Babylon 5 lines that never was said !

Kosh to Sheridan: "If you eat the vlarn, you will die"
Garibaldi to Marcus: "Did you know that we do have barbers on this station?"
Morden: "What do you want?" Delenn: "I want to be queen for a day."
Sheridan to Draal: "This place looks so familiar. Did you ever see the Earth TV show 'Time Tunnel'?"
Marcus to Neroon: "My fighting staff is bigger than yours!"
Lennier to Delenn: "Uh, Delenn, we have a serious problem on our hands. The station has run out of candles."
Delenn to Kosh #2: "Does the fate of the universe hinge upon me sleeping with the captain?"
Delenn to Sheridan: "We've been working 'round the clock to cut and paste new WhiteStar ships..." [Michael Alex]
Ivanova to G'Kar: "I feel your pain. So what?" [Cliff]
Caylin to Franklin: "Steven, you're such a stimulating conversationalist" [James A. Wolf]
Kosh (to the B5 council): "Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking...." [James Wolf]
Sheridan: "Engage!" [James Wolf]
Sheridan to Bester: "Bester, you can stay here as long as you want" [Perky]
Marcus to Garibaldi: "Have you ever heard of something called hair club for men?" [Darkslayer]
Kosh: "Resistance is futile" [Darkslayer]
Londo to Morden: "What do I want? I want for you to stop shedding skin on the floor of my quarters!" [Darkslayer]
Marcus to Delenn after she complimented Ivanova's attempt at speaking Minbari: "I thought you said that the Minbari couldn't lie." [Darkslayer]
Sheridan to Garibaldi: "The truth's gotta be here somewhere" [Yoli Lawrence]
Bester to Garibaldi: "Mister Garibaldi, the pinata thing was a joke." [Pumukl]
Kosh Classic to Lyta: "Was it good for you?" [Pumukl]
New Kosh: "[beep][warble][tink] ::vote republican:: [twirr][groan][flutter]" [Pumukl]
Ivanova to Sheridan: "It could be worse. we could be near a Worm Hole connect to the Gamma Quadrant." [Craig Klein]
Ivanova to Marcus: "Are you busy for dinner tonight?" [Breeonne]
Morden: "Can't we all just get along?" [Rizz]
Sheridan to Lorien: "I'm not quite dead yet! ... I'm getting better! ... I think I'll go for a walk!" [Rizz]
First One to Ivanova (in a polka): "Vorlon tavutna chog, hey!" [Jon Clark (no relation)]
Delenn to Ivanova: "You can never have to many White Stars." [Death Lord]
Kosh2 to WB: "Reruns. Intolerable." [09023]
G'Kar to Londo: "You really have to lay off the hairspray" [Randy Thompson]
Sheridan to Delenn: "I have a bad feeling about this" [Logan]
First one to anybody: "The name of our race is three letters long and easy to pronounce." [eytan]
Either Kosh to Sheridan: "John. I am your father. Help me take off the mask." [eytan]
Ivanova to Sheridan (upon being sent off to certain death): "But I was going into Tashi station to pick up some power converters! " [Nina B.]
Kosh2 to Kosh: "Mom always did like you better" [Dark Crow]
Vorlon crewman to Captain after destroying the first planet: "You think anyone will notice it's gone, sir?" [Dark Crow]
Sheridan to Babylon5 Computer: "Activate Self-Destruct Sequence!" [Jupiter2]
Kosh to Delenn: "(Gurgle) I am not a magic 8 ball!! (murmurs)"
Ivanova to Sheridan: "Commander, we've had a transporter malfunction. We've got the crew of this ship called Voyager stuck in the pattern buffers and I tried an EPS override...."
Londo to Morden: "You know, we have alot in common. We both know the joys of good hair cream, for instance."
Janaway to Ivanova: "Voyager ready to dock" [Logan]
Zathras to himself: "Zathras mad, they say. Why? Just because Zathras likes to put on high heels and a dress and sing "Natural Woman" in front of a mirror sometimes??" [Burkesongs]
Delenn to Sheridan in "Grey 17", watching the Rangers arrive: "They followed me home, John... can I keep them?" [AmyCat]
Londo to Vir: "Game over man, game over" [Logan]
Sheridan to Kosh: "Not bad for a Vorlon" [Mojol]
Sheridan: "Make it so" [Eddie B.]
Kosh to G'kar: "You'll shoot your eye out!" [Jon]
Sheridan (hell, anyone) to the Vorlons: "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed" [Lurker24601]
Dr. Franklin to assistant: "Get that cheeze to sick bay" [Lurker24601]
Sheridan to crowd in FtA: "Today we celebrate our Independence Day!" [Lurker24601]
Either Kosh to anyone: "(gurgle...sproink) We are all Elvis!!!(beepety-beep)" [dwjohnson]
The Vorlons after destroying planets: "OOH! That's gotta hurt!!!" [Killians Red]
Sinclair to Sheridan: "Good luck, YOU 'RE going to need it!" [Eddie B.]
kosh1 to sheridan: "getting is not the same as wanting. I do not say it is logical but it is so." [konecsni]
G'Kar to Drozi: "A roddenberry:is that something you eat?" [konecsni]
Kosh to everyone: "I'm back !" [Kosh]
New Kosh to Sheridan: "Some day, you will call me Master." [Khorzan]
Bob Dole to Sheridan: "I am the third one." [Nate Dredge]
Delenn to John after dinner: "That Flarn Sucked!!!" [Zbear]
New Kosh to Sheridan: "Worried about your friends? Especially, hmm, Sister Delenn. If you won't be turned to the dark side then maybe she will!" [Chris D.]
Sheridan to Old Kosh: "I thought I told you not to call me Johnnie!" [Coker Coler]
Sheridan to Ivanova (Fall Of night): "GREAT !!!! - I`ve been wanting try out this new Defence Grid" [Vegas]
Kosh Classic to Sheridan: "Go to Za'ha'dum. Open up a lemonade stand. If you build it they will come." [beanie-chan]
BabCom: "Paging Lorne Greene. Paging Lorne Greene."
BabCom: "The White Bay is for ship unloading only. Ships left unattended will be ticketed and towed."
Sheridan to Lorien: "I have fallen and I can't get up"
Sinclair to Delenn: "Delenn, I am your great-great-great-great-great-great ..."
Dr. Franklin to Sheridan: "He's dead, John."
Quark to Lando: "I can get you the solution for all your problems for just 5 bars of latinum!" [Jupiter2]
Dr. Who to Garibaldi (or Sheridan): "I'm the Doctor. Would you like a Jelly Baby? [Jupiter2]
ISN to Universal Audience: "Tonite on Fox:COPS on assignment:Babylon 5" [Coker Coler]
Grey 17 Engineering to Captain Sheridan: "I canna change the laws of Physics Captain" [Coker Coler]
Marcus to Ivanova when the Whitestars jumpengines go offline: "Hey, it's not MY fault!" [Darkslayer]
Lyta to Kosh2: "I feel your pain." [Darkslayer]
Marcus to Ivanova: "Hey how about that? The jump engines are actually working!!!!!" [Darkslayer]
Neroon to Marcus Cole in "Grey 17...": "I see your schwartz is as big as mine but how well can you handle it?" [Khorzan]
Kosh1 to Sheridan: "Kiss her. Kiss her. NOW!" [Chuck0]
Sheridan in "All Alone in the Night": "There are...FOUR lights!!!!!!" [Darkslayer]
Sheridan in "Severed Dreams": "Then, FDR said, 'throw down your shovel, sit on your ass, light up your camel, this is the Promise Land.'" [Darkslayer]
Sheridan in "Severed Dreams": "5000 years ago Moses said, 'Pick up your shovel, get off your ass, get on your camel, we're going to the Promise Land.'" [Darkslayer]
Sheridan in "Severed Dreams": Now, President CLark is saying, 'I'll tax your shovel, I'll take your camel, I'll kick your ass, and there ain't no Promise Land.'" [Darkslayer]
The Zima man to anyone in the bar: "...zo then I zayz to him, nize zdation" [Khorzan]
Vorlon captain to crew: "Set course for Alderaan." [Jeena]
Sheridan to Delenn after returning from Z'Ha'Dum: "I've been mostly dead all day." [Jeena]
Sheridan to Ivanova: "On second thought, let us not go to Z'Ha'Dum. It is a silly place." [Jeena]
Bester, to anyone: "Alfred Bester is my name, the Stars my Destination." [Jeena]
Sheridan to C & C: "Toga! Toga! Toga!" [Nick B]
Delenn to the crowd watching Sheridan in FtA: "He's not the messiah! He's a very naughty boy!" [Nick B]
Sheridan in Severed Dreams: "Oi you! Clark! Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!" [Nick B]
Anyone in the fourth series: "OK, who told the Vorlons about the Death Star?" [Nick B]
Gkar to Garbaldi: "It wasn't me. IT WAS THE ONE ARMED MAN!!" [Diefleder Maus]
Sheridan to AOL in The Long Night: "Okay, we've invited the Shadows to meet the Vorlons with us, does anyone think that asking President Clark would be going too far?" [Darkslayer]
Delenn to Anna Sheridan, "Shadow Dancing": "Eeeeugh! I *hate* snowglobes!" [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
New Kosh to Lyta: "There is a great disturbance in the Force." [CyberCat]
Dr Franklyn to Sheriden, discussing the Shadows: "Well, Its life John, but not as we know it !" [P.Buckley]
Garibaldi to New Kosh: "You'll have to leave Babylon 5 now or we will be forced to poke you in the eye." [Coker Coler]
Fozzy Bear to John Sheridan: "I'm here to represent my client, John BEARidan!" [Astro-Boy]
Bester to Sheridan: "I served with James T. Kirk. You're no James T. Kirk!" [Brad E.]
Sheridan to C&C personnel, 5 minutes before end of episode: "You have 5 minutes to invent a new piece of technology with which to destroy the Shadows so that next week everything will return to normal!" [Brad E.]
Bester to Sheridan: "Do not under estimate the power of the Dark Side of the Force." [Fox]
Vorlons to Shadows: "I guess it's time to help Deep Space 9." [Coker Coler]
Sheridan to New Kosh: "Don't ever touch my Teddy Bear " [Coker Coler]
Shadows, to the forces of Light: "Exterminate... EXTERMINATE!" [John N.]
Sinclair to Sheridan "War w/o End": "I told you, eddies in the space time continuum!" [anonymous]
Q to Sheridan: "There are many wonderful things out there, but they are beyond your puny comprehension." [Jupiter2]
Either kosh any time: "I will give you a simple Answer" [Ringmaster]
Londo to Morden: "What do you want on your 'tombstone'?" [Lady Elzia]
Sheridan to Ivanova: "Gee. I sure am glad that Clark and EarthGov waited till after the Shadow war to come down on our ass." [Monique]
BABCOM-MTV to Babylon5 Audience: "Tonite on M-TV: One of the First Ones, 290 Year Old Debbie Gibson will sing her new version of Anything is Possible in tribute to Sheridan's victory." [Coker Coler]
new kosh to sheridan: "I find your lack of faith disturbing" [ash]
Sheridan to Whitestar engineering: "Scotty, I need warp nine online in two minutes" [Brightknight]
Garibaldi to ISN: "Sheridan has a God Complex, but we all know who God is around here, Ivanova." [Coker Coler]
Marcus to Ivanova: "Sorry Ivanova not tonight I have a headache" [Epsdel]
Centuri emperor to G'Kar: "We have ways of making you talk, G'Kar. Bring in the Sailor Moon episodes!" [Alex Arjad]
Centuri emperor to G'Kar: "We have ways of making you talk, G'Kar. Bring in the Voyager episodes!" [Alex Arjad]
Garibaldi to patient on operating table: "Good Lord, is that really a nude woman in there?" [Mike Berry]
Sheridan to Lyta in "Epiphanies": "Thanks for all your help during the war. I appreciate it." [Paula L.]
Lyta to Zach: "That pizza looks like CRAP! What type of man are you? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. I didn't have this problem with the Old Kosh!" [Coker Coler]
Lyta to Zach: "At least the Old Kosh knew the way I liked it." [Coker Coler]
Vorlon planet killer captian to crew: "You may fire when ready." [Wiz]
Bester to Lyta in while on their way to Za Ha dum in Epiphanies: "'Ve are looking for Nuclear Wessles!" [KimB]
President Clark to ISN: "Sheridan and his conspirators have stolen the funding for PBS." [Coker Coler]
President Clark to ISN: "Because of this act, I am forced to remove funding for Barney and any other children's shows. Because of Sheridan, are children will become stupid." [Coker Coler]
Sheridan to a Nightwatch guy he knocked out: "It's my station, and I'll punch who I want to!" ["Meester" Morden]
Sheridan to C&C: "Unknown alien technology, huh? Does anyone have a tricorder we can plug into it?" [buckaroo]
ISN to Universe: "Today on this Date in 1997 Hillary Clinton officially takes over as President" [Chris D.]
Sheridan to the fleet: "The vorlons and the shadows just arrive and they didnt even notice us. They'll probably destroy each other if we do nothing... Let's get out of here." [A.Deluxe]
Sheridan to the fleet: "Oh yeah and do use the mines befores we go." [A.Deluxe]
Sheridan to Ivanova: "LOOK! The vorlons left the Universe's back door open..Let's go after them!" [Steevo]
New Kosh to Garibaldi while he is shooting him: "Stop that Mr. Garibaldi, don't do that" [Seviek]
Morden to Londo: "You will become one, with my associates" [Seviek]
Sheridan to Lorien: "Seen Energizer Bunny yet?" [Genius]
Sheridan to Anna "Shadow Possed" Sheridan: "Take me to your leader" [mirra]
Clark to ISN: "Big Brother is watching you. Big Brother loves you. Big Brother will care for you...forever." [Jupiter2]
Sheridan to BabCom: "Turn that damned thing off!" [Jupiter2]
President Clark to ISN: "Sheridan and his conspirators have done it again. They have stolen the funding for the School Lunch Program. Now your children are going to starve." [Coker Coler]
Vorlons and Shadows to B5 fans: "We have seen Ivanova in the nude and after further examination, we conclude that she is not a god. Definitely not a god." [Coker Coler]
Delenn to Sheridan, any episode when they are alone in a room: "John, Shall we indulge in Rishathra?" [J. Othello]
Kosh classic to Sheridan: "Monosyllables? That's what my translator has been doing all this time? Why didn't any tell me!" [Daniel Kuhn]
Morden to Vir: "I've had a really, really bad day" [Palpatine]
Morden to anyone: "What do you want? What do you want? What about what I want" [Neroon]
Calen to Delen and Lenir: "I know! We'll tell the truth about your herritage and who Valen is....yes that is what we will do!" [Neroon]
Marcus to Neroon in "Gray 17 is Missing": "Don't kill me! I'll tell you where to find The One!" [Mrs Cole]
Zathras to WB: "It is taking all of JMS consentration to write Bablyon 5, if we distract, very bad" [Anthony Morin]
Zathras to Sinclair, Deleen, Sheridan and an Extra: "You are the one who was, you are the one who is, you are the one who will be..... and you..... you suck go away." [Anthony Morin]
Kosh to the Advisory Council when they are fighting: "Now, now, children" [Zathras]
Sheridan frustrated with anything, anytime: "Space, the final frontier, these aren't the voyages of the starship Enterprise, nor its continuing mission to blah blah, yakety yakety." [The Cimborn]
Sheridan to the next reporter that comes on the station: "This isn't a perfect world, you can't say "Beam me up" and be in another place. You have to deal with the problem at hand." [The Cimborn]
Kosh to captain Sinclair: "No tribels, no Klingons, I'm boring here." [Irena]
Ivanova to Mr. Bester: "Your russian is excellent, Mr. Chekov" [Irena]
Ivonova to Mr. Bester: "I KNEW you were going to say that!!!" [Big Mike]
Kosh: "Windows 95 has already started, it is too late for the user to vote." [Khorzan]
Jeremiah to Garibaldi: "Am I overacting, or is it just me " [Neroon]
Garibaldi to Jeremiah: "Hey Jeremiah now would be a good time to put on that glove with the knives on it." [Neroon]
Garibaldi to reporter: "Besides having a God complex: Sheridan throws defensless teddy bears out airlocks, and he wets his bed" [Neroon]
Ivannova to Sheridan: "Is it just me or did the last vorlon ambassador look like darth vader?" [mkonecsni]
Zathras to Sheridan before he clips a wire to disarm a bomb: "Not the one!" [mkonecsni]
Lando to Londo: "I am the former Administrator of Cloud City. You are the Prime Minister of the Centari Republic. Why do people keep mixing us up?" [Honalee]
Sheridan to Lennier in Walkabout: "Shut down the jump engines, sure, but don't switch off that cool jet engine sound." [Lonny]
Q to Sheridan: "Who said that ALL of the Elders left??" [Jupiter2]
Sheridan to Ivanova: "Beam me Up, Susan" [Miguel Farah]
Any engineer to Sheridan: "The fusion reactor is breaking up! I cannot hold much longer!" [Miguel Farah]
Sheridan to Zathras after he clips the wire to disarm bomb: "Zathras, GRAB THE CAT!!!" [Matman]
Morden to any ambassador in Signs and Portents: "You may already be a winner" [Matman]
Babcom5: "The White bay is for loading and unloading only, there is no docking in the Red bay" [Matman]
Marcus to Neroon in (Gray 17 is Missing): "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." [jennypenny]
Lyta Alexander to Zack Allen: "Even the slutty guys won't hit on me. Even *you* won't hit on me. That's really pathetic! I must not be recognizably female!" [anonymous member of HAREM.COM]
Kosh classic's ship singing to Dr. Jacobs in (Hunter, Prey): "A Louie Louie, whooa yeah, sayin' we gotta go now....aye aye aye aye!" [Killians Red]
Vir to Londo in Into the Fire: "Londo, will your nuclear detonater remote work on that sinister ship blocking the sun?" [Chuck0]
Marcus to Susan: "Actually, I switched places with Lorien on that shuttle because I can't bear to leave your side, especially if we're about to die together." [Chuck0]
YODA to John: "Is Kosh my Father?" "Your father he is" [Patepate]
YODA TO JOHN: "WHEN 900 Years old you reach look as good you will not." [Pate]
Anyone to Morden: "What do *you* want???" [TiTan]
Delenn to Sheridan: "You want me to suck your *what*???" [TiTan]
Vir Cotto (Into the Fire): "That Morden... he really knows how to get a head!" [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless"]
Delenn to Sheridan anytime when they're alone and kissing: "Oh, so THAT'S the one!" [Babylon 5+2x=15]
Sinclair to Delenn: "For three nights you just watch me sleep? Like hell." [Critter]
Sheridan to others: "Za-Ha-DOOM? Doesn't anyone find that a bit OMINOUS?" [O'Brien]
Marcus: "Excuse me, but where's the Robin Hood set?" [O'Brien]
Delenn about her head-ridge: "I've just found out this thing can be taken off." [O'Brien]
Londo to anyone: "I've just realized what a damned silly haircut this is! Where are the scissors?" [O'Brien]
Lennier at end of Shadow War: "RAGING KEGGER!!!!!" [Jason "The Phoenix" Bourgeois]
Kosh2 to Lyta. He really said it too!!: "Rotate. Bitch." [Jason "The Phoenix" Bourgeois]
Londo to G'Kar: "Let's have a drrrink now G'Kar, the war between our two worlds begins next episode!" [Stigmat]
Vir to Londo in (The Coming of Shadows): "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it domintate your destiny!" [Zathras]
G'Kar to Sheridan: "Allow me to introduce my dear brother, G'Truck." [Matthew Lee]
Zathras to Sinclair, Delenn, and Sheridan: "You are the one who was long ago, you are the one who is, and you are the one who will be for about a week, then you will run out of life." [RevDennis]
Kosh2: "Ex-term-min-ate" [RevDennis]
Delenn to Sheridan, any time after "Severed Dreams": "Sorry John, as supreme political, religious and miIitary leader of my people, I have better things to do than exchange long, knowing, romantic gazes." [Kevin Noonan]
Delenn to Sheridan, in "Severed Dreams": "You're the damsel in distress and I'm heading up the cavalry riding in to save you! (Don't have a crisis of confidence in your masculinity over it.)" [Kevin Noonan]
Sheridan to ISN: "I have a god complex?... I am a god!" [Shinobi]
Lennier (to another Minbari): "So, who does your bone?" [TiTan]
Anyone: "The Prime Directive" [Miguel Farah]
Corwin to Ivanova: "Like hell you're God!!" [Miguel Farah]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Is that the Hale-Bopp Comet?" [Coker Coler]
Delenn to Sheridan: "No Honey, that's Heavens Gate." [Coker Coler]
Old Kosh to Sheridan: " If you join Heavens Gate, you will die!" [Coker Coler]
Lorien to Sheridan while watching BABCOM: Playboy Channel: "uooo!!! uooo!!! I haven't seen those or THAT in a long long time. Got some Beer and Chips." [Coker Coler]
Ivonova on BabCom: "Paging Mike Hunt... Paging Mike Hunt... Has anybody seen Mike Hunt. I can't seem to find Mike Hunt." [Coker Coler]
Lorien to Sheridan: "Heavens Gate was traped between ticktock just like you are now. But they finally surrendered to Tock and this is what you must do too." [Coker Coler]
Lyta Alexander to Zack Allen: "Finally someone who is interested in my body, as well as my mind!" [Anonymous]
Any Centauri to any other Centauri: "I just checked the Almanac. There is not supposed to an Eclipse today" [Neroon]
Ivanova to Sheridan: "Hailing frequencies open, Sir." [Robin Sinn]
Centauri Emperor to Londo: "You know, it's not the size of your haircut that counts but how you use it." [Krip Chip]
Sheridan to B5 Computer after receiving Crystal from Mars: "Display contents of data crystal. (Computer)Clark plans to DISTROY...TAKE OVER...KILL... Sorry this data crystal is scratched please try another." [Coker Coler]
A pilot to another pilot: "Ah! I hit a teddy bear and now my Star Fury is flying out of control!" [Lak Sivrak]
Sheridan: "I know the broadcast made us look bad, but what kind of ratings did it get?" [Chuck0]
Ivanova: "Captaaaaiin, I'm bored. With all the bad guys gone, I've got nothing to do!" [Chuck0]
G'Kar: "G'Quan wrote 'It was a dark and stormy night and the shadows were everywhere...'" [Chuck0]
Lyta to Zack, over pizza: "I'm so glad to be rid of that Vorlon cult. They made me empty my apartment and wear these antique Earth shoes called Nikes." [Chuck0]
Ivanova to Bester: "And just what do YOU know about this so-called United Federation of Planets?" [konecsni]
Sheridan to Lyta: "Is it my imagination but is Bester getting worster?" [O'Brien]
Gordon ("ALF") Schumway to Kosh-1: "You weren't there. I WAS! Hhawww!" [Xpltvdeltd]
Sheridan to Ivanova at the end of "Illusion of Truth": "First thing we do when we get back to Earth, we hang President Clark with the entrails of Dan Randle" [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
Sheridan to ISN: "Of course I am God. But since the Angels... ah Vorlons ... are gone over the Rim, it's not so funny." [irena]
Sinclair to Kosh1: "Ambassador Kosh, are you still studying?" [irena]
Kosh1 to Sinclair: "No, I am sending in my broadcast the 101 reasons why is Babylon 5 better as Voyager." [irena]
Franklin to Sheridan: "Dammit John, I'm a doctor, not a (insert occupation here)" [Trav]
Delenn to Sheridan: "Now John, I'm sure there must be a perfectly good excuse why you are wearing my nylons. I'm waiting for that explanation..." [Trav]
Janeway to Kosh1: "Kosh, if you 'll send again your 101 reasons why are B5 better than my ship, I'll beam you to Z'ha'dum where you die!" [irena]
Marcus to C&C: "Ivanova, where the hell is my fighting staff?" [irena]
Sheridan to Kosh: "Ambassador, what's happened?" [irena]
Kosh to Sheridan: "I've just tried to scan Mr.Bester. ??? Pleeeeas!!!! Don't ask me this Question!!!!" [irena]
G'Kar to Franklin: "Doctor, I need another one of those eye replacement things. You see, I hid it in Ivanova's shower and..." ["Meester" Morden]
Lenier to Delenn (upon waking from the Dreaming): "I no longer love you, you murderous Bitch!!" [anonymous]
Lorien to Sheridan: "a long time ago, in a place far, far away.... " [Jupiter2]
JMS to WB: "What do you mean we're not renewed?" [mkonecsni]
JMS to.....: "What do you mean you're the Great Maker?" [mkonecsni]
Vir to Londo in The Coming of Shadows: "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny." [Zathras]
G'Kar to Londo (about Vir): "I won't let you corrupt the boy!" [Zathras]
Lennier to Sheridan in Delenn's quarters (Racing Mars): "I like to watch" [Chuck0]
Kosh Classic to Centari Emporer I: "Happily Ever After" [Joel Mathis]
Star Fury Pilot: "I hope my next Star Fury is from Microsoft." [Coker Coler]
Dr. Franklin to Captain Jack: "You don't by any chance have some Oscar Mayer Lunchables?" [Chuck0]
Dr. Franklin to Captain Jack: "I'll trade you Marcus' fighting staff for that beef stroganoff." [Chuck0]
Sam & Max (of the video game) to Kosh : "Well, THAT was needlessly cryptic." [Shard]
Captain Kirk, to Kosh: "Kosh, are you out of your Vorlon Mind?" [Micey]
Babcom: "Voyager. Channel unavailable due to jamming" [Chuck0]
Dr. Zachary Smith to Kosh-classic: "Don't talk in riddles to me, you warbling Wurlitzer!" [Xpltvdeltd]
Garibaldi to Sheridan: "Do you want to know the reason I have left my job? Well! It's you alway hated Bugs Bunny and the whole Warner Bros!" [irena]
Sheridan to Garibaldi: "Yes it's true, dammed. My Teddybear was always better than Donald Duck." [irena]
Sheridan to Delen (taking her nylons off): "The explanation is simple honey, because Lenier likes it." [irena]
Minbari captian to Valen at the end of WWE II: "OK, whatever, where's the pisser?" [Adam]
Sheridan to Delenn: "We need to borrow you and your children Mrs. King" [The Great AP]
Bester on his new occupation: "Dial 1-800 PSYCHIC READING" [The Great AP]
Garibaldi: "Illogical" [The Great AP]
Security to Marcus: "No, I don't know a Bilbo Baggins." [The Great AP]
Franklin to Marcus: "So you own stock in the Renn fest?" [The Great AP]
The Warren Commission report on Pres. Santiago's death: "There was no second space cannon on Jupiter's grassy knoll." [The Great AP]
Londo to Vir: "A death mark's not an easy thing to live with. I'm sorry to lose you" [The Great AP]
Delenn to Lennier: "I'd just as soon kiss a Wookie." [The Great AP]
Lorien: "I am the great and terrible One. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." [The Great AP]
Anyone on Bab5: "We surrender." [The Great AP]
Quark to Sheridan: "Who cares how they made you look, Captain? Think of the royalties, now that you're in syndication! I could assist you, for, say, 55%..." [Xpltvdeltd]
Delenn to Sheridan (handing him the nylons back): "No John. I didn't say I didn't like it. In fact, I think it's kind of, well, erotic..." [Trav]
Garibaldi to Sheridan: "Well, frankly, I think it's pretty darned erotic too..." [Trav]
Sheridan to Garibaldi and Delenn: "You two are weird! Why the heck would anyone want to wear them?! You people disgust me. I ought to flush you out an air lock!" [Trav]
Sheridan to Delenn before going to Zahadoom : "I'll be back" [Zanados]
Shadow Disciples to departing First Ones: "We'll keep an eye on key personnel, boss" [Xpltvdeltd]
Draal to Sheridan: "I must say, you are wery handsome under the shower. " [irena]
Zathras to Sinclair: "Only you are not supposed to say: 'in Valen's name'!! " [irena]
Sheridan to Delenn and Kosh: "OK, OK, but before you are starting to show me the movie about Z'ha'dum, let us to buy some popcorns." [irena]
Kosh to everyone: "Hi, my name is Michael Jackson, I'm back and I love you all !!" [irena]
Sheridan to Delenn (pulling on hers nylons again): "You must know Delen, if I'm wearing it under my uniform, it's so a great feeling, I can not describe it. I want always divid the nylons whith you." [irena]
Lennie to Delenn: "I am better in bed than that human!" [Neroon]
Sheridan to Kosh: "Of course I know you can fly, and of course that allowed you to save my live. But you are not supposed to call me Lois." [irena]
C&C to Earthdom: "Houston we have got a problem! " [irena]
Kosh to any visitor: "Have you seen a can opener laying around anywhere?" [Chris]
Garibaldi to new crew member: "Damn you! My name is not 'Gary Baldy'!" [O'Brien]
Sheridan to Delenn: "I just got a hold of a spoiler for the end of Season 4....I quit! I don't want to be tortured!" [Neroon]
Sheridan to Z'ha'dum: "Pizza delivery" [Lounge Lizzard]
Shadows to Vorlons: "(Gurgle) A BORG SHIP, RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!" [Lounge Lizzard]
Sheridon to Sinclair: "Now *that war* is over with, would you please bring back B4?" [Lounge Lizzard]
Ivanova to Sheridan: "Geez, you think that we can spend so much on the station and the defences, we can at least get some curtains!" [Chris]
Apu to the Shadows: "Thank you for coming, I'll see you in hell." [Chris]
Franklin to assisting nurse during operation: "Hang on! If *that* is his spleen, then what is this?" [Trav]
Kosh to Bill Gates: "Intolerable! Your MS Office doesnt support my Latex formated files !" [irena]
Franklin to Ivanova (in Conflicts of Interest): "Duh!" [Golden]
Drakh Emissary, to White Star's Security Officer: "Think as you stoned I am not!" [Xpltvdeltd]
Drakh Emissary to Lennier: "Vot da hell are YOU--oops--much excusing--wrong century!" [Xpltvdeltd]
Zathras to Ivonova: "Have Nine Brothers, all name Zathras and - One sister: Name - Moesha!" [Neroon]
Delenn to Londo: "Love the hair." [Mollari]
Elton John to Londo: "Who's your tailor?" [Mollari]
Ivanova to broadcast area: "The truth is back in business, also Babylon 5 souvineers are available at these locations." [Lounge Lizzard]
Morden to anyone: "Tell me what you want, what you really really want." [The Demon Crowley]
Sheridan to Kosh: "Who am I? I'm Jean Valjean!!" [Celeborn]
Londo to Franklin: "I had a feeling that I should not ignore the inscription ' insert poison darts here' on the idol" [Lounge Lizzard]
Londo to Franklin: "Nor should I ignore the greeting card that said ' DIE LONDO DIE.'" [Lounge Lizzard]
Valen to every Minbari: "I hate vlarns." [irena]
Delenn [while kissing John]: "Why the hell had Sinclair not introdused my people to do THIS?" [irena]
Valen to John, Lenier and Delenn during the dinner: "You offer me only ONE PIECE OF VLARN? You make a joke!" [irena]
JMS to WB: "If you refuse to let me to write the 5th season, I will go with the whole B5 to Walt Disney and will let Garibaldi watch Mickey Mouse." [irena]
Londo to Sheridan in "Rumors, Bargains, and Lies": "And another thing I do not understand about Earth culture...these peculiar hand movements you call 'the Macarena'..." [Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
G'Kar to the other Narns after the Centari left Narn: "The humans have a saying: 'prophets are not welcome in their own town' " [Jupiter2]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Do Minbaris have a good remedy for insomnia? I can't sleep with somebody watching me!" [Jupiter2]
Zathras when taking model of B4: "NEED place, GREAT darkness coming. B5 only have one season left." [adam]
Sheridan to anyone: "What? Behind the Rabbit?" [AlThor6113]
Lorien to Sheridan: "Some people call me..........Tim." [AlThor6113]
Lennier to Delenn: "Is it just me or did that drakh resemble Skeletor from 'He-Man'" [Mkonecsni]
Sheridan to Lorien: "Boy did I mess up on the delivery to Z'Ha'Dun. It was suppose to be a crate of pine scented New Clear kitchen cleaner, not a nuclear bomb." [Lounge Lizzard]
Londo to Morden: "What I really want, is to be a spoo farmer." [Lounge Lizzard]
Lennier to religious caste in RB+L: "Traitors can't hide" [mkonecsni]
Lorien to Sheridan: "What is the speed of an African swallow?" [Viper]
Sheridan to Lennier: "(Trys new uniform, sleeves too long) "Danger! Danger! You know-old TV show? Lost in Sp- with the Robot?" (Blank stare) Never mind-you had to be there." [Net Weasel]
Talia Winters to Ivanova: "Tell me what you want, what you really really want, I`ll tell you what I want what I really really want. I really really really want to zig a zig ah!" [Ginger Freak]
Anyone in the opening intro dialouge: "some say that life down here began up there...beyond the stars..." [suntzu]
Delenn to the Shadows: "How is it possible?...for he is the Kwisatz Haderach" [suntzu]
Ivanova to Sheridan: "Captain, do you ever get that... "not-so-fresh" feeling?" [Lightman2]
Sheridan to the Vorlons and the Shadows: "Can't we all just get along?" [Lightman2]
Zathras to Sinclair/Sheridan/Delenn: "The One, you seek The One. Take you to him, I will." [Eowen]
JMS to Rick Berman: "Resistance is futile YOU will be assimilated" [mkonecsni]
Investors to P-Ten Consortium: "We are the Creditors. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." [Xpltvdeltd]
Kosh to YODA: "When 8 billion years old you get, look better you will." [Galan Dracos]
Vir to Londo: "I see Morden had a accident shaving" [dave]
Mr. Edgars to Garibaldi: "Hi Michael, this is Charlie. I've got a new assignment for you and the angels." [Chuck0]
Emperor Cartgia to G'kar: "Ezekial 25:17 -- "The path of the righteous..." [Doug Vader]
Darth Vader to Bester: "Come to the dark side, and together we will rul... uh, never mind you're already there" [Lounge Lizzard]
Ivanova to Sinclair: "Commander, we're picking up a signal from Sector 14. They say they're...Deep Space Nine?" [Zathras]
Zathras during the opening credits: "Zathras year it was." [SLK]
Lennier to Delenn: "Uh Delenn I hate to say this (wink wink) I think your single again." [Neroon]
Garibaldi to Garibaldi: "Christ I'm Screwed." [Neroon]
Bester to Garibaldi: "You think you hate me now...wait till you wake up." [Neroon]
Yueh to Duke Leto er Bester to Garibaldi: "The tooth remember the tooth" [Neroon]
Sisko to Ivanova: "Take back that insult about Deep space franchise!" [AlThor6113]
Lyta to Kosh II: "Not now, I don't have a headache yet." [Kalain]
Ivanova to Zack: "If Michael Garibaldi ever steps one foot on Babylon 5, Give him the comfy chair, and a Tickle Me Elmo doll." [Lounge Lizzard]
Garibaldi to Bester: "Damn! He died without paying me. At least kill him after he pays me, not before." [Lounge Lizzard]
Garabaldi to Edgars: "Okay, I'll trade you Sinclair for two Mickey Mantles and a Ty Cobb" [Lightman2]
G'Kar after "Ship of Tears": "Told you so, didn't I?" [Minerva]
Delenn to the Interogator: "To eliminate Sheridan? Anyway, but he must marry me at first" [irena]
Vir to Londo in The Coming of Shadows: "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny." [gros0466]
G'Kar to Londo (about Vir): "I won't let you corrupt the boy!" [gros0466]
Sheridan to Kosh in "Z'ha'dum": "Jump? Jump? Have yu gone raving mad?" [Matt]
The Shadows to Sheridan on Z'ha'dum: "April Fool!!!" [Matt]
Londo waking up in "Sleeping in Light": "Oh, it was all a dream..." [Matt]
Garabaldi, to the Psi-corps interrogator: "Well, first I was taken to Mars, then I was reprogrammed by Psi-corps, and there was a guy who looked like Harlan Ellison standing over me..." [Shadowknight]
Lorien to Ivanova in "The Long Night": "The 1st 10 million years were the worst, and the 2nd 10m were the worst too. The 3rd 10m weren't too bright.After that I went into a bit of a decline." [Matt]
Kosh to Lyta: "Do you think these earrings really go with this encounter suit?" [Matt]
Kosh II to Lyta: "Does my bum look big in this?" [Matt]
Kosh to Sheridan: "The Fall of Night": "Man, this LSD really lets you FLY" [Matt]
Lennier to Delenn: "I love the wig" [Matt]
Bester to Garibaldi: "Mr.Garibaldi, you were just kidding about that pinjata thing? Right?" [mkonecsni]
Bester to Garabaldi: "So you see, it was all just one big joke, like the hand in the hot water thing! Get it? Huh? Michael- put the gun down..." [Lightman2]
Anna Sheridan in Z'Ha'Dum: "Sheridan to Shadows, three to beam up!" [Matt]
Marcus to JMS: "It's enough! How long do you think I should play a virgin?!" [irena]
Sinclair to Sheridan: "The scar in my face is exactly 90 degree wide." [irena]
Sinclair to Sheridan: "...about the scar in my face? Well, Marcus has had his first lesson with the fighting pike and the warrior caste watched." [irena]
Morden to Lyta: "I'll get you my pretty and your little vorlon too" [mkonecsni]
Cartagia to Londo: "They're coming to take me away away ha ha he he ho ho ha ha(the men in the nice white coats )" [mkonecsni]
Bester to Ivanova: "My name used to be Checkov, but that's before I came over to the dark side and found the pay was better." [mkonecsni]
Bester to Lyta: "Lyta calm down, just get out of my head and we can talk. Can you hear me? AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" [mkonecsni]
Ivanova to Lyta (about Bester): "That must have hurt. Do it again" [mkonecsni]
>Sheridan to that Voice in his Head: "What Earth Gov. doesn't know is, I am a Masocihst I like it!" [Neroon]
Sheridan to White Star Fleet: "We're taking back Proxima 3, we're taking back Mars, then we're taking new episodes of Babylon 5 back to syndication where we can see it!" [Benjamin Elliott (who will not get cable)]
Extra to Sheridan: "But Captain! I know we're fighting Earth, but JMS! That's really dangerous." [Benjamin Elliott]
Bester to JMS: "I adjusted your mind to ensure that you would move Babylon 5 where most of its fans can't see it. There's a mob outside your door. Be seeing you." [Benjamin Elliott]
Garibaldi on BabCom: "Not only am I the Chief of Security for the Balding Club For Men, I'm also a client" [greased lightning]
Tourist parent in Zocalo to child with CS Lewis book: "No,no,no--Narns do not live in Narnia" [j.konecsni]
Cartagio to Vir: "You're funny!!! You'll be the death of me!!" [jkonecsni]
lor=#a80000>Kosh to anyone: "The secret of the universe is peanut butter, but you are not ready for it." [Lounge Lizzard]
Morden to Shadows: "I'm glad we managed to persuade those TV execs. that the 5th season was what we *really* wanted" [Priestess of Kosh]
Zathras to Zathras to Zathras ad infinitum: "Hi, Zathras." "Howzit goin', Zathras." "Hey, Zathras!" etc. [Lightman2]
League of Non-Aligned Worlds to Sheridan: "Why would we want the White Star ships to protect us? The Titanic was a White Star Ship!" [Greased Lightning]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Exactly how much longer are all these Mimbari rituals of yours going to take? I only have twenty years, you know!" [viridian]
Mr. Morden to Bill Gates: "So, Where Do You Want To Go Today?" [chruud]
Londo to Vir: "Ah, Vir! You and loyal and hardworking. It is time I gave you a raise, yes?" [Adira (]
Interrogator to Sheridan: "Confess ! Voyager is better than Babylon 5! Confess!" [irena]
Lennier to Garibaldi: "Once, in the temple we have discussed some mystery sentences, Valen have used to say. For example: AW NUTS!!!" [irena]
Lennier to Sheridan: "Minbari don't lie captain, because Valen told us, this is a very bad bad thing." [irena]
Ivanova to Bester: "If you are Mr. Chekov, then Sinclair is Mr. Spock with amputated ears." [irena]
Sheridan to Kosh: "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck..." [Greased Lightning]
Sheridan to Ivanova: "Commander, go get the can opener. I owe Earth Force a can of Whoop-Ass(tm)!" [Greased Lightning]
Clark's hordes of minions to ISN: "We heil! Heil! Right in the Fuhrers face!" [Greased Lightning]
Ivanova to Sheridan: "I'm concerned about the new Starfury pilot. He eats dog food and keeps cursing the Red Baron." [Greased Lightning]
Sheridan to Franklin: "Don't worry, while your on Mars we'll have your holographic version mind the store." [Greased Lightning]
Shadows to Sheridan: "Hate is Love. War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. Spoo is...Let us get back to you on that." [Greased Lightning]
Medical staff member in commercial on Babcom: "The Doctor I work for recommends Stellar Dynamics prosthetic eyes." [Greased Lightning]
Vikings to the rest of the officer's mess: "(building from a chant to a song) Spoo! Spoo! Spoo! Spoo! Spoo! Spoo! Spoo! Spoo! Wonderful Spoo, Wonderful Spoo!" [Greased Lightning]
Sheridan to Earth Force Fleet at Proxima: "Stand down?! Who do you think you're dealing with, Jean-Luc Picard?!" [Greased Lightning]
Lennier to Delenn after Neroon took her out of ring of fire: "Now THAT was a real bonehead move!" [Es-soh-en]
Baby Plucky to Sheridan: "I wanna push the bu-tton...I wanna push the bu-tton..." [ICA]
Baby Plucky to Sheridan: "Oooh... Planet go boooom..." [ICA]
Delenn (about Sheridan): "Why am I hanging around with this idiot? I deserve better!" [Kate (DDB!) Bolin]
Ivanova and Sheridan: "How many times have you died on Za'ha'dum, captain?" "I've lost count. Damn, I HATE all these reruns..." [Lightman2]
Lorien to Sheridan about Kosh II: "We're gonna turn him into kosherole..." [Dymphna]
Delenn to Sheridan: "Tell me honestly, John, does this dress makes me look fat?" [Lounge Lizzard]
Vir to Londo (After Mordon's death): "I knew that I'll get ahead while working with you, but I didn't think that you meant it quite literally" [Lounge Lizzard]
Vir to Morden: "Ok, I want Babylon 5 in syndication because the station doesn't get Cable and never will!" [Benjamin Elliott]
Morden to Vir: "Look, kid, I can't do everything. If you think the Shadows are mean, try reasoning with TNT. Ok, I'll give you Cable in exchange for your soul." [Benjamin Elliott]
Sheridan to Interrigator: "You can take away our laaannds!'ll never take away ... our FREEEDDOOMMM!" [Benjamin Elliott]
Laurel to Sheridan: "You don't know me, but I used to work here. Apparently my old job is open, and I want it back!" [Benjamin Elliott]
Londo to the next person who makes this joke: "Zooty, zoot zoot this! (throws victim out airlock)" [Benjamin Elliott]
Morden's decapitated head to Vir: "Boo! Okay, I did what you wanted. My turn to ask you for a favor..." [BFE]
Ivanova to anyone: "If I survive this war, I'm taking a short sabbatical...say about 20 years." [BFE]
Interrogator to Sheridan: "What do you want on your tombstone?" [BFE]
Interrogator to Sheridan: "Have you now, or ever been, a member of the Communist Party?" [Chuck0]
Sheridan to Interrogator: "Pepperoni and sausage" [BFE]
Interrogator to Sheridan: "So, captain... exactly how much wood COULD a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Huh? ANSWER ME!!!" [Lightman2]
Lise Edgars to Garibaldi: "How do you prove your in all the way? When I start moaning your name, that's how." [S.McNiel]
John to Delenn: "Fifty?? Find another sucker,honey..." [anonymous]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Oh...darling....if your 48 other rituals are as good as Shall Fan....pleeeaaasee.....when do we start??" [Fiver]
JMS: "typing:"END SCENE:And they all sit on the bridge smiling happily to each other."" [Fiver]
Anyone on B5 to anyone on ST: "Nice pajamas, but why are you not wearing your uniform?" [Lounge Lizzard]
Anyone on ST to anyone on B5: "This is our unifo... uh,never mind." [Lounge Lizzard]
Sheridan to everybody at the beginning of the fifth season: "Say, does anybody know where Ivanova went?" [Lightman2]
Interrogator to Sheridan before he removes his false face: "John, I am your Father!" [Benjamin Elliott]
Garabaldi to almost anyone this year: "Someday you'll understand this. Maybe not today, maybe not tommorow, but soon." [Benjamin Elliott]
Bester to anyone: "MicroSoft is your friend. Trust MicroSoft." [Besterkid]
Bester(a la Barney) to his wife or daughter: "I love you, you love me. We're a happy Psi Corps family." [Besterkid]
Bester to anyone in Star Trek: The Original Series: "ST:'Babylon 5 WON in the TV Guide polls?' Bester:'I TOLD you to switch realities..'" [And Have Trekkers Coming After Me? NO WAY!!]
Writers of 'Freakazoid' to Ivanova (On the set of 'The Light of the Resistance': "Well we thought we could end the broadcast early and show some more Animaniacs reruns." [B Natural]
Sheridan to the Interrogator: "You're such a weenie!!" [B Natural]
Sheridan (in Shadow Dancing, right when the snowglobe hit the floor): "What the hell did you do that for? That was my favorite one! Hi Anna!" [Black Orchid]
Londo to Morden: "What I want is to be a little girl with pigtails!" [DAVE]
Morden to Londo: "It can be done and you do have the hair fo it." [DAVE]
Janeway to anybody: "Up yours!" ["Meester" Morden]
Demi Moore to Garibaldi: "Do i know you from somewhere???" [DAVE]
Bill Gates to Sheridan in the Berzerker probe episode: "640k worth of information should be enough for anyone!" [Just call me Stubby]
Shadows to the universe, sung to "Star-Treking" song: "We come in peace (Shoot to kill, Shoot to kill, Shoot to kill!)" [My name is Mud]
FDR (I think?!?) to Marcus: "Talk softly and carry a big Minbari fighting staff!" [Barney, the purple scurge of humanity]
Dark Helmet of the Vorlon Empire to Kosh Naraneck: "Only one person would dare give us the raspberries! {CLANK!}.... LONE STAR!" [The one, and only... Kosh!]
Morden to the Scarecrow, Tin man and Cowardly Lion: "What do you want? {PAUSE}... A heart... A brain... Some courage!" [Toto]
A horny Sheridan after Delenn has been gone a week: "Damn it Ivanova, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times: NO CLOTHES FOR SENIOR FEMALE OFFICERS IN C&C!!" [Trojan Man(!)]
Picard, trying to get BabCom to function as a replicator: "Earl Grey, hot. And maybe a side of Haspereth too!" [The one-armed man]
Butthead to Beavis: "Damn it Beavis, I'm gonna kick your ass! The Shadows suck, the Vorlons kick ass!" [Butthead]
Beavis to Butthead: "No way, fart-knocker! The Shadows rule! The Vorlons are wussies!" [Beavis]
{Beavis} and Butthead: "That's it, I'm gonna kick your ass! {No way butthole!} Uuhh... {Aahh}... I'm gonna kick your ass! {No way, you suck!} {AAAHHH! I'm dying!} That's cool" [McVicker]
Hank Hill talking to Lyta Alexander: "What's that your listening to? {I don't think you'll like it} Let me here it!... MOTHER OF GOD! IT'S ALL SHADOW SOUNDS!" [Elvis Aaron Presley (REALLY!)]
Forrest Gump explaining the First Ones to the AOL: "Momma said 'First Ones are like a box of chocolate: You never know which one your gonna get, and they make your stomach turn just as much!'" [Larry, Curly and Moe]
Barney to Garibaldi in a dream: "I love you, you love me, Trust the Vorlons constantly!" [Daffy Duck]
Sheridan to Princess Leia after his escape from Mars: "Scruffy looking? Who's scruffy looking, sister?" [Fow-Fow-Feewy]
Ivanova to Sheridan, upon John propositioning her!: "{I'd just as soon kiss a Draazi!} I can arrange that!" [Handi-Man]
Sheridan to White Star crew upon entering Hyperspace: "Faster!! Deeper!! Harder!!" [SSHHAAZZAAMM!!]
Marcus, from beyond the grave, talking to Ivanova about love: "Ditto" [Patrick Swayze]
Vince Scully in the '86 World Series, if Kosh played for Sox: "It's over!! It's over!! The ball went through the Vorlons' leg... Well, whatever it is they have, but Boston wins!" [Jesse Helms (No relation!)]
G'Kar during his first visit to B5: "All this technology, all this advanced science around me, but we can't get those really cool toilets that flush by themselves?!?" [The Tidy Bowl Man]
Sheridan on B5 PA system at the start of S5: "Clark, ISN, the ministry of peace and the shadows are gone. It's time to destroy the worst threat ever: BARNEY" [mkonecsni]
JMS to Robbie the robot: "Here is a warning for you. Take this." [mkonecsni]
Ivanova to Clark's forces: "We now have a supercalifragilisticexpealidosious cannon on loan from treknobabble inc." [mkonecsni]
Sheridan to Ivanova: "In space no one can hear teddy bears scream" [mkonecsni]
Morden in the episode Z'ha'dum: "Heeeeeellllllp meeee!!! I'm frying. ooooohhh what a world what a world." [mkonecsni]
Bester after Marcus knocks him upside his head with his pole: "Name, Chekov. Rank, Admiral" [Phydeux]
Vorlon plant destroyer to Earth: "It's the end of your world as you know it" [BOB]
Old Kosh to New Kosh: "O.k. where`s the music and the babes, it`s time to party!" [Ginger_freak]
Scully to Mulder: "I TOLD you Garabaldi wasn't abducted by aliens..." [Lightman2]
Barney to Sheridan (in a shuttle over the com): "I love you, you love me..." ["Meester" Morden]
Sheridan to Barney: "Up yours! (KABOOM!) " ["Meester" Morden]
Sheridan: "Bungeeeeee!!!!!" [Ginger_freak]
Londo to Meester Morden: "Sorry, I appear to have slipped with the razor!" [Ginger_freak]
Kosh on Sheridan's dive on Z'ha'dum: "He looks good on the approach but he had a little splash on the landing that will cost him he may have to settle on the bronze" [brad essex]
Meryl Streep: "That Vorlon ate my baby!!!" [Ginger_freak]
Anyone on B5: "Nothing ever happens around here!" [Pockets]
Dick Soloman to Ivanova: "I'm the High Commander" [Pockets]
ISN Headline: "Elvis is alive and well and working on B5" [Pockets]
Barney to Sheridan: "I love you you love- AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH" [mkonecsni]
G'Kar to Morden: "The doctor gave me a wonderful eye. I'm sure he can replace you head easily." [O'Brien]
Janeway to Bester: "I tried to get out. You think I like being this emotional?" [mkonecsni]
Borg to shadows: "Resistance is futile...HHHHHHHHEEEELLLLLLPPPP RUN AWAY RUN A..............." [MKONECSNI]
Borg to Ivanova: "Resistance is futile. Rick Berman has been assimilated. We give up" [MKONECSNI]
Garibaldi to Ivanova: "Susan put down the gun and I'll tell you what happened. You see it invloves Bester and- PLEASE put the gun down" [MKONECSNI]
Drakh to Sheridan: "We are peaceful, really. 200 years ago we gave you Barney." [mkonecsni]
Data to Sheridan: "Warning warnig, danger danger John Sheridan" [mkonecsni]
Techomage to Sheridan before they go: "Before we go our leader is dropping by soon. If you find him tell him we went ahead. His name is Gandalf Grey aka Merlin Emerys" [mkonecsni]
Ivanova to Sheridan when Bester came along: "Here comes the man in Black" [Crasher]
Future Delenn to John Sheridan in "War Without End": "Fine, John. Go to Z'Ha'Dum, get yourself killed! See if I care!" [Counselor Delenn]
Laurel Takashima to G'Kar, "Gathering": "Did your crew get my fruit basket?" [Brian Melcher]
William Edgars to Michael Garibaldi, "Face of the Enemy": "You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth!" [Brian Melcher]
Mess hall crowd: "Spoo, glorious spoo, hot flarn served with red fruit..." [cynamin]
Ivanova to anybody: "Get over it." [KenS]
Anyone to Morden: "I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want!" [George Luke]
Anna to Sheridan: "C'mon John, Z'Ha'Dum is a fun place to be!" [Draal]
Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars, 2273: "Stop me if you heard this one... Two Vorlons walk into a bar..." [Bond... James Bond]
John Sheridan to the command staff after freeing Mars: "There's only one thing that can save us now... TNT!!" [Flip Wilson]
Kosh, sung to the tune of the "Space Jam" theme, saving John: "I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky... Spread my wings and fly away..." [Ishkabibble]
Shadow representative in "Into The Fire" as Lorien kisses it: "Frankly, Lorien, I don't give a damn!" [That one was pretty bad...]
Delenn to G'Kar, dunno when: "Yes, they're real!! Your the one with the fake eye you b***ard!!" [Cindy Crawford's Panties]
Sheridan to Interrogator: "I nuked myself, went back to life, and you are asking if I am afraid to die. Never." [Lounge Lizzard]
Sheridan to Sisko: "It's NOT a wormhole, stupid!" [HYPERION ONE]
Vorlons to Shadows: "We want ... a SHRUBBERY!" [anonymous]
Delenn to Kosh when he told her that the Shadows are back: "Ya Ya Ya the Shadows are coming, next you're going to tell me that in a few moments Elvis is going to come in" [SHINING SHADOW]
Monty Python to Sheridan: "Your wife's been to Za'Ha'Dum? So she's BEEN PLACES, has she? Nudge, nudge, know what I mean?" ["Meester" Morden]
The Shadows (Or the Vorlons for that matter): "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!!" [Bear]
Sheridan to Delenn after 25 years: "Why am I still living? Well I tapped a forest and 40 mannas and threw down a stream of life, and I gained 40 more years. (Pretty lame was it?)" [Lounge Lizzard]
Delenn to Sheridan: "Ooompah!" [Shadows]
G'Kar's mother to a ten year old G'Kar: "No you can't have a Centuri Emperor, you'll poke your eye out..." [WASABICHAN!]
Sheridan getting his ass kicked in the bar: "Damn I knew I should have brought a White Star full of nukes!" [erikangel]
Sheriden to Marcus as they loose another White Star: "We wouldn't have had this much trouble if we used Shadow technology." [erikangel]
Tommy Lee Jones to Will Smith during MiB training: "And WHATEVER you do, don't contradict a Shadow..." [Lightman2]
Sheridan after jumping into the pit on Z'Ha'Dum: "Haha, Very funny Kosh. *SPLAT*" [Rhodry]
Kosh 2 to Sheridan: "Did I say we are all Kosh? My mistake - I meant WE ARE DEVO!!!" [Georgio Lucetti]
Franklin to No. 1: "Hey babe, whats a girl like you hanging out in caves like these?" [erikangel]
Londo to a "well done" Mr. Morden: "Ah! It would seem your Associates need to work a bit on their tanning booth technology." [Oracle]
Rick Berman while looking over JMS' shoulder...: "Ah! Space Station...Good!...Bioships...Excellent!...Whoa! Slow up a bit ... I'm trying to get all of this down!" [Oracle]
Sheridan to All: "Space, the final front.. Oh what the heck..... wrong serie..." [kosh]
Season 5 Opening Credits Voice Over: "...and to all those at Paramount looking for a few good ideas, enjoy the show!" [erikangel]
Sheriden's last words on his deathbed: "It sure felt good to kick Star Trek's butt!" [erikangel]
Lyta after breaking Psi12 blocks on Garibaldi: "This Visine just isn't working..." [Stardeo]
Kyle to Stan (South Park): "Oh my god! They killed Susan! Those bastards!" [Stardeo] (editor: huh?)
Rick Berman while looking over Sheridan's shoulder: "aw shit the toilet backed up again" [bryan mcmullon]
Delenn to Sheriden after looking in his closet: "John, what is this frisbee and the neon blue jumpsuit for?" [erikangel]
Lennier to Sheriden: "What do you mean earthmen also have bones?" [erikangel]
John to Delenn: "Gogetmeachickenpotpiewomen!" [erikangel]
G'Kar: "Who kept me up last night by playing marbles with my eye?!" [erikangel]
Kosh to Sheridan: "What is your quest" [Vermifax]
Londo to Morden: "What do I WANT? I want to be... a LUMBERJACK!" [InfoLurker]
Butthead to Minbari: "Heh...heh... B-O-N-E ... heh.. heh. That rules." [Spoo Killer]
Marcus: "I regret that I only have one life to give for my Ivanova" [Chuck0]
Delenn to her hairdresser: "Shave it all off" [LizardQueen]
Garibaldi to Lise Edgars: "Wait! Before I rescue you, did you sign a pre-nup?" [Mr. Happy]
Sheridan to Pres. Luchenko: "Oh, so I have to quit the Earthforce whose butt keeps getting kicked? Where's the door?" [Mr. Happy]
Sheridan to Pres. Luchenko: "You know, I have have a First Officer with your attitude. Are you a closet lesbian also?" [Mr. Happy]
Delenn during the White Star flyover in Rising Star: "I shouldn't of had that chili dog!" [erikangel]
G'Kar to Londo at the end of Rising Star: "I didn't know the 48th Minbari marriage ritual involved slapping the buttocks and calling her susan?!" [erikangel]
Baby Plucky to the audience: "Sheridan go down the holllllllllllle!" [Hazel-rah]
Lennier after "The Wedding": "Well at least I get another chance in about twenty years!" [erikangel]
Priest to Delenn: "Do you take this man as your husband, for richer or poorer, in sickness or health, give or take 20 years?" [erikangel]
Lyta after telepathing: "Great! Now my eyes look like to big black olives again!" [O'Brien]
Garabaldi: "Hey, Bester, how about a brewski after this is over?" [James A. Wolf]
Emperor Palpatine to Rick Berman: "Now you will pay the price for your lack of vision" [Dave Shed]
anyone to the first ones: "Tubby bye-bye!" [Dave Shed]
Narn Commander to Narns in "Severed Dreams": "They had GUNS! Why didn't we think of that!?" [Snarf]
Emperor Cartagia to G'Kar: "I feel generous. I will free you and all of Narn if you sing the Kit-Kat song." [Snarf]
G'kar: Actually sings the Kit-Kat song for Cartagia. [Snarf]
Adira To Londo: "Oh it's gone all floppy, don't worry I've got some gel in my bag." [Marcus-C]
Sheridan To Garibaldi in The Fall of Night: "The Vorlon's looked like Daffy Duck??? You been drinking again???"
Garibaldi to Londo: "I'm warning you now for your own good. You keep using that much gel and look what happens (pointing to head.)" [Marcus-C]
Londo to Vir: "I`m having a really bad hair day!" [Ivanova jr.]
Ivanova to Sheridan: "You`re not god. I AM !!" [Ivanova jr.]
Garibaldi to anyone: "Me and Lise just bought the station!" [erikangel]
Garibaldi with lollipop (Kojak): "Who luvs ya baby?!" [erikangel]
"Mom" Sheriden to "Johnny": "And tell me, if all your freinds jumped off a cliff, would you too?!" [erikangel]
Kosh to Sheridan: "If you go to Z'Ha'Dum ... don't forget to take a parachute!" [Chuck0]
Lennier to Delenn: "Why don't you get it yourself !!" [Fiver]
Sheridan to Bester: "Yes, she was one of the telepaths I used, and Garibaldi and a team of Rangers just took out your snipers. How 'bout *that*, Chekov?" [Snarf]
Zathras: "Oy vay!" [Snarf]
Delenn to Londo: "Now that I have hair, can you recommend a good stylist?" [Snarf]
Garibaldi to Lennier before leaving the men's room: "Your gun port's open." [Snarf]
Vir to his uncle: "Listen, pal, I'm at the right hand of the Emperor! Care to make that 'never amount to anything' crack now!?" [Snarf]
Overheard at Ivanova's Temple of Worship: "Bring on Marcus, the virgin sacrifice to the Great God Ivanova!" [Alocer]
Number one to Franklin in about 9 months: "Steven, theres someone I'd like you to meet!" [erikangel]
Sheriden to IRS: "So with her from another planet, how does this work, do we file jointly or seperately?" [erikangel]
ISN reporter to puplic re:Clark: "It seems that president Clark was obsessed by a late 20th century computer game called: "Scorched Earth"" [Spoo Killer]
Marcus from inside his coffin in Rising Star: "HELP! I can't get out of this box! It's dark in here! HELP!" [Spoo Killer]
Sisko to Sheridan: "What's that new thing I keep hearing about? A plot?" [Deathknight]
Anybody to Morden: "A double burger, fries and a root beer" [Babylonian]
Garibaldi to Delenn: "Do you think that chrysalis thingie would work for me?" [Snarf]
One of Cartagia's advisors: "Did I say the alliance was ill-advised? I guess I just lost my head." [Snarf]
Narn military recruiting poster: "Join the Army and see a Centauri prison camp" [Snarf]
Centauri military recruiting poster: "Join the Army and be afraid of your own Shadows!" [Snarf]
A grumpy Lennier to Sheridan: "Buzz off human, I got business with Queen Sheba!" [erikangel]
Next poor slob to go out with Ivanova: "All she ever talks about is Marcus this, and Marcus that, Marcus, Marcus, Marcus..." [erikangel]
Edgars to Garibaldi, "Exercise of Vital Powers": "Why... of *course* we'll keep Sheridan safe! Yeah! And we'll throw him a nice party , too! (to himself) Heh, heh, heh. What a maroon." [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
Sheriden, 20 years plus 1 day: "Well I guess Lorien was wro.....(thud)" [erikangel]
Eliza (from My Fair Lady) to Mr. Morden: "All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air..." ["Meester" Morden]
Ivanova to Garabaldi: "I bet Bill Gates is a Shadow ally just look what happened when we installed Windows 95 on White Star 1" [Marcus Carter]
Sinclair to Delenn: "Babylon 1 thru 3 had win 3.1 and exploded, babylon 4 had win NT and disappeared shortly after it came on line. Babylon 5 has windows 95 so we're safe!" [Marcus-C]
Catherine to Sinclair: "Love me if you love me." [Zathras]
Sheridan to the Vorlons and the Shadows: "Why are we here? Because we're here. Roll the bones." [Zathras]
Lorien to Sheridan: "You wish to know who I am? I am the Tick-Tock Man!" [Zathras]
Sheridan: "Vorlons are like tech support, always cryptic answers that never help out the current situation!" [erikangel]
HAL 9000: "We are all Kosh!" [erikangel]
Marcus halfway through saving Ivanova: "Oh, screw this!" [erikangel]
Franklin to G'Kar in MedLab: "Why'd you glue your eye to the toe of your boot!" [erikangel]
Edgars to Garibaldi, "The Face of the Enemy": "The truth? You can't HANDLE the truth! No truth-handler, you! Bah, I *deride* your truth-handling ability!" [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
Garibaldi in the transport tube, "The Face of the Enemy": "Gee! Don't *I* feel stupid!" [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
Delenn to Sheridan: "John? What does it mean when the little stick turns blue?" [Zarah]
Anyone: "Three words: Minbari Keg Party" [Airboy]
Sheridan: "OK. Who turned off the rotating section?" [Airboy]
Sheridan: "OK. Who made the rotating section go faster?" [Airboy]
Zathras to Draal after activating the Great Machine: "Zathras receive bill from Edison. Great darkness coming!" [Snarf]
Vir to Lyndisty: "Are you out of your freakinng MIND, woman?" [Snarf]
Wile E. Coyote to Sheridan at Z'ha'dum: "Watch out for that last step, and don't forget the ACME trampoline at the bottom" [Snarf]
Sheridan to Anna in "Shadow Dancing": "Trust me honey , this isn't what it looks like, you see she just likes to watch, really nothing happened" [a very lonely vorlon]
Sheridan: "oh sh*t ! that wasn't the 'beam me up' button , that was the 'ram the planet and nuke everyone' button" [a very lonely vorlon]
Garibaldi to Ivanova: "So Susan did you and Talia really, you know ? Was she good?" [a very lonely vorlon]
Ericcson to Sheridan (The Long Night): "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few ? I much prefer the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many, no really." [a very lonely vorlon]
Ericcson to Sheridan (The Long Night): "now wait just a damned minute , that was *not* in my contract" [a very lonely vorlon]
Sheridan on the White Star bridge "Into The Fire": "I really miss my old chair" [a very lonely vorlon]
Kosh I or II to anyone: "Well its a long story...better sit down. Ok this is what happened" [Neroon]
Garibaldi in BtLaD: "I'm telling you, Bester is... Kaiser Zolsag!" [Lord Vetinari]
Vir to Morden's head in ItF: "I didn't really mean it, it was just my way of saying i love you :(" [Lord Vetinari]
Kosh2 to Lyta: "You want the truth you can't HANDLE the truth!" [Lord Vetinari]
Lyta in fight scene of FTA: "All i ever wanted was for him to say he loved me..." [Lord Vetinari]
Anna to Sheridan at end of Zhadum: "John Stop... in the name of love... before you break my heart..." [Lord Vetinari]
Morden (or anyone really) to Kosh Classic: "It's the Koshman, lord Kosh- o- rama, the Koshmeister, da vorlon of da house, weird telphone booth guy..." [Lord Vetinari]
Ivanova to White Star Fleet BtLaD: "We got half a tank of hydrogen, five hundred parsecs to mars, ship explosions are lighting up the sky, and were wearing sun glasses. Hit it." [Lord Vetinari]
Sheridan to anyone: "God damnit, whenever i see Lorien or Morden or Kosh- angel, you always have the same face. Why are you guys smiling all the time!!!" [Lord Vetinari]
Virtual Garibaldi to that guy of last ep of season 4: "Also I installed windows 95 into your Holoroom" [Lounge Lizzard]
Anybody on B5: "Can't somebody stop this damn visions?" [Silberstürmer]
Lorien to Sheridan five years from now: "Oh, did you think I meant 20 *Earth* years?" [Snarf]
"Vorlon tavutna chog!" translated: "The Vorlons? I've been looking for those SOB's for 5 million years! They owe me money!" [Snarf]
Captain of Raider Vessel destroyed in "Signs and Portents": "Damn! They really weren't kidding when they said they were tightening security in this sector!" [Snarf]
Doctor to Sheridan regarding Garibaldi: "Captain, I'm a doctor not an exorcist!" [Spamicus]
Franklin at Marcus' funeral: "He wasn't much of a singer, but as husbands go..." [Lightman2]
Kosh Classic after downing a gallon of espresso: "I AM KOSHHOLIO! Heh! Heh! I NEED T.P. FOR MY BUNGHOLE!" [WASABICHAN]
Season Five opening lines: "It was the year of fire. The year of destruction. The year we had to start looking for new jobs..." [WASABICHAN]
Londo to Morden in "Interludes and Examinations": "This corridor turned dark and evil all of a sudden. Aahh, Mr. Morden, my good and dear friend, I figured you would be showing up soon." [Zathras]
Rebo and Zooty after last minute casting change: "Huh, huh Ivonva kicks ass" "Heh, heh, yeah cool!" [erikangel]
Sheridan to Delenn in Shadow Dancing: "Can you get TNT on this thing?" [a very lonely vorlon]
Emperor Tuhran and Kosh in "The Coming of Shadows": "How will it all end ?" , "On ....... TNT" [a very lonely vorlon]
Valen to Wife: "I'm tired of this Prophet job. I'm going back to New York so I can booze it up & sell hair care products." [Mr. Happy]
Sinclair to Rathenn in "To Dream in the City of Sorrows": "An Apple II E, eh? This HAD to have been Valen's." [Zathras]
Sinclair in "To Dream in the City of Sorrows": "So Valen had a lot of books about himself and the Rangers, eh? Interestingly enough, they were all written in the last ten years." [Zathras]
Lyta to Mars Resistance, "Between the Darkness...": "Any of you mutha-f______ move, and I'll execute every muthaf______ one of you!!!" [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
Lyta to Zack: "...and then Kosh2 said I had to buy my clothes from OshKosh B'gosh" [Priestess of Kosh]
Future Ranger (reviewing 'Voyager'): "Imagine, my ancestors thought humans would evolve into slugs! HAHA" [Priestess of Kosh]
Delenn to G'Kar: "How do you like your new BLACK eye?" [Priestess of Kosh]
Marcus in his memoirs: "Then Susan died, but this new chick Lockley shows up...." [erikangel]
Ivanova to Franklin: "And I really did want this one to..." [Szuzanna]
Sebastian to anyone landing on the Vorlon homeworld: "Thank goodness you're here, I need a job!" [erikangel]
Delenn, after the change: "Advanced Hair? Yeah-yeah!" [Adramalech]
Monks after the Great Burn: "And when the great Marcus cast himself into the valley of Ivanova..." [Lightman2]
The WB Babylon 5 animated movie to the world: "One is a prisoner, the others insane, they're Cartagia, Cartagia and the Narn Narn Narn! [Thorondor]
Commercial on Mars after liberation: "Now you can get a real Ivanova Menu from McMarcus! For a mere 20 Cred you get a big glas of Vodka and a Big Cheese with that divine touch!" [Thorondor]
Vorlons: "It looks like the Labor Department found a job for the Shadows on Starship Troopers. We could have done better." [Coker Coler]
Sheridan to the interrogator in "Intersections in Real Time": "Well, I've already met Jack the Ripper, so, let me guess. . .you're Jeffrey Dahmer?" [Schririgalysa]
Sheridan to Interrogator: "I'll never turn to the Dark Side!" [Priestess of Kosh]
Lennier: "TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!" []
Sheridan to Delenn: "Just what the heck as Mr. Garibaldi been telling you?" [S. McNiel]
Delenn to Sheridan: "A Dick Nixon mask and the bag of cocktail weenies. Any suggestions?" [S. McNiel]
Delenn to Sheridan: "But I have been having problems finding a small rubber pool, a gallon of vegetable oil, a viking helmet, a bag of marshmallows, some chocolate syrup" [S. McNiel]
Delenn to Sheridan: "John, now that we have experienced intimacy by Minbari standards, I thought we could try something more human so I got this book called the Kamasutra." [S. McNiel]
Sheridan to Janeway: "Our cannons are 20 megawatts. Your phasers are 2.1 megawatts. Any questions?" ["Meester" Morden]
Bester to Viewers of ISN: "(Holds up an egg) This is your brain. (cracks it and puts it in a frying pan) This is your brain on Voyager. Any questions?" ["Meester" Morden]
Sheridan to anybody on Jan. 4: "Pass me another beer and -- What time is it? Oh crap, we're on, guys!" [Lightman2]
Shadow recruitment poster (Morden pointing like Uncle Sam): "What do YOU want?" [The Kit's Meow]
Daniel to holo-Sheridan, "Deconstruction...": "Morgan William Clark was one of the great heroes of history! And I'm not just saying that because he was my several-greats-grandfather." [Anthony "Slug of Doom" Lawless]
Marcus to Ivanova: "Oops, hooked the machine up wrong. We both die." [ran-chan]
Vorlon PlanetKiller to Centauri Prime: "Greetings. We are the Vorlon Construction Fleet. Your planet will be demolished so tha we may build a hyperspace bypass. Have a nice day!" [TechnoMage]
Kosh to Sheridan: "(beep)(click)The Ultimate Answer to Life, Universe, and Everything Is (bleep)(thump) 42." [TechnoMage]
Lorien to Sheridan: "Hmmm... That Q is onto something. Would you bear my children?" [TechnoMage]
Vorlons to Lorien: "Daddy, daddy! The Shadows are trying to create chaos again! Make 'em stop!" [TechnoMage]
Shadows to Kosh, before they kill him: "You've gone against the family, Koshenzo. Nobody goes against the family! Now you'll swim with the fishes!" [TechnoMage]
Sheridan to CandC: "Okay, who forgot to pay the cable bill?!?!!?" [selenalynne]
Ivanova, racing mars: "Okay, if i can't get cable, that's it, i'm outta here!!!!" [selenalynne]
Ivanova to Garabaldi, WWEpt1: "Yeah, how about a 5th season contract?" [selenalynne]
Minbari Warrior Caste, "In The Beginning": "We don't know why the humans shot at us, we simply opened the gunports and mooned them as a sign of strength and respect!?!" [erikangel]
Delenn, "In The Beginning": "No mercy! Show them Voyager episodes! No mercy!" [erikangel]
Mrs. Bester after talking with Lyta: "You wanted her body? You've got a lot of explaining to do, Alfred!" [Snarf]
Lorien to Vorlons and Shadows: "Just wait 'till we get home! You boys are grounded for sure!" [Snarf]
Garibaldi to Sheridan before Sheridan gets in the bar fight: "Really, were you expecting I'd give you a Clark bar or something?" [Snarf]
Sheridan to Delenn on their wedding night: "Why were you calling out Lennier's name?" [Snarf]
The LAST thing you want to say if dating a Drazi: "That's not your color." [Snarf]
Sheridan to new group of Ranger Recruits: "Thirty years from now, when your grandson asks you 'What did you do in the Shadow War,' you won't have to say, "Well, I shoveled shit in Louisiana" [Snarf]
Sheridan to new group of Ranger recruits: "We're gonna grab the Shadows by the nose, and we're gonna kick'em in the ass! We'll kick'em HARD, and we'll go through 'em like crap through a goose!" [Snarf]
Ivanova to G'kar: "Have you seen past your chin today?" [tika]
Kosh the mysterious one: "Dis week, I ayre bin mostly eatin' SPOO!!" [Cpl C.W.St.J. Nobbs, Earl of Ankh]
Garibaldi to Sheriden after Kosh 1 dies: "Seems he was running Apples OS, but when he switch to Windows, the program glitched and blew him up!" [One bad apple...]
Emperor Londo "In the Beginning": "Hey Great Maker! I thought we had a deal about the whole "No Kids" thing!" [Oracle]
Shadows to Vorlons: "Hey, why do we always have to play the bad guys, not fair!" [Lounge Lizzard]
Ivanova to any Psi Cop: "My name is Susan Ivanova. You killed my mother. Prepare to die" [Thorondor]
Sheridan to Mr. Morden: "What do I want? A fifth season of B5." ["Meester" Morden]
Kosh at any council meeting: "Sorry I'm late!" [erikangel]
Sheridan to Garibaldi: "Et tu, Brute?" [Chuck0]
Garibaldi to Sheridan: "...and when I catch up to Bester he'll be wery sorry he wessed with me heh, heh" [Priestess of Kosh]
Ivanova to Sheridan: "You may be remembered as 'Blessed Sheridan' but I'll be remembered as 'God'!" [Priestess of Kosh]
Sinclair to Franklin on Believers: "I'm sorry, Doctor, I cannot allow you to operate on that child. The Prime Directive forbids it." [Zathras]
Sinclair to Knight in "And the Sky Full of Stars": "How come they didn't send Wayne Alexander? I thought that there couldn't be an interrogation around here without his presence somewhere." [Zathras]
A Vorlon to a Human 1 million years from now: "Hey, nice outfit!" [BASILICAN!]
Marcus to anyone: "Oh great, now that I'm dead she wants to sleep with me..." [BASILICAN!]
Londo's last words: "Zooty, zoot-zoot?!! -gasp- Oh! -cough- NOW I GET IT HAHA-gurgle-gasp-Ha! Thud" [WASABICHAN]
Delenn meeting Kosh in "In The Beginnning": "Are you a Vorlon?" "No, I'm the f---ing Tooth Fairy! OF COURSE I'M A VORLON!!!" [WASABICHAN!]
Sheridan while fleeing the Shadows on Z'Ha'Dum: Where's Buffy the Vampire Slayer when you need her!" [WASABICHAN!]
Garibaldi any time during season 1: "STOP!" Blam! Blam! Thud. "Or I'll shoot!" [WASABICHAN!]
Vorlons concerning the Shadows: "They are the embodiment of evil, Sailor Moon was their idea!" [WASABICHAN]
Shadows concerning the Vorlons: "They are the embodiment of evil, Voyager was their idea!" [WASABICHAN]
Sheridan to Lochley in "No Compromises": "I chose you for your character, your ability to handle dangerous situations without violence, and for that darn cute underwear you are wearing." [The Great Maker]
Shadows: "We are all Bill Gates" [Snarf]
Lennon to the Grey Council, "In the Beginning": "We are very few these days--only four of us remain to watch for the coming of the Shadows: myself, Paul, George, and Ringo" [Snarf]
Kosh, after viewing a video of Elvis Presley in Vegas: "Our 20th-century experiments with encounter suits on Earth appear to have worked--look how that audience responded to our test subject!" [Snarf]
Shadows: "Well, it looks like the Vorlons found a better job than we did. They got a part in Earth: Final Conflict." [Coker Coler]
Anyone on B5 to anyone anywhere: "This is just great! Four years of hard work and look what we end up with - Cap'n Janeway!" [The Great Maker]
Kosh to Morden: "You feeling lucky today? Well are you, punk?" [erikangel]
Morden to Kosh: "Go ahead, make my day!" [erikangel]
Kosh as his encounter suit moves, stops, moves, stops, etc.: "(gears grinding) Damn! (gears grinding) Stupid transmission! (gears grinding) Organic technology my a**! (gears grinding)" [erikangel]
Londo to Morden: "All I want is an all-beef-patty-special-sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickled-onion-onna-sesame-seed-bun!" [Priestess of Kosh]
Morden to Londo (sighs): "Do you want fries with that?" [Priestess of Kosh]
Ivanova to Janeway: "(loads PPG) (vvvvvvt! BLAM!)" ["Meester" Morden]
Lockley to Corwin: "Corwin whats so special about Ivanova? I say her name and people bow their heads. Corwin, get off your knees please, she's not god you know!" [erikangel]
Delenn to Sheridan: "John, why are you gorging down that huge sandwich? Didn't I just tell you that we're going to have diner with the Minbari delegation?" [Tebasile]
Londo at a council meeting: "Hello, my name is Ambassador Londo Mollari, and I'm an alcoholic..." [Snarf]
Any Hell's Angel to any Gaim: "Cool helmet, dude!" [Snarf]
Londo's mother catching Londo cheating at solitaire: "Quit playing with yourself!" [Snarf]
The court jester just before Cartagia has him killed: "This is the last time I work for a temp agency!" [Snarf]
Ericsson's last words (The Long Night): "It could have been worse--at least I'm not stuck in the Delta Quadrant with the Voyager crew!" [Snarf]
Old Delenn to historians, "Deconstruction of Falling Stars": "Oh, piss off! You don't know what the Hell you're talking about!" [Snarf]
Sheridan to Lorien: "Yes, I have something worth living for. I need to get back so I can wash my socks!" [Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
The nurse, after ripping open Londos shirt in TVLNoLM: "So that's why Vir calls him shorty!" [erikangel]
Talia Winters to Jason Ironheart: "Run, Forrest, Run!" [Galina K]
Cartagia to G'Kar: "How many LIGHTS do you see?" [Galina K]
Londo, to Santa: "There are some questions, Meester Claus, we do not ask. That is one of them." [The Kit's Meow]
Lochley to Garibaldi: "You have no authority on this station to start rumors that I'll be changing the station's name to Estrogen 5!" [The SpooMaster]
Sinclair's note to Sheridan (As Sh. takes over B5): "John! Delenn in cocoon, Garibaldi in medlab, lunch in the fridge.Be back in 1000000 years. Jeff." [Galina K]
Garibaldi to the new Bab5 captain: "Well, capt'n - I thought over what you said about re-enlisting..And decided to take a job of janitor.. So I guess I will see you around, eh, CAPTAIN ?" [Galina K]
Garibaldi to Lochley: "Ho my god!!! Is that the new Chief of Security, MR. BEAN?" [Coker Coler]
Delenn to Sheridan: "The Shadows are evil incarnate responsible for millions of dispicable deeds. Like the M25, The Osmonds, Traffic Cones and POP TARTS!!!" [Marcus Carter]
Ivanova to Mr Bester: "Go and ask that Vorlon what he wants for lunch" [TK421]
Tourist to B5 maintenance crewman, after meeting Kosh: "Excuse me, sir, can you help me? I can't get this vending machine to work!" [Snarf]
Lt. Corwin to Brother Theo and the monks: "Why are you going to all that trouble? Just talk to Ivanova--she's God, she can tell you what the aliens believe." [Snarf]
Starfury pilot and TIE Fighter pilot discussing their ships: "Do you have any idea how to land these things?" "Your guess is as good as mine, pal!" [Snarf]
Ivanova to Delenn: "I think I loved Talia. It was the way she ate my pussy." [TK421]
BABCOM TV: PBS Channel 10001.22: "Tonight on Cadfael - Lennier, of the Minbari, as Brother Cadfael..." [Coker Coler]
Kosh to Sheridan (at Z'ha'dum): "Use the Force!" [Galina K]
Anna to Elizabeth Sheridan in her letter: "I'm really excited to be on the Minnow. I've heard that it's only to be a three-hour tour..." [Zathras]
Sheridan in Z'Ha'Dum: "Yippie kay yay motherf____er" [No one]
Anybody to morden: "I want the politiics of babylon 5 from chuck0" [Silbersturmer]
Chuck0 to Silbersturmer: "We are working on the politics page, but progress has been like a three-edged sword: there's inspiration, perspiration, and spending an hour each night watching B5 reruns." [Chuck0]
Kosh to Sheridan: When Kosh 1 Dies: "Johnny Johnny... JOHNNY . Wake up! Wake up! You still sleep all day. You stupid Kid! Can't you see that I'm getting killed here. Wake up now!!!" [Coker Coler]
ISN News: Today on this date 1998: "U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno at a news conference announces a lawsuit against Jesus and Satan for having a monopoly." [Coker Coler]
Loren to Sheridan: "You know who I can't get to surrender to Tock? Madeleine Albright! That stubborn old cow. She's been at that post for over 100+ years." [Coker Coler]
ISN TV host: "Tonight on Goth Talk, we'll be talking to Elric the Technomage, Ambassador Kosh of the Vorlon Empire, and an up and coming kid named Morden" [Chuck0]
G'Kar to no-one in particular: "Artificial arm in *Fugitive*, artificial ears in *Star Trek*, now the artificial eye...What's next?" [Galina K]
Kosh to James T. Kirk (at Yosemite): "Jump. NOW! then, to Spock: "Staaaay."" [Galina K]
Jerry Springer to Sheridan: "Now, John, Delenn has a secret to tell you..." [Galina K]
Mr. Morden to Spice Girls: "You really really want to zig-ah-zig-ah? Wait a minute. You're not sentient, are you?" ["Meester" Morden]
Keffer to Shadow Vessel in hyperspace: "SUNDAY DRIVER!!!" [erikangel]
Shadow Vessel thinking to itself after hitting a starfury: "Damn it, now I'm gonna have to clean the windshield again!" [erikangel]
Lyta to Byron: "Since Marcus died, I've had no body to talk to about hair care. Have you seen some of the cuts around here!?!" [erikangel]
Sheriden to Drazi ambasador: "Don't make me open up my can of whup ass!" [erikangel]
Vir to Na'Toth: "You busy Saturday night?" [Snarf]
BABCOM, RonCo ad: "Just in time for Christmas: the Delenn ChiaPet! Not sold in any store! Only $19.95 plus S/H" [Snarf]
N'Grath after an unfortunate mistake in environment control: "Oh, no! RAID!!! BOOM!!!" [Snarf]
Marcus to Franklin, "Racing Mars": "What?! You replaced my pike with a can of flying snakes?" [Snarf]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Three is sacred on Minbar, eh? Fine, tell Lennier he can stay, we'll give it a try." [Galina K]
Sheridan to the War Council: "Windows NT 4.0... My God, pleople , we FINALLY have a WEAPON!" [Galina K]
Ericsson to Sheridan in "The Long Night": "We've analysed the Shadows' planet killer weapon 1000s of British teenage Au-Pairs , my God !" [a very lonely Vorlon]
Zathras to Ivanova: "We are all Zathras..." [G`Thor]
Ivanova to Sheridan: "Ivanova to Sherdian, we've got a ship called the "U.S.S. Voyager" requesting permission to dock." [Shadowknight]
Ivonava to Sheridan: "This is Ivanova again, the Vorlons just blew Voyager out of the sky" [Shadowknight]
Sheridan to Ivanova: "Good, I asked Kosh to have them destr- uh, you didn't hear that." [Shadowknight]
Any 'History Purification' Panelist, seeing Geriatric Delenn (in "Deconstruction of Falling Stars"): "Boy! I thought 'Grey Council' was just an ancient figure of speech!" [Xpltvdeltd]
Fans of B5 & residents of B5 universe to Mister Morde: "We want you to blow up a ship in the Gamma Quadrant called "Voyager." ["Meester" Morden]
Mac to Bo: "I Think I'm in Love" "She's Married" "So I'll just hafta kill him" [Neroon]
Zathras while looking at Bester's dead body: "Zathras warned, don't piss off Ivanova, but no no one listens to poor Zathras!" [The shadow of Z'ha'dum]
Sheridan in a speech after he returned from Za'ha'dum: "Staying alive, Staying aliva, Ha Ha Ha Ha Staying aliva Ha" [shining shadow]
Bester to Garibaldi (when *reprogramming* him): "Share your pain. And gain STRENGTH from sharing." [Galina K]
Mack to Bo in A View from the Gallery: "Well, you see, Kosh left a LOT of slime on the floor, and we are ALWAYS the ones that have to clean up this great mess." [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
From BabCom Advertisement: "Are you tired of non-responsive porn vids? Well then, download ActiveSex from Microsoft and see what you've been missing. Use with IE747(Build 82725)" [Coker Coler]
John to Delenn: "Yes, I can explain wet socks in the bathroom. Can you explain Lennier's underwear under your pillow?" [Galina K]
: "No, I will not ask you whose side you are on. But DO surprise me in a critical moment!" [] (Who) Sheridan to the new captain: (Name) Galina K
A non-loyal follower of Ivanova to Ivanova: "You know, when he says, 'Oh, God, oh, God!!' he isn't talking to YOU." [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Kosh to Ranger in Coming of Shadows: "Where is MY message from Sinclair!" [erikangel]
Kosh to old Centauri Emperor: "It will end... when JMS can no longer get enough funding." ["Meester" Morden]
Lochley, about Garibaldi: "I just never thought I'd never meet a second man as strong willed, stubborn, and annoying as I am. I think I'm in love." [The SpooMaster]
Kosh: "I am holding a massive jamboree tonight to celebrate the new SI Swimsuit Edition. Bring yummy food." [John]
Dying Kosh to Sheridan: "Don't ... let ... it ... end .... like ... this !.." [Galina K]
Kosh to The Centauri Emperor: "How the hell should I know?" [Kosh]
Lyta to Byron/ Garibaldi to Bester/Garibaldi to Lyta: "Can You Read My Mind? Do you know the things I'm thinking of?" [Purple]
Sheridan to Lochley: "I'm sorry, but at Delenn's request I must remove you from your post as station commander. However, as president, I do require an intern..." [WASABICHAN!]
Sheridan to Garibaldi during any gun-fight: "*Cough* ahem...that's not my gun..." [Armitage]
Shadow vessel to Starfury: "We've decided that destroying your wussy lil' ships is boring. On the other hand, it's fun as hell to watch em twirl before they blow up! *ZHHHIIICHK*" [Armitage]
Bo to Mac (Concerning Bo's Device That Does Not Clean Floors: "I've got it! It gives extras in the background something to do instead of just sitting there!" [Lightman2]
Garibaldi to Morden: "I want you to kill the Spice Girls, Barney, and Tickle Me Elmo!" ["Meester" Morden]
Morden to Garibaldi: "Whoa, now THERE's a set of evils that not even *I* want to contend with!" ["Meester"] Morden
Londo Molari to Marge Simpson: "Showoff!" [Tarani Wildfyre]
G'Kar singing in the Zocalo: "Don't it make my red eyes, don't it make my red eyes, don't it make my red eyes bluuuuee..." [Tarani Wildfyre]
Lise to Garibaldi: "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just-HEY that really IS a gun in your pocket!" [WASABICHAN!]
Sheridan (If played by Patrick Stewart), to all: "And if you see any of our people cast on Voyager - kill them. Trust me - you will be doing them a favor." [Galina K]
Morden to Londo: "You say your doll is bad - the 'Morden' doll comes with a detachable head!" [Priestess of Kosh]
Delenn to Lochley: "It's not about revenge, it's about terror. We are gonna sneak up on that SOB in the dark and yell "BOO!" [Galina K]
Lochley to Garibaldi: "Well, I was on your side, before you turned Sheridan in!" [Galina K]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Actually, there is more to the story of wet socks in the bathroom, but you are not supposed to find out until end of season 6." [Galina K]
Kosh to Centari Emporer about how it will end: "Like the filming of a poorly concieved Michael Jackson Pepsi ad." [erikangel]
Byron upon being captured by the bloodhounds: "Watch the hair! Watch the hair!" [erikangel]
somebody to Sheridan: "And now, young Starkiller, witness the power of this fully operational White Star" [coyotepuck]
John to Delenn (explaining about Lochley): "She was my father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. Do you understand what it means ? Delenn (weeps) why did not you tell me sooner?" [Galina K]
Sheridan to G'Kar: "G'Kar, for the hundredth time, there is no secret WAR COUNCIL!!! We just get together every Friday night to watch Voyager re-runs." [Galina K]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Wet socks in the bathroom! Delenn, you are a genius! That's a plot right there!" [Galina K]
Poster on the Narn Homeworld: "Match your talents - join the Narn Assassins Guild!" [The Great Maker]
Sheridan to Byron: "So you want revenge on the Vorlons? Well head out beyond the galactic rim. End of that problem. Now how do we convince all the other teeps to join him" [Broken Angel]
EA President, Before The Battle of The Line, getting into a Star Fury: "Today we celebrate our Independence Day!" [TechnoMage]
New telepath to Garibaldi: "Tell me that it matters to you that I contain my enthusiasm." [Galina K.]
Veruca Salt to Morden: "I want a ball... I want a party..." [Le Grand Biftec]
Franklin to Sheridan, in "Knives": "Uh - huh. And did the alien attack you BEFORE or AFTER he blinked the two sets of eyelids?" [Galina K]
Kosh to Sheridan at Zahadum: "Forget the parachute! The SHWARTZ is inside you !!!" [Galina K]
Mac & Bo & Mr. Morden: "What do you want?" "What's this floor thingy do?" "Oooo, can't help you there!" [erikangel]
Pak'ma'ra Bo to Pak'ma'ra Mac: "Taste like dead chicken!" [erikangel]
Historians to ISN: "That was the problem with President Clark, he didn't have any interns... Or Reno and AlbrSheridan to Londo & Mordenight" [Coker Coler]
Sheridan to Londo & Morden: "You think your dolls are bad? My doll drools and snores!" [Galina K]
Marcus: "Babylon5, my last best hope for SEX" [Shining Shadow]
Lorian while seeing Sheridan falling: "Oh my God, somebody call 911" [Shining shadow]
G'Kar to Franklin: "Dr, can you extend the range of my eye? I wanted to make sure Delenn and Sheridan were happy while I'm away" [SpooRancher]
Marcus to Ivanova: "And you thought my pike looked good" [SpooRancher]
Commercial for a B5 episode: "Next time on babylon 5: The main computer of Babylon 5 is stolen and it's up to Lochley and King Arthur to find it!" [Galina K]
Sheridan to vorlorns, explaining Kosh's death: "Shaka !!! When the walls fell." [Galina K.]
Kosh, annoyed that Sheridan does not understand him: "Zina! His face black, his eyes red!" [Galina K.]
Sheridan to Kosh: "You wanna take this outside? Wanna step outside? I AM TALKING TO YOU !!!" [Galina K]
Sheridan to Garibaldi: "Yeah, I know you have to install new security cameras. But in our quarters?" [SpooRancher]
Morden to Vir or Sheridan: "You know, I always wanted a suntan" [SpooRancher]
Londo to Vir/Vir to Londo: "Vir, you missed Rebo and Zooty!" "Sorry Londo, my aim isn't what it used to be..." [WASABICHAN!]
Lennier to Mr. Morden in The Day of the Dead: "Mr. Morden, did you say Shadows offer a better dental plan? Where do I sign?" [The Great Maker]
G'Kar to other Narns after they ask him "what he has endured": "(singing) Noboody knows the trouble I've seen - noboooody but Jesus..." [Galina K]
Kosh to Jack the Ripper: "Your penance is only beginning... Now you have to watch each episode of ST :Voyager, TWICE!!!" [Galina K]
Sheridan: "I'm not only the InterStellar Alliance President, I'm also a client." [Le Grand Biftec]
Lennier to Marcus and Ivanova: "You know, on Minbar, three is sacred." [Le Grand Biftec]
Delenn to Sheridan: "I told you to put the seat down when you finish!!!" [Paige Bagwell]
Delenn to Sheridan: "Damnit John, I told you to put the seat down when you got finished!" [Garibaldi]
Lennier to Morden: "I want you to kill Sheridan" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Morden to Lennier: "Already done" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Lennier to Morden: "You're lying" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Morden to Lennier: "Well, wait, kid, for twenty years, then you'll have yet another chance. Wait. You won't survive that long." [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Lennier to Morden: "You are still lying" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Morden to Lennier: "You see, that's where I'm better than you stupid Minbari: my prophecies are true, and I don't lie, not even to save face. Got any coffee?" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Vir to Londo upon returning from Minbar in "Dust to Dust': "Aloha from Minbar, Londo!! Like the shirt? Humans call it a Hawaiian shirt, but the Minbari call it a Welcome shirt. I don't get it" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Voyager execs going through writer's/actor's applications: "Overqualified...overqualified...overqualified..." ["Meester" Morden]
Lyta to Byron: "That "secrets blackmail" plan isn't working. We should go with Plan B. You DO have a Plan B, right?" [Mr. Happy]
Byron to Lyta: "Plan B - I dye my hair black, grow a goatee, and haunt them as the Ghost of the Virgin Marcus" [Mr. Happy]
Byron to Lyta: "Plan B - Threaten to send in Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, and Matt Drudge." [Mr. Happy]
Byron to Lyta: "Plan B - Telepath Homeworld Infomercials!" [Mr. Happy]
Byron to Lyta: "Plan B - We take over the BabCom lines and continuously play this old show called "Voyager"" [Mr. Happy]
Trigati ambassordor to Lochley in Day of the Dead: "Our comet once went through your Earth system. I believe you called it Hale-Bopp..." [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Lochley in Day of the Dead: "Was Zoe wearing black Nikes?" [Entil'Zha Carolyn]
Delenn to Sheriden: "John, what are these magazines under the mattress?" [erikangel]
Mr. Garibaldi to Mr. Bester about the whole pinata thing.: "Actually, no, I see you as a paper mache animal I can chain to the ceiling and beat viciously with a stick until your guts spill out onto the floor." [Miss Anthropy]
Kosh to Sheridan, in "Matters of Honor": "Being seen by so many at once was a great strain. I am considering crossing over to Voyager universe - nobody watches the damn show." [Galina K]
Sheridan to Byron: "Tell me that it matters to you that I give you a planet !!!" [Galina K]
Headsman to Morden: ""FORE!" Twack!" [WASABICHAN!!!]
Morden (Singing): "Me...and my shaaaadows..." [WASABICHAN]
Kosh to Sheridan: "If you go to Z'Ha'Dum, remember to wear a sweater..." [WASABICHAN!!!]
Kosh to Sheridan: "If you go to Z'Ha'Dum, bring a really BIG flyswatter with you!" [WASABICHAN!!!]
Kosh2 to Sheridan/Sheridan to Kosh2: "We are all Kosh...""Good! The old one owed me money. Now pay up!" [WASABICHAN!!!]
Opening line for new BabCom radio serial: "Who knows what evil lies in the hearts of men...THE SHADOWS KNOW HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" [WASABICHAN]
Lennier to Sheridan: "You've been a very bad man, John Sheridan, taking Delenn from me like that. I'm wishing you away to the corn fields!!!" [Entil'zha Carolyn]
Garibaldi to Byron: "Byron, Ivanova is God, Sheridan is messiah, and you - walking around with long hair asking people to hit you - you just look dumb." [Galina K]
Lochley to Sheridan: "I have a message for you. It's from Kosh. The message is "Tell Byron we are sorry"" [Galina K]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Now, honey, don't get mad... Remeber that speech of yours about 3 being sacred ?" [Galina K]
Sheridan to Delenn: "Ok, you win. I am sending Lochley off to ranger school, too !" [Galina K]
Garibaldi to Morden: "I want to rip off all my clothes, cover myself with strawberry jam, and jump into a vat of luke-warm pork!" [WASABICHAN!!!]
Lennier to Morden: "And how was poisoning Adira part of your attempts to make people happy?" [Galina K]
Garibaldi (waking up from coma): "What do you mean they replaced Sinclair with Captain Jellco !?!" [Galina K]
Sheridan to Lorien: "Kosh told me to jump... I can't believe I fell for it !!!" [Galina K]
Marcus Cole: "Go Go Power Rangers!!!" [Valen]
Mulder to Bester: "I bet my first name is stupider than your first name." [Psi 47]
Garfield to himself (while flipping the channels): "Garbage, junk, trash, Jerry Springer, refuse, 90210, YEECH! Voyager! Garbage, junk, trash...." ["Meester" Morden]
Bester's daughter to Bester: "Are you in trouble Daddy?" [Psi 47]
Londo to Computer: "Computer, purchase 20,000 shares in a spoo ranch please" [SpooRancher]
Londo to anybody: "If you see something olive-gray with one eye and tentacles moving towards you, tell me. I have to put it back on my neck." [SpooRancher]
Delenn to John: "In my studies of your people, I came across a old show called "Voyager" I think it was a comedy, the plots were so silly they made me laugh." [Starfury]
Delenn to John: "(holding a vid crystal case) I found this under your bed. What's does "Field of Reams" mean? Why does it get three X's" [Starfury]
John to Kosh classic: "Do you have Charles Manson too?" [Starfury]
Sheridan to War Council: "Do you know what sucks? When their is a sticky situation, you don't have the prime directive cover your ass." [Starfury]
Byron to Sheridan: "Show me the homeworld!" [SpooRancher]
Vir to anybody: "I finally got to six!" [SpooRancher]
Vir to anybody: "I finally got to two!" [SpooRancher]
Lita to B5 camera crew: "I sense dispair, fear, insecuri-YO! Will someone get Rick Berman off the set, I'm trying to work here!" [WASABICHAN!]
Sheridan to Drazi, Gaim, and Brikiri representatives: "We've just finished supplementing our White Star ships with the new Ken Starr ships, start anything and we will subpoena every vessel you have!" [WASABICHAN!]
Byron to EA Postal Service: "Did my shipment of Nikes and purple pillowcases show up yet, I'm facing a deadline here!" [erikangel]
Lochley to Garibaldi, "No Compromises": "At best, you're a consultant. At worst, you're a pain in the neck--but then again, what's the difference, anyway?" [Snarf]
Sheriden to Lockley: "Yeah, last advice Kosh sent me ended up with me going splat!" [erikangel]
Kosh thinking to himself: "Up yours, huh? Next time I talk to him I'm going to tell him to go jump off a cliff!" [erikangel]
Mac to Bo: "As if we didn't have enough to do! Come on, let's get suited up--somebody painted 'Created By J. Michael Straczynski' on the hull of the station!" [Snarf]
Bo to Mac: "Can't we wait a moment? I'm still getting signals from that teep we ran into DownBelow--he's getting it on with some foxy redhead named Lyta!" [Snarf]
Servant Woman to Londo: "The Emperor Cartagia used to play this game with me, only he used handcuffs and a whip!" [Snarf]
Londo to Sheridan: "You must get rid of this Byron person! He's used up all the hairspray on the station!" [Snarf]
Classic Kosh to Sheridan: "God willing we'll all meet again on Babylon 6: The Search for More Money" [the PsiLoony]
Ivanova, reporting Kosh's death to Sheridan.: "Captain, we think Kosh tavutna chog, if you know what I mean..." [Galina K]
Sheridan to Delenn ( IN THE BEGINNING): "I know what's in Dukat's sacred place! Crack, pot, firearms..." [Galina K]
Londo to Morden: "I want you to kill my barber." [Galina K]
Ivanova to anybody who asks why she left B5: "To find the Ghost of the Virgin Marcus" [SpooRancher]
Ivanova to anybody who asks why she left B5: "To start a Vlarn Barn" [SpooRancher]
Ivanova to anybody who asks why she left B5: "Well, I figure since I'm God..." [SpooRancher]
Delenn to Lennier: "I love you" [SpooRancher]
Jerry Springer: "Today on the show we have John, Delenn, Anna, and Elizabeth!" [erikangel]
Lochley to Sheridan: "I have a Message for you. It's from Kosh. The message is "(warble) (bleep) (boop) (whirr) Does that mean anything to you?" [P.L..tag]
Minbari assassin to Sinclair: "There is a hole in your butt" [JK]
Marcus to whoever: "Forget Entil'Zha. I'm getting some beer." [Ekiri]
Lorien to Sheridan: "You're only mostly dead. When you're all dead, there's only one thing you can do: search the clothes for loose change." [Eric S]
Delenn to Ivanova, after "Z'ha'Dum": "Oh my God! They've killed Johnny! You bastards!!" [Eric S]
Londo to Vir: "I can't get da bum...satisfaction. Yeah, I try, and I try, and I try, and I try..." [Eric S.]
Franklin to Garibaldi, in "A Distant Star": "Hey, Garibaldi, you're such a fat ass, that when you walk down the street, people go GOD DAMN! What a big fat ass!!" [Eric S.]
Morden to Londo: "What do you want? I want a lifetime supply of hair spray" [Cam]
Priestess of Kosh: "Why does the Shadow ship model come with a Anna Sheridan doll?" [Sheridan to Morden]
Sinclair (to anybody): (singing) "I'm a soul man! Be-dop, be-dop, be-dop, oh I'm a soul man!" [Eric S.]
Sheridan as he fell into the hole: "Jeez, and I thought Luke had it rough when he lost his hand." [flynn]
G'Kar to Ivanova before joining Army of Light.: "I WANT TO JOIN YOUR CLUB!!!!!" [flynn]
Neroon to Marcus/Marcus to Neroon: "I studied the Pike under Durhan." "Well I studied the 44 with Clint *BLAM!*" [Flynn]
Bester to anyone: "Well actually Psi Corps had a humble beginning in the 20th century as a psychic friends hotline with some woman named Dionne Warwick for a spokeswoman." [Lounge Lizzard]
Lennier to the minester at J&D's wedding: "Yes! I love her and she's carrying my child!" [Sivak]
Garibaldi to Bester: "Yes, that is a gun in my pocket and yes I am glad to see you..." [WASABICHAN!]
Sheridan to Kosh: "Is there in the countersuit anybody? ECHO!" (ECHO ECHO echo eechooo)" [St.Man]
Ivanova (learning of Garibaldi betrayal): "GARIBALDI tavutna chog !" [Galina K]
Vir to Morden's head: "Oh boy, Is this Great!!!" [Ranger42]
Londo to Byron: "I don't care what the label says. Don't try it- that hairgel doesn't come out!!" [Jinx]
Byron to Lyta: "Those purple contacts freak me out- can't we at least get you a blue pair, just for sex or something?" [Jinx]
Bester's boss in "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father": "To aid you in pursuing this highly dangerous telepath shredder, we're sending along two completely untrained recruits to get in your way." [Snarf]
Kosh to Sheridan: "Luke I am your father!" [Brian Judd]
Lennier (being followed by Robot from Lost in Space): "Listen, please, I'm not going to repeat myself again, My name is not Will Robinson, and I am not in Danger...will you go away now?" [Evil Vorlon Pet]
Lyta to Kosh1-Kosh1 to Lyta: "Was it good for you" "Understanding is a three edged sword. Your side, their side, and the inside." [Brianj]
Complete Sheridan to Bester: "I'd like to staple your head to this table, set you on fire, and feed your charred remains to the Pak'ma'ra!!!" [Brian Judd-Cordele]
BabCom Radio: "Coming up-'Did Aliens visit Ancient Earth?' Next- music from 20th century group 'The Shadows'" [Priestess of Kosh]
Kosh to Sheridan: "When you go to Z'A'Hadum don't forget your Freemason Apron, you will need it there!" [Ancient Shadow]
Sheridan to Delenn: "look, you should be happy. 3 castes, 3 languages, 3wives, 3rd time's the charm, right?" [Sivak]
Toronto college student to Delenn: "Ok, you are the one in charge of Ontario Rangers program?" [Galina K]
Ivanova to Morden: "All I want is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by!" [Galina K]
Londo to Na'Toth: "I love you" [SpooRancher]
Zathras to White Star crew: "Zathras think he is sick of Minbari and Human whining. Zathras say, time for to go Postal. Zathras beat all of you down, then go to find bathroom." [Blind Zen Archer]
Kosh to Sheridan: "If you go to Z'Ha'Dum you will die! Sheridan: You know, I think you need a new catch phrase." [Galina K]
Sheridan: "Death! Been there! Done that! And to prove it...(darkness settles over the station...) Got the slides!" [Blind Zen Archer]
Anna to John Sheridan: "Not THAT way John...we just waxed that balcony!" [J B PROTON]
Morden to Ivonova: "You want WHAT?? Four weeks off and a movie career? My associates are powerful but not THAT powerful!" [ J B PROTON]
Kosh to Sheridan: "42" [EgMa]
Garibaldi (whenever Bester shows up): "So, here comes the man in black." [EgMa]
Garibaldi and Zack: G:" Are all the lurkers concerning case 32937 interrogated?" Z:"Yeah, but none of them has ever heard about The Lurkers Guide To Babylon5!" [EgMa]
Zack to Lyta: "Forget Byron!" [Snarf]
Mac (about Delenn)/Lennier to Mac: "I'm in love"/"Get in line, pal!" [Snarf]
Sinclair to Minbari assassin: "Hole in my mind? Don't know about that, but I needed THIS like a hole in the head!" [Snarf]
G'Kar's disciples to G'Kar: "What is the significance of these brown spots on page 241 of your book? They appear to be in a circular pattern." [Snarf]
Lyta to Kosh1: "For the last time, no, I don't have a cigarette!!!" [Jinx]
Delenn to anyone: "In Valens...I mean Sinclair's Name!" [Scrapiron]
Byron to Lyta After Their "first time": "Can you project like that again? It turns me on!" [Scrapiron]
Morden to Kosh/Kosh to Morden: "What do you want on your tombstone?" "NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION!!!" [Scrapiron]
Morden when they killed Kosh: "My god, It's full of stars!!" [Scrapiron]
Zathras to Sinclair, Delenn, Sheridan: "You are the One who was, you are the One who is, and you are the One that will bring the keg and buy pizzas" [Blind Zen Archer]
Kosh Classic to Sheridan: "If you go to Z'Ha'Dum, you get a free small drink with the purchase of every hamburger Morden Meal!" [WASABICHAN!!!]
Lennier to Garibaldi (after trying some of his famous cooking): "Hmmmm...tastes like Dele-Uh!-Flarn! Yeah,Flarn! That's it!" [WASABICHAN!!!]
Garibaldi to Lennier (after trying his infamous cooking): "BARRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFF!!!!!" [WASABICHAN!!!]
Trigati ambassordor to Lochley in Day of the Dead: "The Day of the Dead is kind of like playing Resident Evil 2." [Coker Coler]
Bester to Morden: "I vant the nuclear vessels!" [Kaiana Dawson]
Bester to Garibaldi: "I implanted certain safeguards in your mind. Not only will you not harm me or allow harm to come to me, you will give me foot massages on demand!" [Snarf]
Garibaldi to Centauri teep from "Passing Through Gethsemane": "I'm glad I found you! I understand you're good at removing telepathic blocks. What's your price?" [Snarf]
Sheridan's resignation speech, "Rising Star": "While on Babylon 5 I learned about choices and consequences. I should have learned this years before in my career, but what can I say?" [Snarf]
Ivanova to Sinclair, trying to make a pass at her: "Never ever in a thousand years!" [Gurmi]
Marcus to Franklin in "Racing Mars": "That's it! The weddings off!" [Shadow Dancer]
Marcus to Neroon in 'Gray 17 is Missing': "Strike me down and your journey to the dark side will be complete!" [Shadow Dancer]
Earth President to soldiers in Minbari war: "We will prevail!" [Galina K]
Intro to BabCom radio serial: "A shiny badge with a big green stone, a Minbari pike and a hearty "Hi Ho Valen!" It's The Lone Ranger, starring Marcus Cole!" [Snarf]
Kosh to Sheridan in a room full of candles a la Kung Fu: "When you can take the pebble from my hand, you will have learned." [Snarf]
Kosh, after Sheridan jumps: "Gullible" [Snarf]
Londo after losing (again) at the casino: "Damn! I should have taken the Coriolis effect of the station's rotation into account before I played roulette!" [Snarf]
Londo to Refa, "And The Rock Cried Out, 'No Hiding Place'": "These soldiers are personally loyal to House Mollari. And these Narns--they're the Narn Bat Squad!" [Snarf]
Anyone & Everyone in our universe or the B5 universe: "Voyager endures while Babylon 5 dies? There is no god!" [ "Meester" Morden]
A professor of modern culture to his class: "After the extinction of Babylon 5, shows like Voyager will thrive like never before in a grusome display of patheticness." [ "Meester" Morden]
Ivanova to Bester: "Say, Bester, let's talk about YOUR MOTHER for a change." [Galina K]
Lochley to Sheridan, in 'Day of the Dead': "I have a message for you - from Kosh. 'When the short day comes, flee from the beginning of the end... No wait, that does not sound right..." [Galina K]
Londo to G'Kar: "Spoo BOY" [RainMan]
Shadows creature to Lorien: "If we go beyond the rim, can we take Voyager videotapes with us?" [Galina K]
Franklin to G'Kar: "No, G'Kar, this is not a "soldier of darkness". That's Rick Berman." [Galina K]
Sparky: "Hey, at least I don't have Nurse Chapel's voice!!!" [Galina K]
Neroon upon entering the Starfire Wheel: "(as Johnny Cash): 'I fell into a burning ring of fire...'" [Snarf]
Zack to Bester: "Oh--by the way, my alternate personality has a P-15 rating. I've spared you my wrath all these years out of pity for your pathetic existence." [Snarf]
Zack to Lyta: "Name Is sex with a telepath fun? I might want to try it" [Valen Of Minbar]
Londo To Morden After "Z'Hadum": "So, we spemt a little to much time in the Tanning Booth, Eh Mr. Morden?" [Scrapiron]
Kosh2 to Lorien: "Oh My God! Dad is that you?" [Scrapiron]
Sheridan to Lennier onboard the White Star: "SHIELDS UP!" [Scrapiron]
Valen to early Minbari after First Shadow War: "A thousand years from now, you'll encounter a race known as Humans. Under no circumstances should you go to war with them!" [Snarf]
Londo to Zack in "Meditations on the Abyss": "I guess you did not realize that Vir's previous assignment was with the Centuri Postal Service..." [WASABICHAN!!!]
Sheridan to Inovna: "Number One" [North Star]
G'Kar to Londo-during any one of their arguements: "Your mother was a shadow and your father smelled of spoo." [Anne]
Jeff Wayne to anyone: "The chances of anything coming from Z'ha'dum are a million to one, he said" [Werrf]
Lennier to Sheridan: "Feel the vlarn, become one with the vlarn." [Galina K]
Franklin to Morden: "I want a soundtrack from 'Walkabout'" [Galina K]
garibaldi to anyone: "I'll sell you one for 100 credits and that's cutting me own throat" [windy]
B5 crewman to Captain Sheridan: "Captain you just grilled that Vorlon, anyone for a spamburger" [jon]
Garibaldi to Bester: "Gar-"There is a hole in your mind." Bester-"HA! It would take a Worlon to..." {vvvvt} {KaPSHH} Gar"Well you have one now..." [MadDodonna(I'm not CrAzY!) c):-)]
Delenn to Pres: "Ivanova explained my cramps to me but can you explain what it means when they go away?" [mkonecsni]
Sheridan to Delenn: "I'm tired of these Minbari rituals, now it's time for a human ritual" [Dash Rendar]
Delenn to Sheridan: "What's that?" [Dash Rendar]
Sheridan to Delenn: "It's called a '69'" [Dash Rendar]
Delenn to historians: "Well, you have to understand, it was the sixties..." [Galina K]