Favorite Babylon 5 line !

Character (episode): "favorite line" [submitted by]
Ivanova: The "Ivanova is God" speech. [Eeyore]
Delenn (And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place): "Yes, John, whatever you say, John..." [Eeyore]
Marcus Cole: "Pikal envy..." [Mrs Cole]
Marcus Cole (Gray 17 is Missing): "Next time you want to kill me will you please do it in a way that is not so uncomfortable?" [Mrs Cole]
Delenn (Severed Dreams): "Only one human Captain has survived battle with a Mimbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front. I sugguest you be someplace else!" ["Meester" Morden]
One of my favorites is (and I paraphrase) Delenn: " We are made of star dust..."[A Star]
Sheridan (Interludes & Exterminations): "Up Yours!!!" [anonymous]
Ivanova (SIC TRANSIT VIR): "Entusiasm, genuine compassion and humor can carry you through any lack of experience with,,, high numerical value." [TS13]
Zack to G'Kar (Where's Mr. Garibaldi): "It's Daff--uh, it's the ancient god of frustration." [Jupiter2]
Starfury pilot, while watching a toy slide off his window: "I can't see anything!" [Jupiter2]
Londo greets Vir (Dust to Dust): "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Viiiiiiiiiiiir!!!!!" [Dr. Ape]
Vir (Sic transit Vir): "And by the time you get to five.... mhmhmhm..." [Dr. Ape]
Zack, about Londo (Epiphanies): "The only reason that guy is still alive is because half the time I don't know what the hell he's talking about. The other half, I wish I didn't." [CyberCat]
Sheridan to Bester: "And I,d like to staple your head to this table....." [Big Mike]
Lennier to Londo (concerning Centari male um, anatomy) (Quality of Mercy): "I believe I shall take a vow of silence on this matter." [Khorzan]
Soul Hunter #1 (Soul Hunter): "Si-toh Ri-Cho Mon-toh Ray" [Khorzan]
Londo Mollari to Vir Cotto (The Hour of the Wolf) :"Conspiracies require more than one person" (Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless)
Marcus sings (Atonement): "Modern Major General" [Zbear]
Kosh (Believers): "The avalanche has already started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote." [Khorzan]
Neroon (Grey 17 is missing): "Three casts: Worker, Warrior, Religious. They build, you pray, we fight." [Neroon]
Sheridan and Bester: "Mr. Bester? Captain Sheridan? Get the hell out of my chair!" [Zbear]
Lennier to Minbari Tailoress (Atonement): "Next time use a bigger pin." [Zbear]
Sheridan to Dan Randall (Illusions of Truth): "She meant stripped naked at thrown out an airlock." [Zbear]
Sheridan to the Shadows and Vorlons (Into the Fire): "Now, get the hell out of our galaxy!" [Macho]
Ivanova: "We also have an open air lock policy." [Noff]
Lyta Alexander (semi directed "to" Shadow vessels): "Burn you bastards...." [Highlander]
Sheridan: "As my grandfather used to say, cool!" [Highlander]
Vir to Mr. Mordon: "I would like to live just long enough to see them place your head on a spike, as a warning to the next ten thousand generations that some favors come with too high a price." [PQ Ravik]
Ivanova (Acts of Sacrifice): "Boom shakalaka boom shakalaka! Hey there! Hey there! Three bags full! Do you come here often? Yes, I do! etc. (Ivanova's sex dance)" [XAOS]
Delen to Ivanova, then the elevator door shuts: "I'm having these strange pains..." [Jupiter2]
Ivanova: "If I get through this job, without completely losing my mind, it will be a miracle of Biblical proportions." ["Meester" Morden]
Marcus (The Summoning): "Well, if you're going to have delusions, you may as well go for the really satisfying ones" [Evenstar]
Centauri Minister (Sic Transit Vir): "What's more dangerous than a room full of angry narns? One angry narn with a key" [Valen]
Vir to Londo, in (A day in the Strife): "But I don't want any of that [the ambassadorial nomination], I'd rather... just... sing..." [Miguel Farah]
Bester to Garibaldi (Mind Wars): "That is not anatomically possible, but I'm willing to try anytime, anywere." [Matman]
Mr. Garibaldi: "Even for a Narn...HE's Nut's!!!"
Garibaldi to Bester: "And if I had a bat, then we could hang you from the ceiling and play pinata" [Someone]
Lyta Alexander: "Captain. They're pissed." [pate]
Kosh2: "We are all KOSH." [Chris D.]
Delenn (And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place): "So you have been trying to think logically about illogical possibilities and illogically about logical possibilities? No wonder you are cranky" [Justin Blackwell]
Sheridan to Kosh 1 (Matters of Honor): "I really hate it when you do that" [White Star]
Dr. Steven Franklin (Atonement): "Marcus, this is the kind of conversation that can only end in a gunshot." [Naranek]
Morden and Londo (Into the Fire): "So what are you going to do, blow up the island?" "Now that you mention it..." [Naranek]
Lorien (Into the Fire): "'Ah hell' means 'Continuous fire' in Minbari " [Naranek]
G'Kar to Londo in the elevator (Convictions): "I hear you." [Rebecca Hornbrook]
Marcus (Grey 17 is missing): "Next time you want a revelation, could you possibly find a way that's not quite so uncomfortable" [RevDennis]
Corwin (to Ivanova): "Well, there goes *my* belief in the Almighty!" [TiTan]
Garibaldi to Zack (refering to the Drazi missionaries.): "Why don't you explain the..ah..missionary position to these people." [Kelvin Hall]
Sheridan (Illusions of Truth): "I thought we had seen the worst of it with the Shadows, the Vorlons, the War. But there's something much worse. Reporters." ["Meester" Morden]
Zack Allan (Illusions of Truth): "You're going to have my foot shoved sixteen inches up your butt." ["Meester" Morden]
Lorien (Into the Fire): "Only those whose lives are brief can imagine that love is eternal. You should embrace that remarkable illusion. It may be the greatest gift your race has ever received." [Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
Elric (Geometry of Shadows): "We are dreamers, singers, shapers, and makers..." [Harlequin]
Delenn (Severed Dreams): "Only one human captain has ever survived battle the the Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else." [Kamin]
The Vorlons (Through Lyta) (Into the Fire): "You though we could not touch you...You were wrong." [Admiral Schnur]
Ivanova (wearing a green scarf): "The Drazis invited me to something. It's supposed to be one heck of a party." ["Meester" Morden]
Ivanova: "Zog? What's Zog? Is that Zog-yes? Or Zog-no?" ["Meester" Morden]
Sheridan (Into the Fire): "Good Morning Gentelmen, this is your wake up call." [Wiz]
Cap'n Jack (to Marcus and Franklin) (Racing Mars): "You're a young married couple on a honeymoon..." ["Meester" Morden]
Lennier (Racing Mars): "Woo hoo?" ["Meester" Morden]
Ivanova: "An unicorn? ... sorry..." [Yara Ya'lóne]
Londo and G'Kar: "I hate my life." "So do I." "SHUT UP!" [Shard]
Ivanova (A Day in the Strife): "I don't wanna get killed because of a typo It would be embarrassing." [Fang]
Londo (Illusions of Truth):"It's very cold in my room, Captain. Not 'Oh! I think I'll just throw another blanket on the bed,' it's 'Look! My arm just fell off, and shattered all over the floor!'" ["Meester" Morden]
Lenier to Marcus (after beating him up): "I may look human to you, but I am not !" [Jupiter2]
Marcus to Lenier: "I'll try to remember that!" [Jupiter2]
Zathrus (War Without End): "Zathras is used to being beast of burdon for others. A sad life, and probably a sad death, but at least there is symmetry." [Joel Mathis]
Captain Jack (Racing Mars): "Lyta had a little Vorlon, its skin was white as snow and everywhere that Lyta went, her Vorlon was sure to go." [Alycia "CyberCat" Sheddd]
Lennier (Racing Mars): "Woo who?" [Bonzo the Flying Bear]
Zathras (War Without End, pt. II): "Cannot run out of time, there is infinite time. You are finite, Zathras is finite, this...is wrong tool." [Admiral Schnur]
Blondie rebel leader to Marcus (Lines of Communication): "Oh, Marcus!" [Frank]
Franklin (Lines of Communication or Racing Mars): "And that's when I shot him, your honor." [Yours Truly]
Franklin to Ivanova (Acts of Sacrifice): "You could put a bag over his head and do it for Babylon 5." [Surveyor from Hell]
Bugs Bunny: "Ain't I a stinker?" ["Meester" Morden]
Ivanova: "The truth is back in business." ["Meester" Morden]
Londo to Refa: "... AND BECAUSE I HAVE POISONED YOUR DRINK..." [adoy]
Ivanova (Survivors): "You're going to resist - I hope." [Surveyor from Hell]
Delenn (Lines of Communication): "End this!" [Celeborn]
Ivanova (Grail): "No boom today. There's aways a boom tomorrow." [Lounge Lizzard]
Ivanova (Racing Mars): "..and in that time we have broken away from Earth, fought a war, you've been declared dead at least once and you know how tiring that can be." [B Natural]
Delenn (to Sheridan) (Racing Mars): "..as many as..um..47?..No, 50." [B Natural]
Danny Kaye, in "The Jester"---uh, Marcus to Franklin. The "Thoroughly Modern Major General" song. [Jupiter2]
Londo (Midnight on the Firing Line): "The council can go to hell! The emergency session can go to hell! And you, you Vir, you can go to hell too- I wouldn't want you to feel left out!" [anonymous]
Londo: "Ah ha! I got you!.....You know now that I see you you are not as big as I thought. You are smaller! Oh god there are more of you!" [Althor6113]
Garibaldi (about the book of J'Quan): "You'd think a book this important would have an index" [Raisa]
Ivanova (refering to Zathras): "Nine of them! Oy!!!" [Lurker in the Shadows]
Zathras: "...Zathras sometimes talk to walls, talk to ceiling, talk to dirt..." [Lurker in the Shadows]
Zathras (War without End): "Zathras understand. No Zathras does not understand, but Zathras do. Zathras good at doing, not so good at understanding" [Raisa]
Lennier (season 4 opening): "it was the year of fire..." [Legate70]
G'Kar (season 4 opening): "the year we took back what was ours" [Legate70]
Londo: "Mr. Morden" [anonymous]
Garabaldi (refering to Lenier) (The one where they build the motorcycle, sorry I don't remember the name!): "If I kill him it'll start a war" [JenniferML]
Delenn to Sheridan (Epiphanies): "I have often tried to picture you lying on a beach with absolutely nothing to do...and the picture always ends with your head imploding." [Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
Bester to Lyta (Moments of Transition): "There's no delicate way to put this...I want your body" ["Meester" Morden]
Garibaldi to Bester (Moments of Transition): "What? You need someone to help find your personality?" ["Meester" Morden]
Bester: "A pinyata, huh? So, you think of me as something bright and cheerful, full of toys and candy for young children. Thank you. That makes me feel so much better about our relationship." [YT]
Marcus (to Ivanova) (The Summoning): "At least a dozen ships have reported seeing something rather godlike in the area, and since neither you nor I were there it must be one of the First Ones." [Priestess of Kosh]
Bester to Lyta: "I want your body" [Golden]
Mr. Morden (Signs and Portents): "What do you want?" [Zathras]
Sheridan (The Summoning): "I was dead. I'm better now." [Zathras]
Sheridan: "If you love, love without reservation. If you fight, fight without fear." [Lightman2]
Zathras (Lurker in the Shadows): "Even ZATHRAS does not listen to Zathras..." [Lightman2]
Zack Allen (Voices of Authority): "I look like a circus tent. Any minute now a little teeny car with sixteen clowns in is gonna come flying outta my butt." [Priestess of Kosh]
Ivanova (No Surrender, No Retreat): "Trust Ivanova. Trust yourself. Anyone else, shoot 'em." [Eowen]
G'Kar to Londo (No Surrender, No Retreat): "I will sign it. But not on the same page." [Eowen]
Marcus to Neroon (Grey 17 is Missing): "We stand between the darkness and the light. We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass. We live for the one, we die for the one. In Valen's name." [A Ranger]
Mr. Adams to Garibaldi (Scott Adams! Long live Dilbert!!) (Moments of Transition): "My dog and my cat are planning to take over the galaxy." [Shard]
Garabaldi and Mr. Adams (Moments of Transition): "Anything else I should know about them?" "They're planning to take over the galaxy!" [JEinMN]
Londo & Garibaldi: "L:'Mr. G, How do I know that B5 will not fire on the Centauri Ships?' G: 'The same promise that while you sleep,100 Narns won't slip into your quarters and slit your throat.' L: 'But you've made me no such promise!' G: 'I Know, pleasant dreams.'" [WoMaD]
Londo to Vir: "AHHH Vir i have a gift for you its out in the garden" [silntstird]
Ivanova (Who else?) to Corwin (No Surrender, No Retreat): "Trust Ivanova, trust yourself. Shoot everyone else." [M. Salsbury]
Morden & Vir (Interludes and Examinations): "M:'Anything I can do to help?' V:'Um, short of dying, no I can't think of a thing at all,'" [Priestess of Kosh]
Delenn and G'Kar (Ship of Tears): "...Perhaps you will find it in you heart to forgive me" - "Perhaps...But not today" [Minerva]
Londo (The fall of night): "Nothing...I saw nothing" [Minerva]
Delenn and Lennier (Convictions): "How do you feel?" - "As if a great number of heavy objects had fallen on me" [Minerva]
G'Kar (Point of no return): "I have all the time in the universe. Do you?" [Minerva]
Kosh (Z'ha'dum): "If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die." [Kalain]
Ivanova (poor Garibaldi) (Face of the Enemy): "I want him shot on sight" [Lightman2]
G'Kar: "Do not thump the Book of G'Quon, it is disrespectful" [anonymous]
Londo: "Kill it before it evolves!" [Tara]
Garibaldi: "I know what I know because I have to know it and if I don't have to know it then I don't tell myself and I don't let anyone else tell me either." [George]
Marcus, to Ivanova [The Summoning]: "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met (spoken in Minbari)" [cathy]
Franklin and Marcus [Racing Mars]: "I spy with my little eye something beginning with E...EVEN MORE BOXES!!" [cathy]
Lennier and Sheridan: "Woo-hoo? (followed by an awkward silence)" [Lightman2]
G'kar and Na'toth [Parliment of Dreams]: "You will know pain, you will know fear, and then, you will die. Have a pleasent flight!" [ferrio@execpc.com]
G'kar [Mind War]: "....and they must walk there... (sigma-957) alone." [ferrio@execpc.com]
Delenn [And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place]: "...I looked up the word cranky, it said grouchy.I looked the grouchy, it said crotchedy. No wonder you are such an eccentric culture, none of the words have there own meanings.You have to look up one to undertsand another, it never ends." [Lizenn]
Sheridan to Bester: "I am thinking it over!" [mumbles]
Garibaldi about Bester: "I didn't know the little creep could pilot a Starfury." [mumbles]
New leader of Centauri after Cartagia: "Oh, ah I am thinking ......Pastels." [mumbles]
Zathras to Ivanova: "But dirt is closer... dirt is used to getting stepped on. Just like Zathras." [Lightman2]
Vir: "Kill Londo!!" [Jason "The Phoenix" Bourgeois]
Marcus (It was the one where Marcus & Ivanava find a first one that understands english, but won't speak it): "Who new they'd be French" [dmach@mail.hiwaay.net]
Lenier and Garibaldi (the motorcycle one): "G:if it only work, L:But... it works!!, G AH!?? how?? where the heck did you get gas??." [Sonic]
Sheridan and Ivanova (Sheridan's arrival on B5): "S:So what have happen. I:Well Ambassador G'kar have dissapeared, after a year we don't know how's Kosh from the inside of his suit and Delenn is in a cocoon. S:A cocoon?? like a butterfly?? I:yes S:without a doubt this is a interesting place." [Sonic]
Ivanova and a Minbari officer (Sheridan's arrival on B5): "M.O.:Now only honor and death are left. I:And i tought i was pesimist." [Sonic]
Ivanova (B5 destruction menace): "I am pesimist, I am russian, believe me i know about this, this is gonna blow" [Sonic]
Zathras (World Without End): No one listen to Zatharas. Quite mad they say. It's a good thing that Zatharas does not mind, he's even grown to like it. Oh yes." [Glitterbot]
Londo (Parliament of Dreams): "In a world where every day is a constant struggle for survival, you need all the Gods you can get!" [Dymphna]
Londo (Into the Fire): "I'll have to get that painted over, yes? (after Centauri guards shoot Mr. Morden's Shadow companions.)" [Alocer]
Franklin to Marcus (Racing Mars): "And that's when I shot him, your honor" [Glitterbot]
Marcus and Ivonava: "M: I'll put a bucket on my head and pretend to be the ancient Vorlon god Booile. I: That's it M: Fine, I'll get a bucket." [Glitterbot]
Draal (Voices of Authority): "I must remember to dust myself ever once in a while" [Glitterbot]
Londo: "Like being nibbled to death by cats" speech with Vir. [CoJo the Sane]
Franklin (I forget the name, but it's the one with the whole Zathras mixup): "Don't get me wrong. I like her, but sometimes she scares the hell out of me." [Black Orchid]
Sheridan to Marcus: "Thank you for that ray of sunshine Marcus. Next time I feel the need to be depressed, I'll be sure to give you a call." [Golden]
G'Kar (Convictions): "Not many fishes left in the sea/not many fishes,just Londo and me!" [the pragmatist]
G'Kar (The Long TG): "No dictator,no invader....we will be free." [the pragmatist]
G'Kar to Marcus after opening the pike: "I like it!!" [the pragmatist]
Sheridan: "If you're falling off a cliff you may as well try to fly, you've got nothing to lose." [the pragmatist]
G'Kar to Londo (Convictions): "As the humans say, 'Up Yours!'" [Glitterbot]
Ivanova (to Londo re: dolls without any... attributes) (There All The Honor Lies): "You feel like you're being symbolically cas..t in a bad light." [Archer]
Marcus (Late Delivery from Avalon): ""What if life were fair? Then we would deserve all the awful things that happen to us. I have come to appreciate the iniquity of the universe."" [FryKitty]
Ivanova (into the fire): "Ahhh shit (minbari continues fire)" [Bab4 1\2]
Garibaldi to Zack on Sheridan (Falling Toward Apotheosis): "...He was dead, but he's ok now thank you very much!" [noone]
Garibaldi to the one who thought Sheridan was god (Racing Mars): "He's not the pope! He doesn't look anything like her!!" [noone]
Lennier (Grey 17 is Missing): "He said he intended to use any means necessary. I respectfully suggest that he intends to go far beyond harsh language" [Inanna Ishtar]
Emperor Cartagia after killing the court jester: "Humor is such a subjective thing." [JohnnyCloak]
Bester (About being a hero) (Moments of Transition): "... but the pay, it sucks." [Tyeh]
Lennier: "She is meant for another..." [Bab5's biggest fan]
Zathras (War Without End): "Zathras cannot say. Saying, I would know. Do not know, so cannot say!" [Tim]
Captain Sheridan (no retreat and no surrender): "But remember you are soldiers and soldiers kill the enemy and return alive" [silntstrid]
Garibaldi: "The last guy got thirty pieces of silver." [Oracle]
Londo: "Lannding thrusters, landing thrusters...now, if I was a landing thruster, where would I be?" [Georgio Lucetti]
Marcus: "Damn, now I have to wait until someone wakes up to question them." [Sheila]
Garibaldi: "When you lie, it's all over your face. But she's a better liar." [Lounge Lizzard]
Ivanova: "No boom today, boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow." [Kit]
Sheridan: "It stops here, not on my ship, not on my watch" [Pat@381.aol.com]
Ivanona to Franklin (The Geometry of Shadows): "NOW you can give me something for the pain. Where were you when I was going through puberty?" [Priestess of Kosh]
Sheridan (Rising Star): "Death? Been there, Done that!" [erikangel]
Ivanova (Between the Darkness and the Light): "God sent me!" [GOD]
Ivanova: "Worse case of testosterone poisoning I've ever seen!" [anonymous]
Marcus: "You get alot further with a friendly word and a baseball bat, than just with a friendly word" [Ivanova j.r.]
Londo (Deconstruction of Falling Stars): "Who died?" [erikangel]
Delenn: "End this!" [anonymous]
Ivanova (Rising Star): "At least I should have boffed him just once." [Glitterbot]
Marcus (No Surrender, No Retreat): "Unless they are all hostile, and some are just more hostile than others" [Shadow Thrall]
Londo: "The Maker also gave us great big ... well that's none of your business" [Shadow Thrall]
Ivanova (Between the Darkness and the Light ): "Who am I? I'm Susan Ivanova,Commander,daughter of Andrei and Sofie Ivanov. I am the right hand of vengeance, and the boot that is gonna kick your sorry ass back to Earth I'm death incarnate and the last living thing you're ever going to see. God sent me." [Wiz]
Ivanova to Garibaldi (And The Sky Full of Stars): "Mr Garibaldi, there are days I'm very glad I don't have to think the way you do" [Priestess of Kosh]
Ivanova (talking about dead Marcus): "...Maybe I should of boffed him or something..." [Timeless.]
Neroon to Sinclair (Legacies): "You talk like a Minbari, Commander" [Priestess of Kosh]
The Walkers of Sigma 975: "Vorlon tavutna chog!" [Lisa]
Zathras (War Without End): "Time is infinite. You are finite. Zathras finite. This. . .is wrong tool." [Lisa]
Marcus and Franklin (Racing Mars): ". . .Even more boxes!" [Aklash Vag]
Garibaldi (Gropos): "If you ask me, someone at Earthdome has gone completely mental." [Airboy]
Londo and G'Kar (A Day in the Strife): "L:"you are insane!" G:"I know and that is why I'll win." " [Ciarrai]
Lorien to Sheridan (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?): "Life is all between Tick and Tock. Tick we are alive and well, tock, we are.... Ticktock." [Lord Vetinari]
Lennier and Delenn (Lines of Communication): "L: Shall we set course for Babylon5? D: Why should we? They attacked our peoples, destroyed White Star 16, and threaten to tear Minbar apart. No, they are going to pay. Reverse course Lennier,w e are teaching them a lesson." [Lord Vetinari]
Delenn (All alone in the Night): "Oh yes, I remember them. A while ago they abducted some Minbari to test our defenses. We followed them back to their homeworld and briefly taught them the error of their ways." [Lord Vetinari]
Technomage reprimanding Londo (Geometry of Shadows): "T: Oh, you shall be paying for your mistakes for the rest of eternity. Take this for what value it is:I see a your hand reaching out from the stars, and a thousand voices cry out. L: My followers? T: Your victims" [Lord Vetinari]
Kosh: "A shadow can't live in the darkness" [Tiger]
Kosh (Interludes and Examinations ): "I wish I could have done more." [anonymous]
Garibaldi: "Tea just happens to be my third favourite thing in the universe." [Rapunzel]
Marcus: "Did I mention that my nose is on fire, and that I have fifteen wild badgers living in my trousers." [Rapunzel]
Garibaldi to Lyta/Stephen (Between the darkness and the Light): "Who gulped? Somebody gulped! We've got a long way to go, we're meant to sip!" [Piett]
Lyta Alexander: "What do you know about hell? Hum?" [shadow ghost]
Delenn and Sinclair (War Without an End): "D: Why do your people always ask if someone is ready before you're going to do something massively unwise? S: Tradition" [Caia]
Cmdr Sinclair (The Gathering): "The sky was full of stars, and every star ... an exploding ship ... one of ours." [Kraller]
Ivanova to Psi cop with a crush on her: "...If you try to scan me, I'll rip off your head and use it for a chamberpot." [Linda]
Ivanova: "I'm in the middle of fifteen things, all of them annoying." ["Meester" Morden]
Londo to Vir (Born to the Purple): "Try not to give the homeworld away!" [erikangel]
Ivanova to INS reporter trying to talk to Sinclair (Infection): "Ivanova to INS reporter trying to talk to Sinclair" [Linda]
Catherine Sakai to Commander Sinclair (The Parliment of Dreams): "Your pants are talking to you." [Tyeh]
Ivanova to Sinclair (Believers): "Don't worry about me. I just gonna seat here and knit something. Maybe a nice sweater, some socks..." [Sheila]
Ivanova to Lyta (Divided Loyalties): "I suggest you move those eyes somewhere else...while you still have them." [Sheila]
Londo (Believers): "How much justice can you afford? [erikangel]
Sheridan and Ivanova(): "Are you trying to cheer me up? No sir, wouldn't dream of it. Good. I hate being cheered up. Well, in that case we're all going to die painful, agonizing deaths. Thank you. I feel so much better now." [Marcus Cole]
Kosh (with Abbut confusing Talia) (Deathwalker): "A stroke of the brush does not guarantee art from the bristles." [Lord Vetinari]
Sheridan: "Get the hell out of our galaxy" [Chani]
Garibaldi (No Compromises): "If this cockpit breaches, I'm screwed!" [erikangel]
Ivanova to INS reporter trying to talk to Sinclair (Infection): "Don't. You're too young to experience so much pain." [Linda(again)]
Morden to Londo (Signs and Portents): "I'm not allowed to leave here until you answer my question - so, what do you want?" [Priestess of Kosh]
Lyta Alexander (Between the darknes and the light): "Are you saying I`m a good liar? I`m a terrible liar. When I get back I`m going to sue someone. I don't know who and I don't know how, but I will sue someone!" [Ivanova jr.]
Sebastien(A.K.A. Jack the Ripper) (Comes the Inquisitor): "Remembered not as a messenger, not as a prophet, not as a hero, not even as Sebastien. Remembered only as Jack." [shadow ghost]
Sebastian (Comes the Inquisitor): "Who are you?" [Shiva]
Lennier, or was it JMS (The very long night of Londo Mollari): "Hell of a five years!" [erikangel]
Lennier: "(total deadpan) If you are going to kill me, then do so. Otherwise, I have a significant amount of work to do." ["Meester" Morden]
Vir to that evil shadow guy (As best as I remember it): "(sees something in Garden. Flashback) What do I want? I want to see your head in on a pike in the imperial courtyard. And when I do, I'm going to wave at it. Like this. (Returns to present. Smiles and waves.)" [Nightmask]
Londo to Vir: "I feel like I am being pecked apart by one of those earth creatures...large bill...webbed feet...goes quack....ahhh...what are they called?" "cats?"....."CATS ...yes.....CATS" [Von Graf]
Londo (to Zack) (The Very Long Night of Londo Molari): "You have that vacant look in your eye that says, "Hold my head to your ear, you'll hear the sea." [Bradley]
Delenn (Between the Darkness and the Light or Endgame, Can't remember for sure): "If someone doesn't start making sense soon, I'm going to be very annoyed." ["Meester" Morden]
Ivonova : "I've fought my whole life against imperialism. Now I AM the expanding Russian frontier." ["Meester" Morden]
Marcus to Susan (shadow dancing): "nuzen vellani an aleese vedron" [lyta alexander]
Ambassador G'Kar (The Gathering (the pilot)): "Would you prefer to be conscious or unconscious during the mating? I would prefer conscious, but... I don't know what your pleasure threshold is." [Ivanova]
Future Computer (Deconstruction of Falling Stars): "Search completed. Current : 1,000,000 years after desired time. " [Irad]
Sheridan & Ivanova: "Knock, knock" "Who's there?" "Kosh." "Kosh who?" "Gesundheit!" ["Meester" Morden]
Lennier (Passing Through Gethsemane): "Valen was the greatest of us. A thousand years ago he came from nowhere" [Priestess of Kosh]
Kosh: "Truth is a three edged sword." [Rice]
Delenn and New Captain (Learning Curve): "This isn't about revenge" "Then what is it about?" "Terror" ["Meester" Morden]
Marcus to Ivanova: "I Love You" [Purple]
Mac to Bo, after Delenn tells them Hello (A View From the Gallery): "She remembered my name" [Lightman2]
Mack, the maintenance man about Captain Lochley (A View From the Gallery): "Tastes like..." [Miss Anthropy]
Sheridan to pilots, quoting an egyptian blessing (Distant Star): "God be between you and harm and all the emptly places we must walk." [Galina K]
Ivanova (Between the Darkness and the Light): "I'm Susan Ivanova. Commander. Daughter of Andrei and Sophie Ivanov. I am right hand of vengeance and the boot that's going to kill your sorry ass all the way back to earth... and the last living thing that you are every going to see. God sent me!" [White Star 2]
Delenn: "Abso-fragging-lutely, dammit!" [Brad Miller]
Garibaldi over Lockley's link (Strange Relations): "Get me...the hell...outta here! [erikangel]
Lorien: "Did you know you have a Vorlon living inside of you?" [jonathan]
Lochley to Garibaldi: "It's not that I don't trust you - I just don't trust you ! " [Galina K]
Lochley & Sheridan: "They're wanted on a variety of charges by the Psi Corps. Otherwise known as Fascists-R-Us." [A Ranger Wannabe]
Delenn to Sheridan (Messages from Earth): "You may proceed when ready" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
The Computer: "Account Londo Mollari purchases 20,000 shares of a spoo ranch" [SpooRancher]
Lennier (season 4 opener): "It was the year of fire...." [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Delenn (season 4 opener): "...It was the year of joy..." [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Sheridan (season 4 opener): "...The place: Babylon 5" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Delenn: "I am Grey, I stand between the darkness and the light. Between the candle and the star." [Jenni]
Kosh: "So it begins" [Jenni]
Sheridan to Delenn: "There is nothing worse than being all alone in the night" [Jenni]
Delenn to Sheridan: "But there is something worse. To be all alone in a crowd. I know it so well that it cuts to my heart..." [Jenni]
President Sheridan (No Compromises): "I have no desire to be struck blind by the sight of Londo naked." [Miss Anthropy]
The Centauri Chambermaid (A Tragedy of Telepaths): "But excellency, I'm not your size" [SpooRancher]
The Centauri Chambermaid (A Tragedy of Telepaths): "Emperor Cartagia used to play this game with me all the time..." [SpooRancher]
Sinclair and Garibaldi (Infection): "S: I'm going right to it's personality matrix. I'm going to make it mad. GDeep One: Make it mad...ARE YOU NUTS?" []
Bester (The Tragedy of Telepaths): "Oh, I'm okay, a little depressed about the inflation rate, and hemlines are going down again, but besides that..." [SpooRancher]
Londo: "Spoo must first be properly aged and cultivated" [SpooRancher]
Ivanova: "You are the hand? What the hell does that mean? Why would I say something so hokey?" ["Meester" Morden]
Vir to Londo: "I made you spoo. Its your favorite." [Bustersci]
G'Kar (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?): "I Like it!" [erikangel]
Lennier to Ivanova (Hour of the Wolf): "Initiating 'getting the hell out of here' maneuver" [desiree]
G'kar to Ivanova (Point of No Return): "I have.....an idea. Oooooohhhh!" [Desiree]
Londo to Vir: "Good Vir, I can see the synapses firing behind your eyes, a most terrifying sight I might add." [flynn]
Zack and Chen (a Psi Cop in training) (Corps is Mother, Corps is Father): Zack "Well who'd he murder?" Chen: "A Psi Cop. WeCassidyll, A Psi Cop in training." Zack: "And this is a problem becauuuse........." []
Sheridan and Ivanova (Voices of Authority): "I can't leave without an explanation. She'll be all over me !" "Looks to me like she's already all over you." [Desiree]
Lyta (Into the Fire): "Captain, they`re here." [someone]
Londo & Vir (The Long Night): Londo: "You're drunk" Vir: "Well absolu..positiv...oh you BETCHA!" [ForcechildOne]
Complete Sheridan to Bester: "I'd like to staple your head to this table, set you on fire, and feed your charred remains to the Pak'ma'ra!!!" [Brian Judd-Cordele]
Ivanova (Conflict of Interests): "You can't kill the truth. And the truth is back in business." [One]
Vir (The long Night of Londo Mollari): "What is it with this place?! First someone tries to assassinate Sheridan, now someone poisons Londo. What's the matter with you people?! Why don't you get a hobby?! Go read a book or something!" [Sivak]
Ambassador Molari (Early first season): "Greetings, Mister Gari-balding!" [Fahrvergnugen]
Ivanova and Lorien: "I: My heart and I don't speak anymore. L: Yes, I had noticed" [Anla'shok Kaiana]
Franklin to Marcus (Racing Mars): "This is the kind of conversation that can only end in a gunshot" [Technomage]
Sheridan and Delenn (There All Honor Lies): "S: "I thought there could be nothing worse than being out there, all alone in the night". D: "But there is - being all alone in a crowd" [Technomage]
Londo to Centauri boy (In the Beginning): "It is the quiet ones who change the Universe, Luc Verradi. The loud ones just take all the credit" [Technomage]
Sheridan to Ivanova (Sic Transit Vir): "Commander, you look like the proverbial cat who swallowed the even more proverbial canary." [Technomage]
Vir to Lyndisty (Sic Transit Vir): "If kisses could kill, this one would have flattenned several small towns." [Technomage]
Future Ranger (Deconstruction of Falling Stars): "This is how the world ends" speech." [Technomage]
Vorlon and Shadow silhouettes to Lorien (Into the Fire): "S: "Will you... come with us?" V: "Then ... we will not be alone?" [Technomage]
Cartagia (The Long Night): "Pain Technicians...they used to be called torturers." [Junkyard God]
Marcus (Whatever happened to Mr. Garibaldi): "Ya see? It's like I've always said, You get more with a Kind Word and a 2X4 than you will with just a Kind word." [Blind Zen Archer]
Zach (to Bester) (The corps is mother, the corps is father): "So, what brings you here today? Rouge Telepaths? Intrigues? Annexing the Sudetenland?" [Blind Zen Archer ]
Marcus: "I've got an Idea!! I'll put a bucket over my head and pretend to be the ancient Vorlon god, Boogeyvev!" [Blind Zen Archer]
Lennier to Delenn (Season 4 - where the white star fleet meets the Drakk): "...I just hit that red button, and pray very very fast." [Ranger1]
Garibaldi to G'kar (3rd Season, arguing about sending the Narn cruiser to help): "But the cause is fair, and just, and *necessary*, and because your CO has the moral authority that says you *might* *not* *come* *back*!" [jeandenim]
Zathras (#2, if you're keeping track) to Ivanova: "Sometimes Zathras talk to walls, talk to ceiling...but ground is closer. Ground is *used* to being walked on." [jeandenim]
Captain John Sheridan (Into the fire): "Mr. Lennier, take us into the fire." [Dodger]
Cap'n Sheridan: ". . .Make people lift their eyes to the horizon and see the line of ancestors behind us saying "Make my life have meaning." And to our inheritors before us saying "Create the world we will live in" [Kaiana Dawson]
Cap'n Sheridan (The Fall of Night): "I'm sorry I waited as long as I did before I blew them all straight to hell." [Kaiana Dawson]
Lennier (Convictions): "I fear I have served the present by sacrificing the future." [Me]
Cap'n Sheridan (Severed Dreams): " I want you to know that seeing your face at that moment was probably the single finest moment of my life." [Kaiana Dawson]
Londo (Interludes and Examinations): "Everyone around me dies, Mr. Morden, except those who most deserve it."[Jason Ironheart]
G'Kar to Londo (Tragedy of Telepaths): "Animal magnetism" [Galina K]
Marcus to Franklin (Racing Mars): "For the first time in my life I'm a war hero and nobody knows anything about it! And worst of all I'm married to you" [Shadow Dancer]
Neroon to Marcus (Grey 17): "I killed 50,000 of your kind, what's one more." [D]
Ivanova: "Who am I? I'm Susan Ivanova, Commander, daughter of Andrei and Sofie Ivonav. I'm the right hand of vengeance and the boot that's gonna kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart." [Spaced Teddy Bear]
Ivanova: "Go boom today, boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow. What? Look, someone's gotta have some damn perspective around here. Boom. Sooner or later, BOOM!" [Spaced Teddy Bear]
Sinclair (By Any Means Necessary): "Never give somebody a gun unless you know where they'll point it!" [Valen]
Franklin to Ivanova (Rising Star): "Did you say boffed?" [Aggememnon]
Garibaldi: "This is my second favorite thing..." [Babs]
Londo (Rising Star): "I hope you have brought a change of underwear, you'll need it after you read this!" [ForcechildOne]
Garibaldi to G'Kar (The Gathering): "Beep Beep" [Jennifer D. Sinclair]
Prison Guard (Between the Darkness and the light): "I don't watch TV. It's a cultural wasteland filled with innappropriate metaphors and an unrealistic portrayal of life generated by the liberal media elite." [Ulkesh]
Zooty (Day of the dead): "Zooty, zoot, zoot, zoot" [Valen Of Minbar]
Sinclair: "I think we work well together. Like Butch and Sundance, Lewis and Clark, Lucy and Ethyl." [Suvi]
Garibaldi: "Oh boy, I think I`m in love." [Suvi]
Girabaldi and Sinclair Babylon 4(): "Want to talk socks?" "I'm not having this conversation." [KiplingKat]
Londo (Chrysalis or Points of Departure): "I think I will go and stick my head in the station's fusion reactor. It will be quicker, and I think after a time I might even begin to enjoy it." [T'Mar]