What will our favorite B5 characters say as they meet the great maker?

Londo: G'Kar, is that you? Long time, no see.
Ivananova: BOON NOW!
Sheradin: (While laughing manaically) This is great, I should have come to Za'ha'dum a long time ago! EAT LEAD YOU BASTARDS!!!
Morden: Please stop waving, Vir. You made your point.
G'Kar: Die, Londo!
Sheridan: Die, Shadows, die!
G'Kar: "Hello Mollari." (followed by "GAAACCCKKK!")
Delenn: "This body is only a shell. You can't hurt me. You can't..." ZZZAAAAPPP! Thud!
Franklin: "WOW man! Look at the pretty colors dude!"
Kosh: (tweet, flush, crash) "Rosebud." (cough, sputter, gasp)
Franklin: One little stim isn't gonna hurt me...
Sheridan: Delenn, right now I don't give a hang about interspecies compatibility! *smooch* >snap< (oopsie...)
How about last words someone hears?
Vir: "I'm truely sorry, Vir." -Londo
Lyta: I'm not worried . . . Kosh will protect me. (smug smile)
Talia: I'm not worried . . . you cannot bring yourselves to harm the body of your old friend. (smug smile)
Brother Theo: Brother Malcom? What's wrong?
The Last Xon: Aaaaaaagh!
Keffer: Aaaaaaagh!
Crew of Streib Ship: Aaaaaaagh!
Entire Narn Fleet: Aaaaaaagh!
Captain Sheridan: Oh, Anna, it's so good to see you again.
Morden: Your were just kidding about that pike thing, weren't you?
Garibaldi: Kum-ba-yah, my lord, kum-ba-ya.
"Absofragginlutely, damnit"--Delenn
"That ominous music's back." -Unknown
G'Kar's first aid (I forget her name>: "--" (You can't her anything in a vaccum remeber.)
Bester: Ah! Ms. Alexander. We finally meet.
Lennier: "Delenn. When I said I would follow you into fire, I was speaking figuratively."
The Shadows: "RAID!"
Na'Toth: "By G'Quan, that's the brightest meteor I have ever seen."
Sinclair: "Delenn! Have you been seeing another man?"
Babylon 5's computer: "Initialization complete. Ready to run Windows 95."
Obviously, the first successful boot of Windows (20)95...
Marcus (to Ivanova): Hey, hot momma, want to play 'scan the sector'?
Bester: Listen, Lyta, the corps is mother, the corps is father...
Morden "This isn't what I wanted."
Kosh "..... I ... was not ready for this....."
Vir: "May I have 10,000 marbles, please?" <* OOPS! that was Flounder *>
Corwin: " Commander Ivanova, you sure f****d up that time"
General Haige: " Mr. President, you're under arrest"
Ta'Lon: "Captain, why are we on this gods forsaken planet on the rim?"
Shadowship chasing White Star: "Hmm.. That jumpgate looks strange.. D'OH!"
Vir to Londo: What! Am I a *clown* to you? Do I *amuse* you? (Londo begins to look worried...)
REAL Angels to Kosh: "Well, well, well...look what we have here.
Thought you could get away with impersonating us, eh? GRAB HIM!"
Kosh: "You do not understand..."
Lennier: "Za... Ba... Ga... Be..." (If he ever does that *again*)