still an idiot![PatH]
The avalanche has begun...[PatH]
What's a "Voyager"?[White Star]
One Vorlon Planet Killer can ruin your whole day[O'Brien]
As a matter of fact, I do own the whole damn jump gate![O'Brien]
Am I afraid of shadows? No. Of Shadows, YES["Meester" Morden]
Speak softly and carry a big fighting pike[Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
Down with PsiCorps!["Meester" Morden]
ET eats Reece's Pieces at Earhart's![Jupiter2]
I brake for floating teddy bears[O'Brien]
A Narn needs a Centauri like a scarf model needs a Keeper[O'Brien]
My Narn Beat Up Your Psi Corps Honor Student[Chris D.]
After working for Londo, even your driving doesn't phase me[Jade]
Don't Blame Me - I Voted for Marie Crane[Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
Eat Drink and be Merry because We are Centauri![GCD]
Your Mother is the Queen Shadow[Coker Coler]
Love Hurts - ask Marcus where he got the black eye![GCD]
Morden for President, He gives you what you want[Br.Flarn]
Beyond the Final Frontier lies...Babylon 5 [M. Salsbury]
Love the Shadows (not!)[Blast From the Past]
Hey! Only Minbari are allowed to drive around with guns sticking out.[adoy]
If you can read this so can the Shadow behind you..[Chris "Hague"]
Visualize Babylon 5[Greg]
*tweet* *whirl* BACK OFF *squeak* *zoop*[Greg]
Space Captain Janeway![Surveyor from Hell]
Darwin says: Vote Shadows in 2000[Todd Navas]
League of Non-Aligned Worlds Ambassador on board!["Meester" Morden]
Woo Hoo?[Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
Rotten to the Psi Corps[O'Brien]
Keeper On Board[O'Brien]
The PsiCorps are your friend, Trust the Corps[Wiz]
Implanted Personality on Board[Chuck0]
Practice Random Acts of Spacing[Chuck0]
Babylon 5 is for lovers[Chuck0]
Bad Psi Cop. No donut.[Chuck0]
Janeway is Lost[Chuck0]
Don't Believe ISN[Chuck0]
Psi to the Corp.[Shadowette]
I'm my brothers KEEPER[SHRIKER 72]
Impeach President Clark, Now![Lounge Lizzard]
Don't Mess with Me! I'm a Black Omega Member[Medtech]
Yer father is the Queen Shadow, and yer mother is a keeper!["Meester" Morden]
Vir says "Kill your leader and the world will love you!"[Xena]
Valen is My Co-Pilot[Golden]
A Keeper is not just for Christmas - it's for life.[Watsy]
Honk if you just obliterated a Narn colony last night![Watsy]
I'm a Wasted B5 Ranger and I Live the Life of Danger[Medtech]
Spoo Happens[Squishy]
Behind every successful man is Ivanova[Squishy]
Support your local vorlon[Squishy]
Just say no to sleepers[Squishy]
Be kind to spoo...don't eat them[Squishy]
Elvis is alive and well and living on Epsilon 3 [Squishy]
It'll be a good day when B5 gets all the money it needs and the Vorlons have to hold a bake sale to buy a planet killer[Tony]
Ignore the Vorlons and your planet will go away[Celeborn]
This is your brain. This is your brain screwed over by a vorlon. Any questions???[Xena]
My Lurker impregnated your PsiCorps Honor Student![Tamie]
All the Truth you want to hear...Ivanova nightly[Jupiter2]
Have you hugged your Narn today?[Sangwyn]
If you can read this you're a psycop![Guru]
Kiss my Spoo[AlThor6113]
Zathras is right![Chel]
Driving not Zathras' skill[Miguel Farah]
*MY* wife went to Zha'ha'dum and all I got was this stupid bumper sticker[adam]
My God, its full of Vorlons[Legate70]
My God, its full of Shadows[Legate70]
If you value your lives - be somewhere else[Skandit]
jingle spoo, jingle spoo, jingle all the spoo![Ginger freak]
My Mum went to Zha`ha`dum and all I got was Spoo![Ginger freak]
Jumpgate workers: Give 'em a BRAKE[Lightman2]
Honk if you have been mystified by a vorlon[Puyo2]
if you can read this without my knowing, you're a shadow[Puyo2]
is that a PPG in your pocket or are you just happy to see me[DNAman]
I will send bad drivers Straight to Hell[Priestess of Kosh]
Babylon 5 - A Dream Given Form[Priestess of Kosh]
My other Drazi is purple[Surveyor from Hell]
Teddy Bears get to travel the galaxy[Surveyor from Hell]
Don't follow me, I'm going to Zha'ha'dum[Gaelin]
How's my driving, Dial 1-800-SHADOWS[Gaelin]
My husband went to Z'ha'dum and all I got was blown up![Shard]
What is spoo?!![ICA]
Loose spoo now! Ask me how![gzaphod]
My Shadows wasted your Borg[Priestess of Kosh]
Get too close and you'll END in FIRE![GreenHead]
Get out of my head, you damn PsiCop![Chuck0]
Trust Ivanova, trust yourself, everyone else, run off the road[JEinMN]
If you can read my mind...you don't need glasses[JEinMN]
Z'Ha'Dum: Been there, seen it, hated it, nuked it[Lounge Lizzard]
Got Salt? Sheridan's Vlarn Barn, Babylon 5[CyberVILLAIN]
Got Vlarn?[CyberVILLAIN]
My space station trashed your Voyager[Mikey]
LURKER ON BOARD(yellow diamond sign)[Justin]
Have Minbari Fighting Pike, Will Travel[ferrio@execpc.com]
My OTHER vehicle is a Shadow Cruiser, and you DON'T want to see it's high beams[ferrio@execpc.com]
Londo for president[Minerva]
Free the Spoo! Buy shares in a Spoo ranch![JEinMN]
I have a fighting pike and you don't[JEinMN]
Vorlon on Board[Lightman2]
Just married!! WOO HOO!!![irena]
My other vehicle is Babylon 4[irena]
Unicorns on board[irena]
I traded My wessel for the Black omega Squadron[Marcus Carter]
I went to Z'ha'Dum and all I got was this lousy Sticker[Marcus Carter]
Not Da One, Not Da One[Solaris]
I went to Z'Ha'Dum and all I got was 20 years to live and this stupid sticker[Mackie]
Green! Purple! Green! (Whack!)[Mackie]
My Other Car is A White Star[Mackie]
My Other Car is A Star Fury[Mackie]
Let me be your First One[Mackie]
Don't use, for Pak'ma'ra only[irena]
Caution I swerve and hit starfuries at random[Sue]
Rangers go in to action it extends! ( Their Pike That is )[Marcus Carter]
Ivanova does it ANYWAY she chooses ( as she is god and you wouldn't want to argue with a god would you!!! )[Marcus Carter]
The first ones do it once every thousand years ( and thats enough for everyone )[Marcus Carter]
Kosh bless TNT[sf]
Valen goes with you!!![irena]
Garibaldis kawasaki.WOO!!HOO!![irena]
Vorlon inside (a la Intel)[JCP]
[bee] 5[Tethys]
Valen Saves[ferrio@execpc.com]
My Kid Beat UP Your Psi-Corp Academy Honor Student[ferrio@execpc.com]
Vorlon On Board[ferrio@execpc.com]
Babylon 5. Woo-Hoo[Lightman2]
Be secure all day and night, take a Ranger home with you[ferrio@execpc.com]
Be secure all day and night, take a Ranger to bed with you[ferrio@execpc.com]
Ah, nuts!!![kathleentje]
Narn Bat Squad on board[Glitterbot]
The ONE on board[Lizenn]
My wife's car is a Shadow Battlecruiser[Nemisis]
Babylon 5: When Chekov Goes Bad[Lightman2]
Ivanova: Marcus' Last Best Hope For A Piece[Big Brain]
I went to Z'ha'Dum for the ultimate bungee jump[Priestess of Kosh]
Save Mir - our best hope for a Babylon station[Priestess of Kosh]
Honk if you believe in Valen[Jason "The Phoenix" Bourgeois]
spoo, breakfast of champions[Lounge Lizzard]
My boss is a Russian pessimist[Golden]
My boss is a Jewish commander[Golden]
Ah, hell!!![Londofc]
Nightwatch! When do you see them, blast them !!![irena]
Don't scan! Ivanova on board![irena]
Don't disturb, I'm taking another lesson by Kosh right now!![irena]
Gore-Morden 2000! What do you want?[Greased Lightning]
PPG's don't kill people, people kill people[Greased Lightning]
Do Not Tailgate: Fully Loaded Cobra Bay In Trunk[Greased Lightning]
I've stolen Babylon 4![irena]
Friends don't let friends watch Star Trek[Es-soh-en]
PSYCORP: We know what you're thinking[Es-soh-en]
Dysfunctional Telepath: I know what I'm thinking[Es-soh-en]
Mars Liberation Now!!![Jupiter2]
PPG's don't kill people. I do!!!!!!!![ICA]
First 10 minutes...FREE! 1-800-PSI-CORP[SuBethJimBob]
This Car Protected By Mr. Morden's Associates[Big Brain]
Shadow car needs driver, call 1-800-MERGE[Fiolen]
Beware. If TNT can steal B5, no show is safe[Benjamin Elliott]
Make your next car a Babylon TARDIS. Get the best of both universes![Benjamin Elliott]
Tailgaters will be shot on sight! -Ivanova[Benjamin Elliott]
Keep all small animals away, Pak'ma'ra on board[Glitterbot]
Now that I've won the war... I'm goin' to Z'Ha'Dum[Mirodon]
Santa doesn't see you when you're sleeping...I DO!!!!--Delenn[Xena]
Honk if you're a Zathras[Lightman2]
I'm Zathras[Chuck0]
Vorlon Gravimetric Drive: 0 to 60 in 0.00000000002 seconds![Doctor Gamma]
M25 london orbital WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE[Inanna Ishtar]
Psi Corpse: The group that teeps are dying to get into[Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
This is Garibaldi's brain. This is Garibaldi's brain after the PSICorps. Any Questions?[JMS]
I was there, at the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind...[Waldeaux]
I'm a friend of JMS[Waldeaux]
Grey Council - Staff Car[Waldeaux]
This car is property of Babylon 5 motor pool[Glitterbot]
Honk if you're a telepath![Black Orchid]
Great Maker![the pragmatist]
Watch out for my bonehead manoeuvres![the pragmatist]
My other car is ALSO a White Star[Lightman2]
Morden says: Nuclear bombs are bad for the skin[Priestess of Kosh]
Drazis say: Green cars good (No, purple!) Green![Priestess of Kosh]
Just say ZOG![norak]
Look for the Docker's Guild label[norak]
Don't laugh--at least it's not Shadow tech[norak]
Voyager: Making anomolies nominal[norak]
My Chevy Vorlon Can Whip Your Dodge Shadow[Benjamin Elliott]
I brake for teddy bears![Ba-bear-lon 5]
*Wham*,*Wham*,*Wham*,*Wham*,*Wham* (This message courtesy of your neighborhood Narn Bat Squad)[Glitterbot]
Next time MY WAY!!![Psycho Friek]
PSI COP = speed bump[Jasper Q.]
Warning, Rotating sections present[Glitterbot]
Down with Clark! (car is full of ppg holes)[Black Orchid]
Crash into me and you've got the Rangers to answer to![Black Orchid]
Bored with yourself? Want a new personality? Call 1-800-PSI[Priestess of Kosh]
Want adventure & intimate relationships? Call 1-800-SHDWSHP[Priestess of Kosh]
Clan Mir supports station Mir[irena]
Which Zathras brother are YOU?[Wyld Karde]
Back off! Feeder in the trunk.[Wyld Karde]
Would YOU die for The One?[Wyld Karde]
Ranger parked on the bridge, none shall pass.[Wyld Karde]
The car has started. It is too late for the passengers to vote[Archer]
ZOOT ZOOT![FryKitty]
A Pak'ma'ra ate my cat[DAVE]
Jumpgate engine on board: 0 to moon in 1 minute[Priestess of Kosh]
I thought we carved up the freeway,you and I.[Tuxedo mask]
Don't Blame Me I Voted for Santiago, oh on Second thought Blame Me[Stone-Man]
My Son is a Captain of a Renegade Earth Force Space Station[Stone-Man]
My Dodge shadow blew up your Voyager minivan[ use2likest]
Clark=Hitler[ mkonecsnit]
Clark=not the 1[ mkonecsnit]
Hey zootie, zoot this[ mkonecsnit]
I break for Ivanova only all others will be run over on sight[ mkonecsnit]
1-800 shadow1 the only way to really appreciate what your driving[ mkonecsnit]
Nuke a Whale for Valen[~Uman]
Initiating "Getting The Hell Out Of Here Manoeuvre"![~Uman]
Desperately seeking Susan[mkonecsni]
Ivanova is always right. You will listen to Ivanova. Ivanova is God.[Ivanova@johndelenn.com (this sticker IS on my car!!!!)]
KEEP CLEAR Shadow agent staff car KEEP CLEAR[Douglas Jackson]
I interrogated Sheridan and all I got was this lousy bumpersticker[O'Brien]
I you find my driving dangerous phone 1-800-EAT-SPOO[O'Brien]
Today - Z'Ha'Dum. Tomorrow........[MJai]
If listen to Zathras, never get lost[MJai]
Hey Vir! Wanna got to six?[MJai]
Don't blame me - I let my Shadow drive![MJai]
Save the Narns[mkonecsni]
Don't bother with TCI go to Technomage U, the benefits are out of this world[mkonecsni]
What am I? Chopped Flarn?!?[Ivanova]
Boom. Boom Boom Boom. Boom Boom. Boom. Have a Nice Day.[Ivanova]
Absafraginglootly, Damd It![Ivanova]
We Are All Kosh...[Ivanova]
I trust only Ivanova. The rest I shoot.[Ivanova]
Pay off, you chip bastard.[Ivanova]
"And that's when I shot him, your honor."[Ivanova]
I was in the Battle of The Line[Ivanova]
"I'll be in the car"[Ivanova]
A first of a kind - The Voice Of The Resistance Official sticker[Ivanova]
Nice outfit, Ivanova.[Ivanova]
Babylon 5 Stickers - Our last best hope for a quick buck[Ivanova]
If you want to live forever keep your distance. Ivanova is on board.[Ivanova]
For a First Ones Intergalactic Dictionary dial 1-800-ZOG-WHAT[Ivanova]
Ba-bear-lon on board[Priestess of Kosh]
abso-fraggin' lutley, dammit![cynamin]
Abso...possi....Oh, you betcha![cynamin]
Yes, John. Of course, John. Whatever you say, John.[cynamin]
I visited the Zocolo[Chuck0]
I visited beautiful Minbari Gardens[Chuck0]
Rangers are your best protection[Chuck0]
Honk if you want a fighting pike[Inanna Ishtar]
Who Are You & What Do You Want?[Priestess of Kosh]
Call 1-800-LONDO for that special garden ornament[Priestess of Kosh]
I went all the way to Z'ha'dum and all I got was a lousy 20 years lifetime[John Sheridan ]
Kosh said it, I belive it, that settles it[Lyta]
3-1=1 (Minbar... there goes the neighborhood)[Entil'Zha]
The Few. The Proud. The Narn.[Spud]
We are Starstuff[The Real OshKosh]
Walk softly and carry a big pike[Spud]
Rangers do it fully extended[The Real OshKosh]
The Few. The Even Fewer. The Narn.[The Real OshKosh]
The Shadows move when you aren't looking.[The Real OshKosh]
Zathras for President: He'll fix everything![The Real OshKosh]
ZOOT! ZOOT![billybob3d]
Z`ha'dum: Been there, done that, got the bumpersticker[Ivanova jr.]
Engine by Technomage[O'Brien]
Rangers are never "Lone"[O'Brien]
Call 1-800-VORLON for pest extermination (your planet too at no extra charge)[Priestess of Kosh]
I have to ..... :)[Valen]
We are star stuff[Valen]
I am better now ![Valen]
Psi Cop, Spoo Cop, whatever[erikangel]
Za'ha'dum: Been there, done that, merged with a Shadow vessle![erikangel]
D1SAY B5 GR8[erikangel]
Earth or Bust![erikangel]
My captain died on Za'Ha'Dum and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt[Lightman2]
Lost 15th consecutive win... if found please return to Earth Force[Solkim]
Vorlons do it in their encounter suits[James Walters]
Spoo, it's what's for dinner[Jade]
TNT:our last, best hope[doupowell]
Support The Rangers[un-named]
You are spoostuff![O'Brien]
Ivanova Supernova[Krip Chip]
Minbar is for lovers![erikangel]
I've got PMS and a PPG... any questions?[erikangel]
I butt, you butt, he or she butts ![irene]
Up Yours![Ivanova is God]
Ivanova's back and she looks ready to kick your sorry ass back to Earth![Chuck0]
One nuclear bomb at Za'Ha'Dum could ruin your entire day[Chuck0]
I have a PPG and am having a BAD day... You figure it out!![Trakker]
Kill 'em all, Let Valen sort them out![erikangel]
Rangers Never Bluff![mkonecsni]
Problem!! Call Garibaldi[audrey]
Have J'quon'eth, will travel[Babylonian]
Rangers Never Bluff![soporific]
You can have my PPG when you pry it from my cold, dead hands![soporific]
If you are tailgating: WITHDRAW- or be destroyed![soporific]
If you can read this, I just scanned you![soporific]
Fill the hole, bring back Cole![erikangel]
Babylpolooza 97[Op]
A Ranger is a terrible thing to waste![erikangel]
How 'bout them Rangers[Op]
Let's do it again: Re-elect Franklin/Marcus[Hazel-rah]
Psi Corp: Reach out and scan someone![erikangel]
Support Martian Independence![Freedom Fighter]
Al Gore does NOT have a Minbari soul[Lurker5]
I'd die for Ivonova, too![Lurker5]
Draft Sheridan in '64[Lurker5]
Bob Dole is an Old One[Lurker5]
William Morgan Clark was on the grassy knoll[Lurker5]
Honk if you like Minbari rituals (Woo Hoo!)[Priestess of Kosh]
Elvis is Alive on Babylon 5[Priestess of Kosh]
If you value your life, DRIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!![Snarf]
Why are you here?[Two Spoo Ranchers]
Ramming Speed![soporific ]
Give me spoo,or give me death!!![DAVE ]
Ranger onboard only the one may pass[DAVE ]
Psi Corps: We know who you are, we know where you live. Stay on the road so we can interrogate you.[Lando Calrissian ]
Londo Mollari : Official Hair Club for Men Member[Marcus Carter ]
Starfury 5000 : Onboard Computer and PPG Inside[Marcus Carter ]
We installed Windows 95 on White star 1 and look what happened![Marcus Carter]
This car made from recycled Babylon 3 parts[Lauc]
You Zathras. No. No. Me Zathras. Yes.[ryjim ]
Minbari Fashion Police[ erikangel]
Psi Corps Is Your Friend. Trust the Corps[www.phillymusic.com]
If you can read this, my PPG's aim must be off![SpikeX ]
WOO HOO![Ivanova jr. ]
Garibaldy's Fashion Express[Spoo Killer]
Spoo...less filling, taste great![erikangel]
John Sheriden: He just keeps going, and going, and going....[erikangel]
If you value your lives - be somewhere else[henry, jl. Martadinata no. 219 bandung- indonesia]
Happiness is seeing your planet's picture on the back of a milk carton[Snarf]
Psicorps knows Bo[Lurker5]
Not the one[Babylonian]
High Priestess of Ivanova on Board!["Meester" Morden]
Get too close, and it will all end in fire.[Glitterbot]
Insured by Morden and Associates[Snarf]
Zathras Bros. Auto Repair, Paint and Body[Snarf]
Berserker ship : Warning a typo can really spoil your day[Marcus Carter]
Shadow Vessel : Alien inside ( with intel inside )[Marcus Carter]
Babylon 5 : Warning Windows 2260 installed may crash without warning[Marcus Carter]
Is your Gun port open outa respect or are you just happy to see me?[erikangel]
Spoo is good for you[Number Six]
Stay close to the Vorlon, not my car[Priestess of Kosh]
My other car has a rotating section[Airboy]
Honk if you want Marcus back![Airboy]
Proud parent of an EAS Agamemnon crewmember[Airboy]
I eat vlarn!![Go-t]
If you value your life - get the HELL off my ass![JEinVT ]
Trust Ivanova, trust yourself. Anyone else...run OFF THE ROAD![JEinVT ]
I drive as straight as a Vorlon answer![erikangel ]
Vorlonugen![erikangel ]
Babylon 5 - The Last, Best Hope for Gas[an'la shok ]
WHO HOO!![huh? ]
Ivanova IS god[huh? ]
Ivanova RULES!!![huh? ]
My Shadows Kick Your Dark Side's ASS!!![Kosh ]
Minbari do it at 45 degrees[Marcus Carter]
Centauri let their hair down to do it.[Marcus Carter ]
Valens Pizza Delivery, if we don't deliver before you ordered you get it for free![Marcus Carter ]
Traffic Cops are your friend. Trust the Traffic Cops[Priestess of Kosh ]
Try not to drool over this car[Priestess of Kosh ]
Where will this drive end...? In fire.[Lord Vetinari ]
Just say no to Dust[Lord Vetinari ]
The traffic jam has already started, who are the pebbles to vote?[Lord Vetinari ]
Maybe not today, but tomorrow... BOOM![Lord Vetinari ]
A non-corporeal first one is my copilot[Lord Vetinari ]
Don't trust Centauri[Tiger ]
BABYLON 5: Star Trek for Grownups[Lurker5 ]
PsiCorps Knows Bo[Lurker% ]
To spoo, or not to spoo.... That is the Question...[Eryn ]
I have always been here[ Glitterbot]
I break for Vorlons[Glitterbot ]
Cut me off? I've got a 20 Megawatt pulse cannon that says otherwise [Glitterbot ]
Activate jump gate sequence[Glitterbot]
Psicorp: where everyone knows your name[mkonecsni ]
GREEN DRAZI FOREVER![shadow gost ]
Kosh is my copilot[shadow gost ]
Spoo ranchers use prozac :-)[shadow gost ]
Driver has no mind: Married to a 'cop[shadow gost ]
Babylon 5: Sci-Fi for post-pubescents[Craff]
You meet one Vorlon, You've met 'em all![erikangel]
Marcus Lives![Golden]
If you can read this, your within range.[Golden ]
Corp is mother Corp is father[Bester ]
Think *HONK* if your a telepath[Aria ]
Honk if you know where Ivanova is![Lightman2 ]
January 4, 1998 - The day we got back what is ours![erikangel ]
Those Darn Narns![RTower ]
Green... Purple...[Jilar]
Cut me off and I'll sic a Vorlon planet killer on you![Jilar ]
Save Garibaldi's hair[Jilar ]
PsiCorps uses Macs[Jilar ]
You are not the one... So get off my bumper![Jilar ]
PsiCorps, Dark side... Same dif'[Jilar ]
B5: Pentium Processor inside[Jilar ]
B5: been there, done that, nuked a Vorlon.[Jilar ]
Nuke Ivanova. Bring back Marcus.[Jilar ]
TNT, It's not just for wrestling anymore.[uh...I forget ]
Accidently squashed a cat? you made a pak'ma'ra happy![(B/R)- Lorien ]
(this is for ambulances) Emergency!!! Emergency!!! A Vorlon needs to be removed![(B/R)Lorien ]
Excuse me, I'm in the middle of fifteen cars in this damn traffic...all of them annoying me[(B/R)Lorien ]
The wheel turns, does it not? i don't know, but at least it should[(B/R)Lorien ]
Babylon 1-Babylon 2-Babylon 3, Babylon 5. Keep you distance.[Thorondor ]
Authorized Warrior Caste "Skin Dancing" Instructor[Thorondor ]
Free Mars... with $10 purchase[Zephyn ]
"Droshalla enlightens my way, that's why i don't need batteries"[(B/R)Lorien ]
Don't bother me on 1/21/98![erikangel ]
Gun Ports Open. Back Off.[ Omen ]
Narn shmarn![Wendy ]
Go poke the plant.[Marcus Cole ]
Babylon 5: Our last, best hope for good Sci-Fi in Hollywood after the degeneration of Star Trek.["Meester" Morden ]
There is fire and darkness ahead of you.[galina K ]
Life is full of mysteries. Consider this one of them[galina K ]
Whatever happened to Mr. Garibaldi? He's stuck in the luggage compartment[(B/R)Lorien ]
Get any closer, and so it begins![erikangel]
Don't make me use the grappling device![erikangel]
Stay close to the vorlon...NOT ME!![G'Sten]
This bumper sticker has always been here[Priestess of Kosh]
FAITH MANAGES[Priestess of Kosh ]
ELVIS LIVES! on Babylon 5[shadow ghost]
Handicapped Driver, head on pike[shadow ghost]
Don't tailgate me, or I'll stick your head on a pike[shadow ghost]
Z'Ha'Dum or bust[shadow ghost]
Ritual. Formality. You should be informed. Traffic Jam.[shadow ghost]
The rush hour has already started. It is too late for the Volvos to vote.[soporific]
My Psi-Corps student mindwiped your honor student beater-upper[Psy-Kosh]
Londo "mine are bigger than yours"[simon M.]
Ambassador Gee Car[ ]
Friends don't let friends go to Zahadum [galina K]
The SIGN HURTS US ![ Galina K]
Valen's Car. Will you Follow Me into fire? Will you Follow me into darkness? Will you follow me into death?[Galina K ]
I'm Sorry, G'Kar[Tim S. ]
Ooooh. Not the One. We live for The One. We Brake for The One.[Rich G. ]
Minbari soul on board![erikangel]
Late delivery from Avalon[Galina K ]
Babylon5: Last best hope for Walter Koenig[irena ]
Will you Follow Me into fire? Will you Follow me into darkness? Will you follow me into rush hour?[mkonecsni ]
Pedestrians Tavnuta Chog!!![(B/R)Lorien]
Think of the environment. Say no to Shadow Technology[Galina K. ]
Shadows brake for ME[Thorondor]
The official B5 G-Car[Thorondor ]
Mean Drazi Suck![erikangel ]
If you think my car's ugly wait till I take off my encounter suit![SKUKUK ]
Horn broken. Watch out for gunport.[Galina K. ]
Everybody Has a Shadow[ RavenWolf]
Honk if you hate PsiCorps!["Meester" Morden ]
Today I went to Za'Ha'Dum, Crashed a nuke into it, fell 2 miles and survived, and you?[ELK! ]
My normal kid beat the crap out of your PsiCorp kid....Didn't even see it coming![Entil'Zha Carolyn ]
Spoo- The Other White Meat[jmw ]
The Vorlons gifted us with telepathy...The Shadows with Windows.[(B/R)Lorien ]
Just say "no" to Voyager["Meester" Morden ]
Will you follow me into fire? Will you follow me into darkness? Will you follow me into re-runs?[Lurker5 ]
"This... Is Wrong Tool!"[Irad ]
"HAAA VIR!"[Irad ]
"I was dead. I am Better Now."[Irad ]
Minbari Cosmic Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society[Linda ]
Think Honk if you're thinking about Byron[Purple ]
Byron for President ![ Purple]
Byron wants to know if it really matters to you....I don't[Purple ]
*On Byron's car* "We are Family ! I got all my Sisters and Me![Purple]
*On Byron's car* The Corps aren't Mother The Corps aren't Father[Purple ]
B5 Re-runs...A "Nightmare" given form.[(B/R)Lorien ]
Car Serviced By Bo and Mac[Lightman2 ]
I don't break for Voyager cast or writers["Meester" Morden ]
Beep, Beep?!? Must be earth humor.[Galina K. ]
Babylon 95 The last best hope for an operation system[Ambassador Letellier ]
Have we met? I'm a Ranger, Your dead.[The J-Man ]
Hunk if you slept with Marcus[shining shadow ]
Ivanova Bless You![C-Com-Mack ]
B5, TOS, VOY: "Two out of three ain't bad."[Meatloaf]
Need a barber? 1-800-Centauri[Meatloaf]
Don't laugh. It's got a PPG[Meatloaf]
Hey mister, can you direct me to the nearest jump gate[Lost in Space ]
Old B5 Fans don't die, they just go beyond the rim.[Chani]
I am the one who will cut you off[Starbuck]
Delenn + hair = Babe-O-Liscious![Brad Miller]
Save JMS!["Meester" Morden]
If you don't watch B5, you just don't understand![erikangel]
Honk if you were ever married to Sheridan![erikangel]
My gun port is open and I am showing respect.[The man who knows what he likes]
Caution: Jumpgate on board.[StarFury22]
"I won't go down easily and I will not go down alone"[Galina]
Do Spoo, Not Dust[SpooRancher]
Vorlons don't destroy planets. I do.[SpooRancher]
You one who is, Zathras one who crash[SpooRancher]
To find your soulmate, call Valen 1-800-1WHOWAS [SpooRancher]
Vader, shamder, lets see HIM take on an encountersuited Vorlon[SpooRancher]
Open your thoughts[SpooRancher]
Honk if youv'e slept with Sheridan![Le Grand Biftec]
Honk if you've watched Sheridan sleep![Le Grand Biftec]
Honk if you've watched someone else sleep with Sheridan![Le Grand Biftec]
Don't tailgate me! I'm a minor Centauri deity![Le Grand Biftec]
I'd Rather Be Spacing[ Markab]
I drive because it tells me to.[soporific]
Have you hugged a dead friend lately?[soporific]
This car is Brakiri homeworld.[soporific]
I've been abducted by Vorlons[Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Save the baby spoo![Miss Anthropy ]
If you can't read my mind, you don't need gloves.[Lauc]
Happy Day of the Dead !!![Galina K]
Passing Through Gethsemane ![Galina K]
Aim High: Earth Force[Rufinator]
Psi Cop: "Jedi? What jedi?"[Psi 47]
I [heart] Kosh[Matthew Yorke]
Free Na'Toth![Chuck0]
Ask Byron about His Hair Club For Men[Chuck0]
Angry Narn On Board[SpooRancher]
Gas. Food. Zocolo[ Chuck0]
How's my driving? 1-800-KEEPERS[SpooRancher]
I got to 6[Chuck0]
How's my driving? 1-800-1WHOWAS[SpooRancher]
If you lived beyond the Rim, you'd be home by now[Chuck0]
It's bad luck to crash on an empty stomach[SpooRancher]
This car property of the Black Omega Squadron[SpooRancher]
The truth is in here. And YOU can't have it. So NYNAH![Psi 47]
I had dinner with Zooty[Chuck0]
Psi Cop Patrol Car[SpooRancher]
Zoe's Dead[SpooRancher]
This... is wrong lane[ SpooRancher]
This... is wrong gear[SpooRancher]
Tailgaters Tavutna Chog[SpooRancher]
Honk if you're Abrahamil Linconi[SpooRancher]
Not Zathras. Zathras.[SpooRancher]
I have more wives than Londo[Chuck0]
a80000>Interstellar Alliance Spy Car[Chuck0]
I've been to Wall Drug, Brakiri Space[Chuck0]
Zog-no![Galina K]
Zog-yes![Galina K]
Buy Morden's Sunblock: SPF 100000[SpooRancher]
My Emperor Got His Keeper And All I Got Was This Lousy Bumper Sticker[SpooRancher]
This... is wrong bumper sticker[SpooRancher]
Have you killed your Haiek-Do today?[SpooRancher]
Entil'Zha On Board[SpooRancher]
Psi (very small print) Cops Suck[SpooRancher]
You don't farm Spoo. You ranch them[SpooRancher]
If it were up to me, I'd let you live, but it's not up to me. Sorry. CRASH!!![Entil'Zha Carolyn]
But Excellency, I'm not your size...[SpooRancher]
THERE'S A HOLE IN YOUR TIRE.......!!! [Tristan]
Give Clark to the Shadows![Xtreem]
Monarchies Happen[SpooRancher]
Fresh Spoo? Don't insult me[SpooRancher]
I can't scan you if I can't see you[SpooRancher]
Shadows in mirror are closer than they appear[SpooRancher]
The Nightwatch isn't just on B5! Free Speech forever!!![Valen]
Nyah nyah, my car has jump engines and yours dosen't![Psi 47]
My other car is the Great Machine[erikangel]
My bad driving is genetic, blame the Vorlons![erikangel]
This car designed by the high IQ boys back home[DrNick5150]
B5: plot happens![erikangel]
I'm so good they made a 7[SpooRancher]
Psi [really small lettering] Cops are Wusses[anonymous]
I am grey[SpooRancher]
You stand between my rear fender, and the car behind me[SpooRancher]
This...Is stupid bumper sticker[SpooRancher]
*On Morden's car:* "Me and My Shadow! Strolling down the avenue!"[the PsiLoony]
He is the One who Was, She is the One who Is, I am the One who Will Be, You , you are a crazy driver! Get out of my way![Mouse]
My Dodge Shadow wasted your Chrysler Voyager[Priestess of Kosh]
My Telepath Leader Person Died And All I Got Was This Lousy Bumper Sticker[SpooRancher]
Vir For President! We Know He Won't Go Past One[SpooRancher]
Is this your gunport opening, or are you just happy to see me?[Galina K]
Keepers Don't Let Their Host Drive Drunk[SpooRancher]
You are behind me. They are in front of me...[SpooRancher]
I Parked at Sigma 957[SpooRancher]
So I AM driving drunk , but at least my keeper is asleep![Galina K]
Lennier assembled my car.[Galina K]
This... Is Getting Old[SpooRancher]
If ya can't run whith the big Vorlons, stay on Z'HA'DUM[anonymous]
If ads to save the Shadows don't work, why are you reading this?[Xtreem]
Offical Car of the Resistance[anonymous]
Offical Bumper Sticker of the Resistance[SpooRancher]
Member: Babylon 5 Senate Oversight Commitee[SpooRancher]
Down with separation of Church and State: Ivanova for President![SpooRancher]
This... Is 5th Season[SpooRancher]
Jack the Ripper Isn't Dead! He's Living on The Vorlon Homeworld[SpooRancher]
Jesus Saves and Moses Invest, but only Valen gives his followers battlestations[P.L...tag]
MY humor is NOT based on failure to obtain spiritual enlightment![Galina K]
Returning from Markhab homeworld, have bad news.[Galina K]
(For Shadow ship) Don't laugh. Your long lost wife can be in here.[White Star 2]
FREE BYRON!!! If ya can get him outta my trunk...[DrNick5150]
Follow me to bomb Psi Corps HQ[DrNick5150]
Rebo & Zooty Galaxy-Wide Tour 2265[DrNick5150]
"Rangers never get pikal envy!"[Eric S.]
If you were a first one, you'd be home by now.[Smeghead]
Save the Hyach-Doh.[DrNick5150]
Babylon Space Stations: You Break it, You Buy it[Carl]
Member of the Corwin Club-Doing all the Work-NO Recoginition[The Patient Gardener]
This is not an abandoned vehicle..this is Babylon 1![O'Brien]
Narn of your business![O'Brien]
Hyper-spacing: When spacing just isn't enough.[DrNick5150]
I got your three edged sword right HERE![DrNick5150]
ISN reporter on board[djt]
Psi Corp Chekov on dust[djt]
If you you can read this sticker, then I can read your mind. Don't mess with a Psi-cop.[Brian Judd...I mean Kosh]
I break for Lyta-All other telepaths can kiss my ass and bumper!![Brian Judd-Cordele]
Just Zoot Me[Xena]
The book of G'Kar--read it, loved it![anonymous]
I Space Mundanes for Kicks![SpooRancher]
I Was Forced To Watch "The Gathering" Yet Another Time And All I Got Was This Lousy Bumper Sticker[SpooRancher]
Honk If You've Put A Poisonous Skin Patch On A Vorlon Ambassador[SpooRancher]
Honk If You Get Any Of These Bumper Stickers[SpooRancher]
I was there, at the dawn of the 3rd age of mankind and all I got was this lousy bumper sticker[SpooRancher]
Don't drive faster than your Vorlon can fly[Sivak]
Protected by attack Pahk'marah[Fahrvergnugen]
My other car is a Psi Corps Mothership[DrNick5150]
I left my heart on Babylon 4[Random Axe]
You have always been here...[Loff, Norway]
Vorlon on Board--Approach with Kosh-on[RangerNone]
Traffic Cops Tavutna Chog[SpooRancher]
Official Bumper Sticker Of Renegade Telepaths[SpooRancher]
The CORPS is MOTHER. The CORPS is FATHER--Thank God I'm an ORPHAN!![jeandenim]
Because the cause is just...and fair...and necessary... And because *I* say you don't have the authority to turn without your fraggin' turn signal![jeandenim]
The only human to survive an encounter with a Minbari vessel is driving in front of me. YOU are behind me. I suggest you BE somewhere else.[jeandenim]
Sometimes Zathras drive on medians, or on freeways...but sidewalk closer.[jeandenim]
Zog This![DrNick5150]
Warning- Nothing here is exactly as it appears.[DrNick5150]
Warning: This is a Drazi car-it hurts more to hit than most others.[DrNick5150]
My Cat Is My Keeper[Anne ]
The corps is mother, the corps is father. I think the gene pool needs a little chlorine.[Jha'Dur ]
Honk if your character made it past the pilot![Jinx ]
Valen loves me.[Jinx ]
I don't brake for TNT playoffs.[Jinx ]
Garabaldi: The Next Generation[Babs ]
What are you doing here? Do you have anything worth driving for?[SpooRancher ]
My Cat Got Eaten By A Pak'Ma'Rah And As He Left All He Gave Me Was This Lousy Bumper Sticker[SpooRancher ]
The image of this car has been placed into your little mind curtosey of the PSICORPS[ J B PROTON]
KILL a PsiCop for Jesus!![Blind Zen Archer ]
Ivanova Express: When you Absolutely, Positively need a BOOM in 2 days or less.[Blind Zen Archer ]
The corps is mother, the corps is father... Support the ban on country music.[ Jha'Dur]
Honk if you hate NBA playoff breaks.[DrNick5150 ]
Warning-this vehicle makes frequent random mundane-spacings.[DrNick5150 ]
When the intersection comes, return to the end of the beginning.[Kaiana Dawson]
WARNING!! This car contains an automatic pilot, 2 nuclear weapons, and no radio. NEED I SAY MORE????[Blind Zen Archer ]
Epsilon 3. Don't go there.[johnnie99 ]
The high IQ boys back home are smarter than all honor students put together.[DrNick5150 ]
Danger- Angered Vorlon on board[DrNick5150]
What's more dangerous than this trunk full of angry Narn?(Arrow pointing up) The angry Narn at the trunk release handle.[DrNick5150 ]
If you hit me, you will know fear, you will know pain, then you will get sued.[DrNick5150 ]
Honk if you worship spoo[DrNick5150 ]
This car has passed beyond the rim.[DrNick5150 ]
Vorlons Save![DrNick5150]
This car has returned from Vorlon space[DrNick5150 ]
Thenta Makur staff car. Piss us off and you will know fear, you will know pain, then you will die.[DrNick5150]
Volvo Planet Killer[Wolfmage]
I got beat up on the Drazi homeworld and all I got was this lousy bumper sticker.[ DrNick5150 ]
This...wrong car...no...not good...no...never hit this.[DrNick5150]
This car runs on the cleaner Minbari power source[DrNick5150 ]
Too annoying to live[Galina K]
Babylon5: No Power Suits, No Mattel, Just Plain SF[JEinVT]
"Be seeing you"[Shadow dancer]
Anatomically impossible But you're welcome to try![Shadow Dancer]
Don't worry, you're behind me[SpooRancher]
Crashing Zathras skill. Yes, crashing.[ SpooRancher]
No, officer, its my Keeper... See, he's a bad driver, so in order to let me take control...[SpooRancher]
I brake for Draal[SpooRancher ]
Can you speak with a southern Draal?[ SpooRancher ]
Speak softly and carry a big Minbari Fighting Pike[SpooRancher]
WARNING: Centauri Ambassador In Training[ Chuck0]
Speak softly and carry a PPG[SpooRancher]
That cat you just ran over could've been the next Centauri emperor.[DrNick5150]
Wind Swords staff car. Dilgar war criminal in trunk.[DrNick5150]
Ivanova saves![DrNick5150]
Yeah, my god came back from the dead too, thanks to Marcus[Chuck0]
**WARNING** I drive to speed, to pass, to race, and not to yield![Valen]
This car has been BEYOND THE RIM[ Chuck0]
Z minus 2 days[Galina K ]
Don't blame me. I voted for Marie Crane.[ kiri Sheridan]
Psi Corps is Mother, Psi Corps is Father - how about becoming part of the family? - Psi Corps 4 ever[Vorlon Pett]
Lose your Psi Cop? (tiny print) Check under my tires.[Vorlon Pett]
Unidentified Centauri War Craft[Babs]
Wanna have six?[shadows ghost]
Zathras can never have anything NICE.[ Galina K]
I voted Santiago![Valen Of Minbar]
EOL (Earth Online) freezing your internet connections, and giving you cheap servace for 280 years[Valen Of Minbar]
This isn't a 1978 Ford. Its a 1998 Porsche. Nothing here is exactly what it seems.[SpooRancher]
Entil'Zha Veni![Anla'Shok- sticker is Minbari oath to Valen]
I live for the One, I die for the One[Anla'Shok]
CAUTION: Soul Hunter on board[Anla'Shok ]
I'm a P12, what are you?[Bester ]
Zootie, Oh Zootie..Zoot Zoot![Anla'Shok]
Traffic Cops: I'm Not Driving As Fast As It Appears[anonymous]
Spoo wonderful spoo, don't care what it look like.[Anne ]
This car equipped with Vir. Don't piss him off.[ Lightman2]
This car is Star Stuff[Galina K]
Dust happens[Galina K]
Honk if you see the Holy Grail[Galina K]
It's not about DRIVING, it's about TERROR[ Galina K]
Honk if you travel by breaking off pieces of your conciousness[Galina K]
Spoo glorious spoo, don't care what the cook's like[SpooRancher]
Spoo and a vorlon need I say more?[Redlance]
Honk if you carry a Vorlon[Galina K]
Fresh Air Pizza Delivery Vehicle[DrNick5150]
Enter meditation state to conserve oxygen[ Galina K]
I stand between the light & the darkness[ Volkov]