Why Babylon5 is better than Voyager 1000+...!

Ivanova is God. Janeway is lost.
Babylon 5 is going somewhere. Voyager is not.
The aliens on B5 are more convincing than those funny nose-ridge ST aliens
Kosh vs. Neelix
Ivanova vs. Chakotay
The Shadows vs. The Kazin
A Bab5 episode isn't neatly ended in the last 5 minutes
Babylon 5 doesn't have to go back in time to Earth in order to increase its ratings
Would Janeway ever sacrifice herself for millions?
If Voyager is such an advanced ship and has visited all these planets in the last two years, why is Neelix still cooking for the crew?
Bab5 characters have foibles; the Voyager crew is so well-adjusted.
Whatever happened to all that information that was collected from Paris' shuttle when he broke Warp 10?
The starships on B5 are cooler looking than Voyager. Russian Space program vs. boring American designs.
Babylon 5 characters aren't transformed into catfish.
Babylon 5 has plots that last longer than 2 episodes [drussell@dhs.djusd.k12.ca.us]
The ships in babylon 5 could take out the voyager [Dameon Riggs]
Technomages [XeNOK]
The romance between Sheridan and Delenn
Babylon 5 doesn't have tons of illogical time travel episodes, just to get ratings.
B5 is about something. Voyager is something about nothing. [Ryan Riddle]
Babylon 5 is Babylon 5 ....need we say more [David Russell]
Prime Directive? I think not... [matt@physics.uottawa.ca]
Real romance, like Sheridan and Delenn, not sweeps month romances like Janeway-Q
Phasers don't make cool spacial destortions. [anonymous]
Kes is only a P1 [anonymous]
Even Garibaldi has more hair than the doctor! [anonymous]
Kosh makes more sense than Tuvok [anonymous]
Kosh could kick Q's ass any day. [T.R.C.]
Delenn vs. Janeway (Now who's the bonehead!) [anonymous]
Always a cryptic Kosh to explain everything. [Brak'nor Chamrajnagar]
Voyager: Is that spandex they're wearing? [anonymous]
Star Trek: written by kindergartners [Vincent Solfronk]
I like Bab5, but all you jerks suck! [SULU+]
The fire extinguisher used in C&C in "Severed Dreams" [Mike Myhal]
The action sequences are SO much cooler on B5. [Monique]
Kes has no cleavage [Omega69]
The plots with intrique are more convincing (Londo vs. Cartagia)
Nobody is who they seem.
B5 would never be endangered by bacteria from CHEESE! [Jeremy McCaw]
If Voyager had jumpgates, they would have been home by now. [F.R.]
The avalanche is here, pebbles no longer have a vote. [Kosh]
B5's original: Voyager's a spin-off of a spin-off... [Breeonne]
Peter Jurasik and Adreas Katsulas. [Rebecca]
Starfuries don't get viral infections like Voyager. [-kk]
Star Trek has the Borg B5 has the Shadows. Assimilate that. [anonymous]
B5 has angelic Vorlons and spider-like Shadows ST has Ardra [Chad]
Tell me we won't have poverty in the future!!!!! [Darkslayer]
Garbaldi, Marcus and Kosh vs. Janeway, Tuvok, and Neelix [Darkslayer]
PPG's shoot in the direction you point them unlike phasers [Michael Alex]
B5 has REAL aliens.ST aliens invite the crew in for cocktail [Cliff]
The heroes are flawed ambigous, and imperfect creatures. [James Wolf]
The crew of B5 don't have to make up reasons why things work [SHERzipp]
B5 isn't on the verge of blowing up every other week. [anonymous]
Two words: Bug Zapper.
We're going to trap the macroviruses on the holodeck by simulating infrared radiation... Nahhh.
When Janeway uses the word "Mucilaginous," is this an example of Trekbabble or has she been reading too much William Safire. Hey Janeway, it's called "GOO!"
B5 has writers voyerger has people who drink and then scribble on a piece of paper [Perky]
Unlike Voyageur, B-5 characters change (eg. Londo, Franklin, the Vorlons, etc...). [Darkslayer]
More things happen in 15 minutes of Babylon 5 than in a 2-part episode of Voyager. [London Fog]
It just is. [A Far Q]
When was the last time you quoted an episode of ST: Voyager? [anonymous]
If someone gets injured on B-5, they actually have to stay in the hospital for a while. [Darkslayer]
Because Sheridan isn't adverse to spacing a Teddy Bear!!! [Yoli Lawrence]
B5 isn't PC, and it's special effects are designed on one. [Crusader]
Each B5 episode raises questions that draw you to watch the next episode. [Mike Bryant]
The only Voyager alien with a weird speech patern acted like a mime. [Mister Morden]
Voyager's idea of scary is a clown called Fear. B5 has Jack t Ripper. [Mister Morden]
Who would you rather preform unnatural and perveted acts upon, Janeway, or Ivanova, (yum!)? [anonymous]
I'd rather eat Mr. Garibaldi's cooking than Nelix's. [Mister Morden]
For that matter I'd rather eat Captain Sheriden's cooking than Nelix's. [Mister Morden]
B5 has a new episode at least every two weeks [Vosh]
Being nibbled to death by...cats. [Jon Clark (no relation)]
Mr. Morden **wave** . [Jon Clark (no relation)]
Reversable transporter accidents vs. actually bodily harm (Just ask G'Kar) [Dark Crow]
JMS can actually write good science fiction [Dark Crow]
Janeway paints and listens to elevator music in her spare time. [anonymous]
Have you ever actually seen a universal translater? [B-Dog]
PPGs don't have a 'STUN' setting. [Matt Salsbury]
As JMS says: No CUTE KIDS or ROBOTS, EVER!!!! [Matt Salsbury]
Has anyone ever seen a Janitor on Voyager? [Matt Salsbury]
On B5 Security means securing the station, on Voya ger it means being Janeway's shoulder to cry on. [Matt Salsbury]
Aliens on B5 actually look different, on Voyager they just have large nose or forehead protrusions. [B-Dog]
On B5, they actually drink alcohol. On Voyager, they drink NEAR-BEER. Even Garabaldi prefers water. [Shadowknight]
You don't get paid in Star Trek. It's Communist. [Prometheus]
On B5 they drink REAL booze, not synthetic stuff. [M. Salsbury]
Have you ever watched an episode of Voyager and wondered what will happen next? [Matt Salsbury]
There is acually the possibility Bab5 might be lost to the bad guys. [MCW]
B5 doesn't suck! [Nina B.]
As my sister says, Highlander references :) [Sabrina Renka]
In Voyager the crew reroutes some obscure sounding wiring and suddenly everything is all better. [Dark Crow]
B5 tries not to break it's own sci-fi rules ever week because it's convienent. [Dark Crow]
You just have to like a security chief with a framed picture of Daffy Duck. [Dark Crow]
Voyager treads old television waters: Lost in Space, Battlestar Gallactica: B5 is a true original! [Jupiter2]
Grey 17 [F.R.]
Bab 5 actually obeys the laws of physics [Foxhoyle]
Babylon 5 characters make pacts with the Devil that they later regret.
Babylon 5 is full of references to literary works and quotes poetry.
Janeway is a sexless bunhead zombie
Would you try to get people interested in science fiction by showing them Voyager, or Babylon 5? [Matt Salsbury]
Have you watched Voyager,felt you missed something important, and watched the episode again? [Matt Salsbury]
I could drive my pick-up through the holes in Voyager's plots. B5 actually seems coherent. Thanx jms [Monique]
The existence of universal truths in B5: IE.: the fact that every culture has Swedish meatballs. [Burkesongs]
Relationships on B5 last more than one convenient episode. [Jaye Brown]
Sheridan vs. any male on Voyager. [Jaye Brown]
How many starfleet security officers would perform magic tricks like Garibaldi's? [Matt Salsbury]
B5 characters make mistakes, and have to deal with the long term consequences. [Matt Salsbury]
Or for that matter have you ever watched Voyager and felt anything?(Apart from boredom or nausea.) [Matt Salsbury]
They are opposite extremes of the space opera genre. B5 is opera. Voyager is merely space. [Zephyn]
In Voyager, you know how the plot will be resolved 10 minutes into the episode. [F.R.]
On ST when GKar and Londo come out of the elevator they would say "I'm sorry for blowing up Narn.":) [Happy Kat1]
Can you imagine Sheridan saying "Make it so"?!?! [Happy Kat1]
Voyager would never question the cultural significance of the Hokey Kokey [Sam Granatt]
Garibaldi really does have a nice butt! [TJS]
Pick-up truck? Hell, you could drive the Vorlon fleet through the holes in Voyager's plots.. [Matt Salsbury]
(To Matt Salsbury) But then, why would the Vorlons want to associate with Voyager anyway? [Dark Crow]
Shadows whip borg [Ol]
Babylon 5 doesn't rely on holodeck fantasies as filler episodes.
Delenn is convincing when she threatens, Janeway...yeah, right! [Laurent]
We get to see Ivanova in a teddy!! (rar rar!) [Foxhoyle]
Sheridan vs. EVERY male on Voyager. [Parthos]
Garibaldi's diguise. [Parthos]
Two words: Severed Dreams [Parthos]
Garibaldi vs. Tuvok...Italians do it better. [Parthos]
"This place is about something, not some...DEEP SPACE franchise!" --Susan Ivanova, Voices of Authority. [Parthos]
Intelligent dialogue vs. meaningless, pseudoscientific gobbledygook. [Parthos]
Actual military uniforms vs. space pajamas. [Parthos]
A captain who's not afraid to open up a can of whip-ass on aliens who get outta' line. [Parthos]
Gene Roddenberry is dead JMS is immortal. [Parthos}
(To Dark Crow) I would be surprised if Starfleet wanted to associate with Voyager. [Matt Salsbury]
How about in one word: Z'HA'DUM. [Matt Salsbury]
How does the universal translator know not to translate those words with cultural significance? [gcm]
The characters and Voyager change so little, they might as well be in stasis. [F.R.]
Two words: RESET BUTTON. [Lurker24601]
Two words: Bodacious men. [Nina B.]
Voyager (and Star Trek as a whole) always maintains the Status Quo (what was before, will be after) [PJK]
Ivanova is always right. Janeway is usually wrong. [Sam Granatt]
Two shots from a PPG and Voyager would have a hull breach. [Zbear]
Babylon 5 records better on my VCR. [Killians Red]
Two words: Marcus Cole. [Zbear]
Action Satisfaction. [Zbear]
Marcus, nuff said! [Lynn]
Voyager is Gilligan's Island on warp drive. B5 is life. [konecsni]
Voyager doesn't have a ship's chaplain B5 has monks,rabbis,ministers,and moslems as good guys. [konecsni]
B5 fills an hour: Voyager kills an hour. [konecsni]
Enemy attack? Sheridan blows up enemy ships. Janeway tries to blow up her own ship (and fails)! [Chris and Dave]
JMS remembers the fans. Paramount remembers the fans' wallets. [C. Jacobson]
Janeway and Tuvok don't discuss the colour of their underwear. [Bill]
sans technobabble [Bill]
Zack Allen. The guy who likes to say "yes". What other security guard could be so _accomodating_? [That would be telling.Call me. Sarah.]
(To Matt Salsbury) Hye, one bunch of losers deserve another. [Dark Crow]
B5 has references to "The Prisoner," while watching Voyager, you feel like you ARE a prisoner. [Shadowknight]
B5 has Ivanova, Talia, and Lyta. Voyager has Tuvok? [Chris D.]
Can you imagine Sheridan saying,"I Feel your pain?" [NeoAnarchist]
B5 doesn't just bring in someone to boost the failing ratings. [Cousin Shirley]
Q is a big sissy ! [Kosh]
A /Plot/! B-5 has a plot! [beanie-chan]
Babylon 5 has romance. Voyager is Puritans Lost in Space.
Voyager (and Trek) have too many plots involving crew memebrs being held hostage or otherwise detained.
When the forces of darkness are closing in,WHO do you want leading the fight,Janeway or Sheridan? [Matt Salsbury]
The Prime Directive would not allow sneaky nuclear attacks on Zahadoom! [Jupiter2]
Speaking of Lost in Space, will somebody please show the Voyager how to get to Alpha Centari? [Jupiter2]
People stay dead on B5. [Jeena]
If there's a war in ST, the Federation tries to negotiate, on B-5, fleets are formed. [Darkslayer]
Lorien could kick Q and the Vorlons could crush the Borg several times over. [Darkslayer]
The final episode of Voyager: It is revealed that it was all just a dream.
Babylon 5 doesn't rely on shuttle crashes on remote planets to create a plot.
On Babylon 5, humans talk to aliens. On Voyager they infect you.
Babylon 5 develops the depth of alien cultures. You get the idea that the alien culture has a population more than 20.
Babylon 5 has restaurants!
Babylon 5 has foreshadowing.
How many time travel plots from ST:TNG were stolen to create "Coda"?
Sheridan dies once in the SERIES, Janeway *5* times in an hour. [Monique]
On B5 the aliens really DO think like aliens, not like humans in makeup. [Khorzan]
Happy endings suck. [Jeena]
Can you imagine the Voyager ending to 'Believers'? [Nick B]
B5 has aliens using flying leap kicks not wussy nerve pinches. [Diefleder Maus]
Bigger Explosions [Mongo]
B5 doesn't invent new physics every episode to save their skins. [Not Lou]
Sinclair. G'Kar. Londo. And no cute smart (annoying) kids. [Not Lou]
B5 has more than two weapons. [Diefleder Maus]
The Voyageur crew, especially Janeway, should, by all means, be DEAD!!!! [Darkslayer]
Voyager's idea of a guantlet is getting caught in-between a few Kazon ships. [Darkslayer]
Babylon 5's idea of a guantlet is getting caught in-between the Vorlons and the Shadows. [Darkslayer]
Funny aliens: Zathras really cool. Neelix just makes you want to puke. Even before you try his food! [Hippo]
Only B5 has Napoleonic figures torturing a Christ figure. [B-Dog]
On Voyager, Humans do talk to aliens On B5, they KILL THEM! [Centauri Mafia]
B5 sometimes has a filler episode. Voyager *is* a filler episode. [Centauri Mafia]
In B5, when there's no sun, it's dark. Where does the light come from in ST? [astro]
Can you imagine the Voyager ending for Z'ha'dum? [M. Salsbury]
The music on the opening credits of Voyager sound whiney. Does B5's? [M. Salsbury]
G'Kar won't get a false eye that works better than a real one. [M. Salsbury]
On B5, people have a chat whilst they go for a pee. On Star Trek, they don't even pee. [Simon Davies]
If Voyager is so advanced, why does it always gets it's ass kicked? [Coker Coler]
Voyager tries to cram two programs into one on a regular basis. Neither work very well. [Jupiter2]
Rotating sections on Earth Alliance ships look way cool. [Arrisan]
B5's StarFuries look much more menacing than Voyager's shuttles. [Arrisan]
Hell, think of the worst regular character in B5. Now think of the best character in Voyager. [Temperance]
B5 has gone 'Into the Fire', Voyager isn't going anywhere. [M. Salsbury]
Kes can't compete w/ Lyta Alexander. [anonymous]
On B5 they space teddy bears on Voyager they deal with peole who try to kill them. [anonymous]
Janeway doesn't have the gall to go to a major threats homeworld and blow it to dust with Voyager. [Brightknight]
B5 uses proven technology i.e. thermonuclear weapons. [anonymous]
Babylon 5 has Star Furies and Thunderbolts. Star Trek has Shuttles and Runabouts. [Vegas]
Sheridan looks a lot like Bill Clinton. [DanGarrett]
Elvis. Elvis. Elvis. [Mike Berry]
On B5, they have space suits and oxygen masks. In ST, every atmosphere has oxygen. [Magrat]
B5 could do an entire season on the money Voyager spends on two episodes. [Roger Shrubstaff]
B5 makes us guess who to hate. Voyager expects us to recognize bumpy-heads as evil. [Paula L.]
Babylon Five deals with real issues, like supplies and mail. How many shuttles does Voyager have? [The Archer]
'Cos Lenier kicks butt, and when did you ever see anyone ride a motor bike on Voyager? [Hunter]
on B5, the writers ...CAN WRITE ! [buckaroo]
Voyager manages to lose a shuttle craft every other episode ! what are they doing, replicating them? [buckaroo]
"I can't aford to keep you in the brig for the next seventy years. Go back to your post." [anonymous]
Janeway vs. Sinclair/Valen: Who's the REAL bonehead here? [Admiral Schnur]
Sheridan vs. EVERYONE on Voyager!!! ["Meester" Morden]
On B5, when things go badly wrong, people die: On ST, they are saved by absurd plot devices. [Jason]
B5 has no navagational deflector to reroute stuff through. [satan]
why is B5 better? one word - CONSISTENCY. [buckaroo]
You don't want to see naked pictures of Janeway on the WWW. [Chris M.]
B5 has backstabbing, civil wars, eternal wars.Voyager has the Maquee. [The Warrior]
B5 has PPG`s with cool charge-up sounds. Star Trek has... Phasers. [Vegas]
When annoyed, Janeway says she doesn`t like them. Sheridan blows them to straight hell. [Vegas]
phasers vs gun that we don't know how they're call but no one put them on stun... [A.Deluxe]
B5 has Bathrooms. When was the last time anyone on Star Trek had to eliminate bodily waste? [Criag B]
Delenn would never scream: This man (Sheridan) is my friend! Nobody touches him! [HarryH]
At least John can say "i love you" instead of doing a dumb story about an indian capture. [Seviek]
There haven't been malfunctioning android episodes on B5. [Jupiter2]
Sheridan knows what his fists are!!! [Jay]
Marcus's pick-up lines vs. Chakotay's. [anonymous]
2 words: marcus sings!!!! [anonymous]
Line from Voyager:"get this cheese to sickbay" need I say more? [Mary Montabana]
Delenn in REVEALING black dresses. 'Nuff Said. [J. Othello]
Delenn, Ivanova, Lyta, Talia, Anna, Cathrine... You get the picture. [J. Othello]
Voyager has a computer generated Plot were B5 has computer generated graphics. [J. Othello]
Because I'm 40 yrs old, and I've grown up. ST has not. [jmcp]
B5 deals with politics, religion, and society. Voyager deals with "ethnic diversity". [J. Stanley]
People are good and evil on B5. On Voyager everyone is evolved and perfect!? [J. Stanley]
B5 manipulates the hell out of you Voyager bores the hell out of you. [Neroon]
You will never see the head of a voyager character on a pike....Wave. [Neroon]
Characters on b5 have wounds that take time to heal. [Neroon]
Zathras. [Palpatine]
A squad of drunken, paralyzed stormtroopers could kick Voyager's ass. [Lak Sivrak]
That really cool assortment of weapons quarterstaves, daggers, PPGs, starfighters, and rifles. [Palpatine]
On B5 important characters die and leave the show. On Voyager you wish you be so lucky. [Jason]
Babylon5 doesn't need any excuse to be better than Voyager! [Morgandria]
After so many battles, Voyager's hull should look as patchworked as B5's did from the beginning. [Khorzan]
B5 has heart wrenching torture scenes---Voyager is 1 long torture scene! [Neroon]
B5 Doesn't have a magic particle of the week. [John]
In B5, when a ship takes a hit, it goes, "BOOM"! On Voyager, its always fixed next week. [OldFriend]
B5 characters evolve over time. ST characters devolve, then recover, in a single episode. [Eeyore]
On B5, we wonder for episodes if Sheridan is dead. On ST, no major characters die. (except once) but it's so rare.... [anonymous]
Babylon 5 uses the Hubble for some of its fx Voyager needs it to get home. [Neroon]
The Shadows would kick some Borg ass! [Jack Blade]
Marcus, Marcus, and Marcus. [Mrs Cole]
Have you ever seen a fighting pike on Voyager? phasers are wimpy weapons! [Mrs Cole]
Going up to a Vorlon and saying "I loved you in 'War of the Worlds'" [Anthony Morin]
Sheridan has steady chick, not like Kirk, with a Green Chick. [Anthony Morin]
On B5 many shows end on a truely deep & philisophical, thought provoking note. [A Star]
The B5 crew dosen't hide behind a bunch of pansy-ass rules that they hide behind when their afraid. [El Taco Grande]
Babylon 5 challenges my intelligence... Star Trek insults it. [Bester's #1 Fan]
Evil (B5) will always triumph because good (ST) is dum!!! [Kayser Sose]
One word, emotion. [The Cimborn]
The Babylon 5 universe hasn't been sold to Microsoft. [Chuck0]
Viacom is trying to shut down Trek fan sites. [Chuck0]
SIX! [Teeps-space-13!]
Voyager is lost in space. Babylon 5 has Bill Mumy, who starred in "Lost in Space". [Chuck0]
Would the Q Continuum leave the galaxy to let the younger races play? Not. [Chuck0]
Babylon 5 is about big issues, like social darwinism, fascism, and freedom. Voyager is about Treknobabble saving the day. [Chuck0]
On B5, the actors...can ACT! [F.R.]
Can you imagine Kes talking to Janeway about her first menstruation? [Shokoshu]
BABYLON5 is about real people dealing with life and death STV is dealing with cancellation. [M. Ludeman]
Severed dreams is greater than a movie screen, but even a TV screen is to large for Voyager. [G. Semmer]
B5 starships obey the laws of physics, ST invents new laws (and then breaks them...). [buckaroo]
One word? Ha! How about three letters: J-M-S. [CyberCat]
B5 ships are hard-no shields required. Even with shields Voyager's a heap of junk!! [Mark Watson]
Because ST is asimilated by the Borg - hum - want to say M$ [G. Semmer]
warp drive vs. hyperspace & jumpgates. [Vir]
Babylon 5's name comes from an important historical reference. Voyager is named after a mini-van. [FHCimino]
Sheridan: "I'd like to nail your head to the table and set it on fire." [Caroline]
Sheridan is not bald. [A.Deluxe]
B5 characters dispose of bodily waste. On Voyager, the characters are bodily waste! [Lord Khyron]
Someone better tell Voyager engineers that space is three dimensional. [Neroon]
Ever suffer from phaser envy over pikel envy? [Noff]
B5: Killed Kosh II. STV "All we are saaaaying, is give piece a chaaaance" [Highlander]
Even Lennier makes more jokes than Tuvok. [Highlander]
Lennier on a motorcycle. Paris likes B-movies. [Highlander]
Delenn is the best. Voyager just is a rerun... [Dark_Elves@hotmail.com]
In Voyager, Janeway and Paris evolve into brand new life forms, have kids, devolve back into the exact same humans they started out as, and no one ever refers to this again. On B5 you have episodes in the fourth season which tie back to events in the original pilot. [Garance]
Voyager is always showing previews where some major character is supposedly in mortal danger, and yet you *know* that nothing will ever happen to them. If some plot on B5 even suggests that *any* character (even the key characters) *might* die, you're on the edge of your seat wondering how it will turn out. [Garance]
Voyager does not want to share technology with the Kazon, because the Kazon is so technologically backward that sharing would break the prime directive. Meanwhile, Voyager has been spending years in space, and can't even *outrun* the Kazon's. Pretty lame for superior technology. [Garance]
On voyager, the most believable character is a hologram. On B5, everyone is too busy with the real world for there to be any plots about holograms. [Garance]
On B5, they have REAL doctors! ["Meester" Morden]
In B5, "Evasive manoevers" mean something! [A.Deluxe]
Ivanova VS. any man from Voyager. [Galan Drcos]
Organic Armour vs Paper thin shields. [Galan Drcos]
5 miles of station vs 600 meters. [Galan Drcos]
Star Trek can't even decide whether the Enterprise E has 24 or 26 decks. [Galan Drcos]
The Shadows take over half the galaxy in 2 years, the Borg take six years just to get to federation. [Galan Drcos]
uhm... _I_ don't watch Voyager! [Spineless Cougar]
Two words: Planet Killers! [Ace-High]
B5 ships use 3 dimensions. Janeway has yet to realise that Earth is 2 miles below them. [Lonny]
Alcahol vs. Synthehol. Think about it. [Lonny]
There are all kinds of People on B5, but no one lives on Voyager, except for a select few. [Jupiter2]
On B5 characters get tortured, on Voyager the viewers are tortured. [M. Salsbury]
Janeway would never start a Holy Way like Delenn did. [Wiz]
Richard Biggs vs. Tim Russ [Miguel Farah]
Bester vs. Kes (Give me a break!) [Vir]
B5 writers knows where the plot is going, while STV writers are lost in space. [Vir]
Garibaldi has a Kawasaki, Voyager has holographic schwin airdynes. [Snu]
B5 stuggles to get renewed. Voyager is always renewed More proof the world is crazy. [jennifer]
Babylon 5 doesn't use its characters to explain blatant literary references like the Greek "Sirens". [Chuck0]
Babylon 5 doesn't wrap up all of the day's problems in the last 5 minutes. [Chuck0]
When Voyager characters find themselves in an impossible bind, they get beamed out in a nick of time. On Babylon 5 characters have to live with the consequences of their actions. Just ask G'Kar. [Chuck0]
When Voyager's ratings are down they pull out the scantily-clad women and the bogus genetics treknobabble. [Chuck0]
Janeway is one of the most gullible characters on TV. Sure, this low tech species travelled all the way to the alpha quadrant to impregnate Harry Kim's mother. Right... [Chuck0]
Why doesn't Voyager do away with its shielding. Does it ever work? [Chuck0]
ST:V - Not only is spaces missing a few deminisons, but so are the characters. [Dan]
3 Reasons: Severed Dreams, Shadow Dancing, and INTO THE FIRE!!!!! [Justin Blackwell]
Voyager fans like Babylon 5 so much more that they actually send in SERIOUS reasons. [HONEST]
Harlan Ellison [Critter]
The White Star could kick Voyagers ass!!!!! [The Jester]
Shadows would just phase out of hyperspace, look at Voyager and laugh really loud(and kill Voyager) [anonymous]
Sheridan doesn't use treknoblabble like "I'v gotta remakify the quisinart" [anonymous]
Real villains (Bester, Clark, the Shadows, Cartagia, Kosh...) [anonymous]
Star fury vs space shuttle... HAHAHA. [Stigmat]
Even the drazis are better actors than Janeway! [Stigmat]
You don't need a remote for channel surfing while watching B-5. [chuck2]
Because the French Ticklers on B5 are soooo impressive (ask Ivanova!). [NightRain]
Babylon 5 has plot twists, who would have though the Vorlons would go bad? [Shaun]
Sheridan wouldn't drop out of hyperspace at every interesting planet on his way to Z'ha'dum. [RevDennis]
Sheridan wouldn't get everyone trapped on the wrong side of the galaxy to satisfy his curiosity. [RevDennis]
Garibaldi... and Duck Dodgers and the 24th and 1/2 Century!!! [Shinobi]
On B-5, Morden assasinates the Emperor and gets drunk afterwards. On St:V, nobody even gets drunk! [O'Brien]
Membari Spirituality vs. Pseudo-shamanism. [Azerhaatin]
Narn Philosophy vs. Vulcan "Logic" [Azerhaatin]
B5 fans wouldn't try to flame Rick Berman or Jeri Taylor's PC. [M. Salsbury]
Villians on B5 do really horrible things, just ask the Narn. [M. Salsbury]
Let's see, a new episode of Voyager is being broadcast at the same time as a new Simpsons and a new King of the Hill. I know where my remore will be parked. [Chuck0]
No one's combined Morden and Garibaldi in a transporter accident. [Krip Chip]
Three words : No deadly phage. [O'Brien]
Hey Janeway... try the MUTAI instead of the holodeck! [Stigmat]
Why? Ask Walter Koenig. He is the Best(er) Man to giv you your answer. [irena]
No one on Voyager says "I want to see your head on a pike", and actually has it happen [anonymous]
Janeway would never ever ever tell Q Up Yours! [Neroon]
Voyager is in the Delta quad and has only run into the Borg ONCE!!! [Neroon]
The hull of the White Star is more intelligent and adaptable than the Voyager's CREW!! [Neroon]
Powerful beings on B5 don't make stupid jokes, and want to sleep with the human captain! [Neroon]
When have you ever laughed out loud or got choked up about Voyager? [Neroon]
I've choked on Voyager many times. [Chuck0]
Even the DS9 is more interesting than Voyager. [Ranger01]
B5 is not running around the Delta quadrant looking for the universe's most abundant element: Hydrogen. [Ranger01]
Voyager no longer exists in my universe. [Zathras]
No introducing a new "important" crew member to turn traitor that episode. [Joel Mathis]
No wonder Voyager doesn't float. [anonymous]
Babylon 5: Where men are real men, women are real women, and big furry hairdos from Alpha Centauri are real big furry hairdos from Alpha Centauri. [Shard]
B5 people button then zip. On Voyager, can we say "Velcro" [felixmeister]
two words: swedish meatballs [commander haddok]
Two Words: Woo Hoo [The Chief]
B5 doesn't have probability particles. [Adam Howarter]
No vulcan Neck pinch. [Zanados]
In B5 you don't have to touch the person to read their minds. [Zanados]
ST nicknames: "Bones" B5 nicknames: "Star Killer." [llamaguy]
"If I kill him it will start a war..." [Garibaldi]
Number 1 never takes a Number 2. [poop]
I have found, that if I channelsurf while Voyager is on, every time I click on Voyager inevitably some kind of technological thing is being discussed, referred to, or happening. [Chuck0]
Voyager is a hokey Star Trek rip-off, B5 is not. [Harmony]
I've laughed out loud at Voyager many times...it's dumber than Beavis and Butt-Head. [anonymous]
Keepers. [Chuck0]
On Babylon 5 the doctor gets laid by a hot resistance leader, on Voyager the doctor gets a family. [Chuck0]
On Babylon 5 the strong female leads fall for competent, smart, dashing men. On Voyager they fall for piggish, annoying weasels. [Chuck0]
Why does Voyager look so pristine after its battles? Is there a starbase in that quadrant? [Chuck0]
Two Words: Organic Technology. [First Ones]
Ivonava getting toasted at a Drazi party. [Monera]
If Janeway tried what Sheridan did in "Rumors,Bargains and Lies",her head would explode. [Monique]
No cloaking devices: The White Star doesn't need to go sneaking around! [IronGen]
How excited would you get over a Real Time Episode of Voyager. [Neroon]
Is it my imagination or is DS9 getting all of its plots from Prev. B5 Ep's. [Neroon]
No, that would be old Trek epsiodes. [Chuck0]
The White Star fleet's organics vs. those Bio gel pak things. [Palpatine]
On Voyager someone doesn't respond to a hail "No Response." On B5 it's "Bastard's won't answer!" [Pike]
Star Trek has the Prime Directive. B5 has the Vorlon Planet Killer. [Celeborn]
Babylon 5 has pikes with the heads of evil guys impaled on them. [Chuck0]
B5 has better intrigue. [Chuck0]
B5 has a time line. STV doesn't (doesn't have a plot either) [Tamie]
How many times has the B5 crew been trapped inside a holodeck??? [Jupiter2]
Bester vs. Chekov. [Shmoo5]
Voyager+Borg vs NEW evil Aliens that only slightly resemble the Shadows.......... Uh-hun. [AlThor6113}
Can we say......War with earth? [AlThor6113]
A holo Drama based on a revolution takes place in ST, but a REAL revolution is TAKING place in B5. [AlThor6113]
One word: Revolution. [AlThor6113]
It just is. [AlThor6113]
Holo vs. Down-below. [Zarg]
I just saw an episode of Voyager, where a major part of its plot was taken from this list. [Neroon]
Maybe something called PLOT! [SLK]
When was the last time you were actually worried that a major Voyager character was going to die? [Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
(Aside from wishful thinking...) [Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
Neelix in space ship cannot make H2O out of oxygen and hydrogen, ok? [Steffen]
G'Kar vs. Tomolok... Wait a sec'... [BENARES]
Janeway : "I must help my crew's emotional growth." Sheriden : "Get over it, you whiner." [BENARES]
Sheriden can also throw a frisbee and spy for the government. Janeway can make Colombo's cofee. [BENARES]
ST : Aim for THAT spot on the Borg and they blow up. [BENARES]
ST : Whew! We barely got out of THAT one! B5 : AAAAAAAAGH!!! BOOM! [BENARES]
Swedish meatballs! [BENARES]
Janeway, Chekoteh, Tuvok, Kim, Paris, Neelix, Kess, Torez. [BENARES]
Cruising speed of Warp 9.97775, my ass. [BENARES]
NONE of the races on B5 can interbreed! On Voyager you can mix dogs and cats. [BENARES]
Voyager : We're all "evolved". On B5 : "Are you lookin' at me?" POW! [BENARES]
Voyager : We use the metric system, because it's more advanced. [BENARES]
Babylon 5 : We use the English system, because it pisses off the French. [BENARES]
Bester vs. Chekov... Wait a sec'... [BENARES]
Does Voyager have a cool list like this one? I think not! [BENARES]
B5 doesn't have to make references to other Trek series to catch the audience's attention. [BENARES]
Trek : The "First Ones" are bald humanoids. B5 : The "First Ones" are immortal balls of energy. [BENARES]
The Centauri have 6 testicles, not bumpy foreheads. [BENARES]
Voyager : We want to better the Universe and our species. B5 : Ulterior motive, plain and simple. [BENARES]
B5 : Hey, the Vorlons and Shadows ARE smarter than we are! [BENARES]
DS9 : One mile long. B5 : 5 miles long -- "Mine's LONGER!" [BENARES]
Janeway's spirit animal is an IGUANA! [BENARES]
Watch B5 for the plot. Watch Voyager for next week's previews. [BENARES]
"Woo-hoo"? [BENARES]
Voyager : How do they go to the bathroom in those things?? [BENARES]
G'Kar : "As the humans say, up yours!" [BENARES]
B5 had Scott Adams [llamaguy]
Heavy Fusion Lasers vs. Phasers, what is a Phaser? [Legate70]
Characters can die on B5, not on Voy. [anonymous]
Voyager=Lost In Space revisited. [Brian]
Implied lesbianism. [anonymous]
The new aliens on V'ger look like shadows and have organic [vorlon] ships (can you say:rip-off) [mkonecsni]
B5 tells a story money is a by-product. ST wants money story is a by-product... [tez]
The Shadows have arrived at their new destination, the Delta Quadrant. Time to defeat the Borg!!! [Lurker in the Shadows]
The dramatic conclusion of Voyager.....Law Suit. [Neroon]
If Janeway had seen the Starfire Wheel, she would have entered, and no one would care. [Neroon]
You don't need to watch DS-9 or Voyager, just watch B-5 and you'll know what upcoming shows will be. [Neroon]
Babylon 5 always has something new to throw at you, like the dramatic death of Neroon. [Chuck0]
Voyager rips off Babylon 5 in the look of the new aliens, their ships, and some half-ass attempt to duplicate the Shadow's philosophy. [Chuck0]
Voyager has dumb captain who, after escaping a borg fleet, goes back to see what happened to it. Typical. [Chuck0]
or=#a80000>When the plot runs thin on Voyager it's time for...ANOTHER CRISIS ON THE HOLDECK (tm). [Chuck0]
A Babylon 5 fan will find a way to avoid being a jury member for OJ's murder trial. [Lounge Lizzard]
On B5, no one feel any guilt eating meat. On voyager, veggie surprise. [Lounge Lizzard]
Zip then fasten, or fasten then zip. Voyager dosen't even have zippers! [FlameLions]
(sigh)....not another holodeck character! [sf]
Harlan Ellison is still on speaking terms with JMS. [Lightman2]
When Sheridan sends people on a suicide mission, they aren't saved by a plot device. [Lightman2]
Babylon 5 characters have neuroses. Voyager characters give you neuroses. [Eowen]
B5 has JMS. Voyager has Jerry Tailor. 'Nuff said... [Marty Katz]
When Sheridan goes where no one has gone before, its a lot more interesting than when Voyager does it. [Marty Katz]
B5: "And so it begins" Voyager: We're still waiting [Marty Katz]
Name any Voyager character. Now picture them with Londo's hair. In all cases, an improvement. [Marty Katz]
On B5, we spent years waiting for Kosh to come out of his encounter suit. On Voyager, I've spent years waiting for Janeway to get into hers. [Marty Katz]
B5 weapons have no stun settings [Marty Katz]
B5 has Soul Hunters. Voyager has no soul. [Marty Katz]
The characters on B5 are anatomicaly superior (just ask Londo). [Marty Katz]
Vorlon ships can sing people to sleep. Voyager puts us all to sleep. [Marty Katz]
Simple: The Vorlons *ARE*. Voyager isn't. [Marty Katz]
The PPG looks like a gun...the phaser looks like a sex toy. (sorry, Bear...) [rokit88]
Because!! [Jono]
The only way to stun someone with a PPG is to pistol-whip them with it. [Simmo]
B5 is an intelligent work of fiction a rarity in today's TV environment. [Laura]
Episode after episode, the Babylon 5's plot gets more and more twisted, leaving one constantly guessing. Watching Voyager one only wonders when they'll get to the holodeck.[Chuck0]
Voyager's ratings last year were a few notches above Moesha. [Chuck0]
And Voyager's plots weren't nearly as complicated as Moesha's. [M. Salsbury]
That blonde lady got naked on B5(and I liked it), on Voyager no one should!!!! [Nate]
That blindfold is more real than Voyager. [Neroon]
Cold Blooded (Realistic) Murder just doesn't happen on Voyager. [Neroon]
Chakote would Never Never Never sniff Janeway's Drinking cup. [Neroon]
Bureau 13 [Thomas Moffatt]
I've got a 200 megawatt pulse cannon that says otherwise.... [evilboy]
BaBEARlon 5... that's cute... JS? [evilboy]
B5 gives reasons why characters leave. ST doesn't. [CWiley5078]
I'd rather eat NELIX than Nelix's cooking. [Bah humbug]
If Voyager's cast is so evolved that they don't have to pee, then why does Nelix have to cook? [Mikey]
On Voyager, they use transporters to beam out the crew's wastes...must be some kind of propulsion. [Koi no Kaze]
On B5 they have bridge crew. Voyager has Ensign Ethnic, Ensign Buxom, and Ensign Dispensable. [Koi no Kaze]
Phasers look like Dust Busters, PPGs look like weapons. [M. Salsbury]
How many of us want to see a Voyager feature film? [M. Salsbury]
When B5's arch ends, we'll all wish there was more.We wish Voyager had never started. [M. Salsbury]
The war really is never over, because it's now DS9's last hope, according to the TV Guide. [Zathras]
Better Executive Producer: JMS is alive. [Shadow]
B5 is not afraid to screw over or in some cases KILL a great character (like Garibaldi or Neroon) [ferrio@execpc.com]
B5: another reason why the good guys and girls wear black. [ferrio@execpc.com]
Zathras, there I'm done. [SLK]
Ok, so Sheridan fell for something that Janeway would, but the cast of B5 won't rescue him, Just win [AlThor6113]
Stroboscopic Hard Rock Fight Scenes!!! [Neroon]
Janeway would never order anyone to be shot on sight. [Neroon]
On Voyager they don't understand that space is 3 dimensional, obstacles/enemies can be avoided. [Kallisti, High Priestes of Chaotica]
If Janeway was captured by Edgars, would anyone worry about if she'd escape by the next episode? [Lightman2]
On Voyager, cats and dogs are our friends. On B5, they try to take over the world. [Lightman2]
The stories in B5 scare you into thinking, Voyager just scares you. [Yogi7]
B5 has moral dilemmas about genocide. Voyager has moral dilemmas about mushroom soup. 'Nuff said. [Adira]
If Janeway were captured and tortured by EarthGov, the viewers would cheer. [Zarah]
B5's security team can lock up Morden and two shadows. Those Voyager idiots can't even hold onto two Ferrengi! [Mike Alex]
B5 makes you wonder, makes you wish, makes you think, and makes you feel. Voyager makes me yawn. [Matt Melville]
Ye canna change the laws of physics, cap'n! [Scotty]
Woo Hoo? [Alisa Munroe]
Arthur C. Clarke has stated in interviews that he's really impressed with B5, not Voyager. [M. Salsbury]
Voyager is such a stupid name for anything, and Babylon 5 is the best name you could give a space station. [Les Abernathy]
On Voy, you can kill someone and say an alien took over your mind and people buy it. But not on B5. ["Meester" Morden]
To "Meester" Morden: Not even when it's the truth. [Lightman2]
Voyager no longer exists in my universe. [gros0466]
We know that Ivanova is at least bisexual, if not a lesbian. [Chuck0]
B5 doesn't copy Doctor Who, Voyager does. Doctor Who fans therefore help the 5, not the minivan. [Benjamin Elliott]
Voyager has Kes. B5 has Lyta. [Acolyte of Zathras]
Technology that actually follows the laws of physics. [Acolyte of Zathras]
Trek has Viacom which shuts down fan websites. Babylon 5 has networks fighting over future shows, spinoffs, and movies. [Chuck0]
I would care if Earthgov got jane way, I want to torturer her !!!!!!!!! [Althor6113]
Babylon 5 is better because there is always a BOOM. [Entil'Zha]
I'll watch ANY rerun of Babylon 5 that is broadcast. Can't say that about Voyager! [Chuck0]
Ship Invaded? Voyager crew gives up without a fight B5? Just try to hold the Narns back. [S. McNiel]
Sheridan had a wife who hung out with the Shadows. Janeway had a guy who hung out with dogs. [Entil'Zha]
The right people in the right place at the right time vs badactors lost inspace and a waste of time. [Entil'Zha]
On B5 they stun people (and aliens) the old fashioned way, they hit them with blunt, heavy objects! [Douglas Jackson]
Voyager's episode plots would even scare the shadows. [Jeep]
B5 doesn't waste half and episode showing a holographic doctor's made up family. [Jeep]
voyager=not the 1 [mkonecsni]
Which commander/captain would you want tortured, and who had the balls to actually go through with it? [B.Kern]
Have you ever been upset when your VCR screwed up taping STV? [B.Kern]
It needs to be said again: HARLAN ELLISON. [The Time Master]
JMS=God Rick Berman=HACK [Dymphna]
Rick Berman has good taste: he watches B5. JMS IS good taste. [Mkonecsni]
10 of Zathras. 1 of Neelix [Lightman2]
The word "Babylon" never appeared in the title of a cheesy time-travel series [greased lightning]
Agaememnon: Ancient Greek General, Brit Battleship Voyager: Minivan [greased lightning]
White Star: Huge Shipping Conglomerate Voyager: Minivan [greased lightning]
If Katherine Hepburn played Sheridan for a couple of episodes, we'd notice. [greased lightning]
Nobody on B5 jogs all over half a starship after taking a round. [greased lightning]
There is absolutely no possibility of a Wesley Crusher guest appearance on B5. [greased lightning]
Doc Franklin would never practice his bedside manner on an inanimate object. [greased lightning]
Stracynski doesn't steal character names from Doctor Who. [greased lightning]
Unlike Chakotay, Ivanova has better things to do than convert her CO. [greased lightning]
If any device on B5 harmed/endangered as many people as a holodeck does, it would be scrap [greased lightning]
Any idiot can fly a Voyager shuttle, it takes a FIGHTER JOCK to fly a Starfury. [greased lightning]
As in a naval battle, it comes down to tonnage. [greased lightning]
STV:Main Character conflict makes Roddenberry spin in his grave. [greased lightning]
If someone dies on B5, it's usually not just to illustrate how bad the villain is. [greased lightning]
B5 Villains: Pure evil Darwinist insectoids STV ;Villain: Michael McKean [greased lightning]
>Sheridan would not ignore evidence of a planet-wide holocaust [greased lightning]
Sheridan would let Species 8,742 have the Borg, then kill them. [greased lightning]
B5 portrays religious people as something other than fascists/sex freaks/neo-Luddites [greased lightning]
Janeway would never threaten to space a reporter. [greased lightning]
On B5, artificial grav is a privilege, not a given. [greased lightning]
B5 relies on intelligent characterization to make it's characters appealing, not space spandex. [greased lightning]
B5 was not created by a sex freak/anti-religion bigot. [greased lightning]
B5 was created and is written by an atheist. [Chuck0]
B5 doesn't just use the hugely underrated Koenig as comic relief. [greased lightning]
B5 has a dictator for president. [Lounge Lizzard]
B5: characters have at least some sex drive; Voyager: isolated setting+males & females=nothing! [anonymous]
Anyone on B5 vs. EVERYONE on Voyager. [Jon]
Voyager has Neelix, but Babylon 5 has the Zocalo! [Jon]
Bab5 stimulates your mind. The people involved with STV don't have one between them. [Abrahamo Linconi]
If anyone on Voyager went on walkabout, it would take about 5 minutes. [Greased Lightning]
It's unlikely that B5's second in command has peyote in her quarters. [Greased Lightning]
Any Starfleet member who was as cranky as Ivanova would be "re-educated" [Greased Lightning]
Voyager doesn't have the stones to acknowledge Daffy Duck as a cultural force [Greased Lightning]
In a bar brawl, B5's population would outnumber the Voyager crew by hundreds to one. [Greased Lightning]
B5:Mutiny against Earth Force= Uniform Change; Trek: A good deal on grey material= Uniform change [Greased Lightning]
Spoo and Swedish Meatballs Vs. The Amazing Ship Killing Cheese [Greased Lightning]
B5: Swedish Meatballs are Universal STV: Being inferior to the enlightened Fed wimps is. [Greased Lightning]
Gunnery Sgt Hardin from Full Metal Jacket would choose B5. [Greased Lightning]
Shuttles:Fixed by "engineering"; Starfuries:Most likely fixed by Crew Chiefs (Rambo with a wrench) [Greased Lightning]
Shuttle: A small wooden loom part; Furies: Tireless, invincible spiritual bounty hunters. [Greased Lightning]
When was the last time you have had sick fantasies about destroying a Voyager villain? [Vicky]
Sheridan does not boldy go where EVERYONE has gone before. [Mr Happy]
Captains Sheridan & Hiroshi die in a blaze of glory. Janeway lives in a death of story. [Mr Happy]
Signs of Bad News, B5:"You're not married, are you Capt. Ericsson?"; ST: Next week an all new episode! [Mr Happy]
B5 needs not skin-tight uniforms to tell who's male or female. [omaha]
B5 is set 200 years before star trek and its technology is better [simon Phoenix]
How fast this list is growing. Need we say much more? (I can't memorize these fast enough to keep up. [ICA]
Does anyone CARE whether Voyager gets a new season or not? [Alycia "CyberCat" Shedd]
Does anybody care if Voyager gets out of its season-ending Borg cliffhanger? [Chuck0]
Janeway will have a shoulder for Garibaldi to cry on, but Ivanova will have him shot on sight. [Lounge Lizzard]
Would anyone on Voyager say "Kill it before it evolves!" [Lounge Lizzard]
WHAT! Ivanova is not going to be in the fifth season AAARRRG! (On Voyager) Who's Janeway? [Lounge Lizzard]
Did anyone even watch the Borg cliffhanger? [Glitterbot]
I did, but what happened again? [Chuck0]
Voyager relies on the prospect of Janeway's impending death to get people to watch. Babylon 5 kills its captain and brings him back from the dead, with absolutely no technobabble uttered. [Chuck0]
I have yet to watch a Voyager rerun. I arrange my life around B5, even the reruns! [June]
Those things, which really happen on B5, do not exist even in the Voyager holodeck programs. [irena]
Spoo vs. Gagh... the match of the century! [Lightman2]
B5: problem, problem, problem, solution, problem, solution, solution, problem, solution and so on [Rooks]
Voyager: Problem, solution, problem, solution, problem, solution and so on (IT'S BORING!!!!) [Rooks]
Let some HUMANS die in ST! Massmurder for God's sake, that is what we wan't [The Angel]
Friends and I will spend a few hours a week digesting a new episode. Who does this with ST:V? [Waldeaux]
On B5 Marcus is a virgin and it's a big deal. On -any- ST show, they never admit to having sex. [Gibblet(T1)]
People come and go on B5. Are they replicating "Red-shirts" on Voyager yet? [Gibblet(T1)]
It just is. [DWD]
Because of [insert character name from B5 or Voyager here] ["Meester" Morden]
Ivanova vs. Kes-wait a minute, that's not fair for Kes... [June]
On Voyager every alien, regardless of whether they have ever even seen humans, speak english. [Black Orchid]
All Star Trek end scenes have the crew smiling happily on the bridge (God,that gets on my nerves!!). [a pragmatist]
99% of the Voyager dialog is even beyond Einstein's comprehension. [A pragmatist]
Would Sheridan hug a tortured Delenn if they stared in Voyager? I don't think so.. [a pragmatist]
I REALLY feel emotions in B5. Starfleet is so damn stiff!! [a pragmatist]
B5 IS REALISTIC, PERIOD [a pragmatist]
I couldn't sleep the night "Zha'ha'dum" aired. I sleep DURING ST:V [Lightman2]
In Babylon 5 there's the PSI CORPS !!! [Successor]
V'Ger: not enough energy to replicate food, but they can run the holodecks all the time. [norak]
On B5 soldiers aren't machines--on V'ger even rebels come around to Starfleet protocols [norak]
V'ger goes to NEW sector! Then they meet Ferengi, Borg, human abductees, etc. (no creativity!) [norak]
Can we say "story continuity" I knew you could [Lord Larand Soth]
FHM want Ivanova for a photoshoot, have they asked Janeway? I think not. [BP]
Susan and Marcus I'd like to see that on voyager [Psychi Friek]
Christopher Franke's Opening Theme changes every season. V'ger... [Mr. Happy]
B5 knows what to do with good actors like Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. [Mr. Happy]
Tv Shows, B5: Voice of the Resistance. V'ger: Neelix does Barbara Walters [Mr. Happy]
Psi Corps v. Vulcans [Besterkid]
Even the Centari don't use as much hairspray as Janeway. [lit'le zipper]
Treknobabble! [Glitterbot]
"And the rock cried out, 'No hiding place'." [Cat]
No creepy anti-semetic caricatures (ferengi) on Babylon 5 [var]
Voyager looks like a toilet lid with wings [var]
Either that or a mutant sperm [var]
Kes goes, I cheer. Ivanova goes, I weep. [Zarah]
Because adding a Borg to V'ger is like putting a Drakh in charge of C&C [Zarah]
John & Delenn and Ivanova & Marcus V. Kes & Neelix. No contest. [Archer]
Q) What is beyond the rim? A) The Delta Quadrant. ST:V has even resorted to copying B5 [wraith]
Voyager has a super advanced race that builds organic ships which can destroy planets....RIPOFF!!! [Michael Alex]
DS9: Jem-Hadar, make alliances with half so they can kill the other half, can we say SHADOWS? [Michael Alex]
DS9: "... for peace, then a war may be our last hope." SUE 'EM JMS!!! [Michael Alex]
I can see B5 in FRANCE but not V'ger !! [Etincelle]
I spoke with god the other day, he wanted to know what would happen next with Babylon 5 [ARES]
Babylon5 is much more realistic ST? get a life... please? [kosh]
I cried when Sheridan got beat up by those people in the bar, If Janeway ever GOT beat up I'd cheer [Delenn]
Does Tuvok have his own fashion express? [Miss Morden]
Chekov got out in time. Janeway wasn't that lucky [mkonecsni]
B5= emmy [mkonecsni]
V'ger =disaster [mkonecsni]
V'ger could have gone somewhere but that was once opon a time, now v'ger is dead [mkonecsni]
We are over reason # 632 do we need another reason? [mkonecsni]
To Var: No, Voyager looks more like a giant suppository: maybe that's why the show's so anal. [Frankie the Tux]
Hey, I like episodic TV, but Voyager is too episodic for me. No consequences. How boring. [F.R.]
We are anxiously waiting for the last episodes of both B5 and ST:V- but for different reasons. [Lightman2]
At least Lost In Space had tongue firmly planted in cheek not so for ST:V [Nebo]
Profound questions. "Who are you? What do you want?" Vger crew ask this (I mean whine) when captured [Ivanova@johndelenn.com]
Marcus vs. Paris/Kim... romantic virgin or sleaze/prude. hard choice. [Ivanova]
On Voyager, there is only one decendant. [Podkayne]
What do we want more - A Voyager movie or a B5 movie? (Go for it JMS) [Priestess of Kosh]
Ultimate V'ger episode - Lorien gives Shadows/Vorlons a second chance by 'helping' Voyager. [Priestess of Kosh]
Straczynski freed Narn, and it was a WARM UP episode! [Tony Damiani]
B5 Engineers don't magically come up with Ultratech (Warp-10) [Tony Damiani]
B-5 stories involve galaxy spanning epics- ST:V is ship-bound. [Tony Damiani]
When "The Footy Show" causes B5 to be late, I rage. When it happens to Voyager, I CHEER! [Douglas Jackson]
On B5, understanding is a three-edged sword. On Voyager, it's a dull butter knife. [Pirx]
Lorien would never ask Sheridan to bear his children. [Pirx]
Janeway would never get angry enough to say "Damn it," let alone "Up yours!" ["Meester" Morden]
B5 has plot a good story great actors and actresses and STV have none of this. [SILNTSTRID]
I had to go to the dentist the other I watched an episode of STV and I was begging for novacaine. [SILNTSTRID]
Even Kate Mulgrew said v'ger needs better writing. [mkonecsni]
The latest episode, with the boring resolution of a promising cliff-hanger, shows that if the Voyager crew won't mutiny against Janeway, they should against the writers. [Chuck0]
Sheridan would never tell a sick/injured comrade to "Get better. That's an order!" [Chuck0]
The Federation fear the Borg, yet manages to create a weapon to destroy a species that can kick the Borg's butt. What gives? [Chuck0]
Babylon 5 fans are extremely sad that Ivanova is leaving the show. Kes leaving Voyager? YAWN. [Chuck0]
Were the Voyager writers ripping off Babylon 5 and it's first ones with that planet-killing technology? [Chuck0]
The FX on the season premiere of Voyager certainly looked like Babylon 5, too bad the characterization and writing and plot were no-shows. [Chuck0]
What has Star Wars done lately? The planet killing in Voyager looked alot like B5. [Chuck0]
socio/political/alien-culture analyisis vs. federation ideology [Bill]
On Bab 5, when somebody gets hurt, the makeup artists do more than mess up the actor's hair. [Orlock]
In B5, the people piloting the ships actually BUCKLE in! Hey Trek! Seat belts save lives! [GrimReaper]
Voyager : a flying bedpan with nacelles captained by a helium-voiced Hepburn-impersonator! [Dave "dot" COMmel]
The story line in B5 will come to an end. Voyager doesn't have a story line. [chris]
JMS gets email. [chris]
So Kes is an Ascendant. Can anyone say, "Jason Ironheart"? [Zarah]
Because people easily find hundreds of reasons why Babylon 5 is better than voyager and vice versa? [ranger one]
In B5 there is prejudice, like the real world. In VOY everybody just loves everybody else. [billybob]
That's a reason why Babylon 5 is better? I think that constitutes a miss. [Chuck0]
Voyager regularly receives massive structural damage and looks perfect 3 minutes later. [billybob]
...until the recent episodes, which shows that the Voyager writers read this list. [Chuck0]
B5's ads don't lie to me! [billybob]
The alien ships in the VOY premiere look like damn Vorlons! [billybob]
In VOY Earth is a crimeless utopia, in B5 it's a fascist dictatorship. [billybob]
In B5 you don't have the threat of war one week, then a story about the doctor the next. [billybob]
Telepaths don't close their eyes on B5. [billybob]
Minbari Fighting Pike (G) [Inanna Ishtar]
J'quon' eth plant vs. silly little box to replace narcotics. [Inanna Ishtar]
Marcus buying it vs. any of voyagers crew being revived by a new technobabble cheat. [Inanna Ishtar]
Rumour about Marcus dying and I want to cry. Rumour about Voy dying and I want to party. [Inanna Ishtar]
A universe full of fluid? Did the writers think of including a sonic boom shockwave at Warp .001? [Mr. Happy]
How come the former Borg has more personality & sexuality than the rest of the V'Ger crew? [Mr. Happy]
OMEGA-class destroyer: section-rotation'pulsecannon firein'fighter launchin' battleship. VOYAGER: junk [HYPERION ONE]
To Happy: Because she hasn't been assimilated by the Federation. [wraith]
Because I hate that stupid holodoctor. On B5, holograms are not PEOPLE! Or that cheezy! [O'Brien]
The Vorlons have more cryptic answers than "We are Borg." ["Meester" Morden]
Does Voyager have an extra dimensional Shuttle bay? Three episodes, two shuttles lost. [Wraith]
...which must mean that Neelix cooks from scratch because the replicators are busy making new shuttles. [Chuck0]
Voyager: Neoliberalism in space. [Chuck0]
Babylon 5 wouldn't have blown an opportunity to draw out the Voyager conflict with the Borg, or that interesting extra-dimensional species. [Chuck0]
Let's face it, Janeway's management style is dictatorial, with a sugar-coating of new age faux empathy. [Chuck0]
Voyager vs any B5 warship. [Up Theirs!]
After watching V'ger you remember the ads, not the show. [Priestess of Kosh]
A Starfury`s main gun is 20 megawatts in power, Voyager`s Phasers are 5.1 megawatts in power. [OverLord]
It takes Voyager 120 years to cross the galaxy, the White Star can do it in 2 weeks. [OverLord]
Mr. Morden vs. Seska. ["Meester" Morden]
I need stims to watch Voyager. [trekhater]
Voyager left Borg space - that was the most exciting storyline. [trekhater]
Not enough main characters die on Voyager. Neelix, Janeway, Kim, etc. [trekhater]
In B5 the fights are realistic. ST doesn't have any real fights. [ShadowWarrior]
B5 doesn't need to put a hot girl in tight Silver Spandex to boost ratings. [anonymous]
B5: No-one knows whats going to happen next, Voyeger: Knew before last week's show was over! [Lurkerx]
q [anonymous]
B5 ads aren't misleading [erikangel]
The Earth isn't perfect in B5, Voyager is so perfect it makes me puke! [Scott]
(To Chuck):Janeway has a management style now? Gee... maybe Voyager's getting better... [Lightman2]
B5 is a groundbreaking series (much like the original ST). Voy is a rehash of a rehash of a rehash. [Incarnadine]
Well at last count we have 693 reasons do we really need anymore well yes as long as VOYremains lame [SILNTSTRID]
ST: Dragging it's butt on putting in GLBT characters; B5: Ivanova and Talia [green tara]
B5's response to blatent sexuality: Woo Hoo!; V'Ger's Lt. Kim: Run Away! Run Away! [Mr. Happy]
In V'Gr (and the rest of ST) the Artificial Gravity *ALWAYS* works (even when nothing else does) [Rich G.]
In V'Gr, the computer circuits are printed on explosive circuit boards. [Rich G.]
In B5 the dock workers actually go on strike. [Rich G.]
In B5 the taverns are smoky, and have real music playing. [Rich G.]
B5 has Downbelow and Gray 17, where things get dirty. V'Gr looks like a Clean Room. [Rich G.]
B5: twenty-minute long naval engagements. VOY : one phasor blast per episode--if you're lucky. [Oracle]
You want to watch B5 alone in case you need to cry or laugh out loud. [CMP]
Voyager is best when watched with a bunch of drunk friends making fun of it. [CMP]
The Drew Carey Show mentions B5. [CMP]
There is a page dedicated to making fun of Voyager at pages.nyu.edu/~kes5149/msting.html. And B5..? ["Meester" Morden]
I was just going to say that, Voyager would be more interesting if MST3000 parodied it. [Chuck0]
Voyager drinking game: Quaff a beer each time a shuttle is lost; B5 drinking game: Beer is drunk after watching the episode. [Chuck0]
I watch Vger (boring) to catch B5 commercials (exciting). [trekhater]
Because Commander Ivanova could kick Janeway's ass clear across the galaxy. [Chuck0]
James T. Kirk would admire the B5 crew, he would make the Vger crew walk the plank. [trekhater]
B5: Commercials crap in between acts V'ger: Acts crap in between commericals! [erikangel]
Star furies do excellent 3D manouvers with realistic inertia. Voager kinda sits there and fires. [The Steve]
Babylon 5 looks like Arthur Clarke's Rama, Voyager looks like a Volkswagen. [Victor]
Would Janeway say that she is the right hand vengence for God? [Lounge Lizzard]
Have you ever regretted NOT taping an episode of Voyager? [madman]
Because we can trash Voyager faster than they can write. [anonymous2]
Who would you rather see in jammies, Sheridan or Janeway ? [Detroit_Kitty]
Ivanova is the right hand of vengance. Harry Kim is predictable. [Zarah]
Even Trekkers can't stand Voyager. [Galena Olney]
On B-5 crew members don't park their ass on the control boards. [Nerroon]
What's the difference between a holodeck set & a alien planet set? NONE! [erikangel]
Janeway: We want to go home Sheriden: We're going home! [erikangel]
I surf the Internet to see what could happen next on B5. I don`t know if there is any Vger Website. [Silberstürmer]
Bester could make Tuvok and his little 90210 in space prodigy squeal like pigs..... long live Bester. [Wes] Harkness for ISN
Babylon 5 has more then one toilet. [man with runs]
On B5, you don't have a god asking the Cap'n for sex. [Rich G.]
On B5, the Captain isn't a walking encyclopedia who knows more than everyone else combined. [Rich G.]
Why can't starfleet ever get a captain like Sheridan? [Tang]
B5 make me wonder and think, Voyager make me laugh. [Tang]
Voyager watchers could never find 737 reasons why Trek is better than B5. [Neeko]
To detroit_kitty: personally I don't want to see either in jammies but if given a choice i would. [SINLTSTRID]
Rather see sheridan in jammies. [SINLTSTRID]
Keepers: They kind of grow on you! [erikangel]
B5: new & original V'ger: So your grandfather worked for the franchise too?! [erikangel]
We know what happens in the final B5 ep 2.5 season ahead of time and still care! [jfulb]
V'ger hath no fights like a Vorlon scorned. [Babylonian]
On Star Trek, they have to tolerate bad ambassadors. On B5, they kill bad ambassadors. [soporific]
Babylonian Productions actually likes the idea of fans: Paramount likes only the idea of more money. [Vito Yoder]
JMS said in a recent magazine interview that he really listens to what the fans say. I don't think we can say that about Star Trek Writing Corporation. [Chuck0]
Cause Babylon 5 give me two episodes in a row where I can find something to cry about. [Chuck0]
No holographic or Genetically enhanced doctors. [DCMS]
B5: Earth bombs rebels into submission; ST: talks them into submission. [DCMS]
Babylon 5 shows a comprehensive understanding of politics, while Voyager has cardboard politics. [Chuck0]
Why does Voyager only find races that are hostile or need help? Are there no equals? [Chuck0]
Because Babylon 5 isn't afraid to explore dark human issues like tyranny and control by the state. [Chuck0]
Would Voyager ever do an ep like "The Illusion of Truth," or "BtDaL," or "Endgame?" [June]
B5: Actions have consequences. Voyager: what is this word "consequences?" [soporific]
B5:influenced by Tolkein V'ger:influenced by money. [Babylonian]
Let's hope that Voyager's next spatial anomaly swallows them up for good! [sascifi]
With either show diffusion will happen, B5: intelligence goes from the TV to your brain. [do I have to finish? MKONECSNI]
On ST:V shuttles spontaneously create themselves (they've lost HOW MANY so far)? B5: Replicators? [Waldeaux]
Why Jennifer Lien (Kes) left Voyager: Because she decided she wanted to be an actress. [Frankie the Tux]
...or Berman actually having the skill to write something like that. [Oracle]
Remember G'Kar's final monologue from Za'Ha'Dum? Now picture Janeway's voice doing it! Yuk! [Oracle]
To Vito Yoder: Paramount is a money hungry slave driven corporation i should know i worked for them. [SILNTSTRID]
Another reason why B5 is cooler than ST is they don't make an issue out of homosexuality. [Coyote Wiley Coyote]
If B5 got a holodeck Sheridan wouldn't waste his time doing soppy "Jane Eyre" stories. [Priestess of Kosh]
On B5 the Maquis wouldn't be 're-educated' but told you're the type we want - go kick Shadow butt' [Priestess of Kosh]
B5: Draal needs to be dusted occasionally; V'ger: Script needs to be dusted frequently. [erikangel]
Strawzynski can use the word "boffed" in a dramatic scene! [erikangel]
Now that Kes has evolved into a higher lifeform she can be in Babylon 5's universe. [Frankie the Tux]
Marcus is self sacrificing, Janeway is too stupid to die. [mkonecsni]
Babylon 5: Inorder to have Gavity on a ship a section must rotate, in ST:Voy you just flip a switch [Legate]
In Babylon 5 you have Heros. In ST:Voy you have Zeros. [Legate]
B5 = A point of light on my T.V. screen - Voyager = a blank screen. [ACE]
Because Voyager has only two reasons to watch: Jeri Ryan's Front & Jeri Ryan's Rear. [CARTMEN, STAN, KENNY, & KYLE]
... and B'Lanna is dating a pathetic, whiny loser [Chuck0]
B-5 characters change and grow. On Voyager, everyone is in stasis. [Saeros]
B5 ends in fire..voyager just ends. [Mind_Walker]
B5: People assimilated by the bad guys can't be helped. Voyager: they become the new sex symbol. [Snarf]
If Clark were running the Federation, Janeway probably wouldn't break away to oppose him. [Snarf]
The crew of B5 wouldn't be forced to abandon the station by Klingon wanna-be's with bad hair. [Snarf]
TO PRIESTESS: Sheridan would get a real hobby and not waste time on a holodeck! [Snarf]
Other 1/2 wanted him shot. [Harbinger AKA SILNTSTRID]
for a peoples first adments rights so lets keep coming up with reasons this is so much fun. [Harbinger AKA] SILNTSTRID
B5 is better because Sheridan freed earth from a tryannical dictator 1/2 the people love him the. [Harbinger AKA SILNTSTRID]
I think we are lucky that Paramount hasn't tryed to shut this site down since they have no regard [Harbinger AKA SILNTSTRID]
I saw Air Farce One. It had Voyager theme. Not exactly a praise to either. [KKoivusalo]
Neelix. The only reason you need. [Anthony Kelly]
Could you see Tuvok watching Daffy Duck? [erikangel]
Chakotay vs. Jason Ironheart: If you were an Indian who would you feel more proud of? [Snarf]
B5 characters are spurred to action by their principles V'ger characters just hide behind them. [Snarf]
B5 references classic literature. Voyager only references Kipling's "White Man's Burden" [Snarf]
B5 makes reference to Dilbert! [Snarf}
Dilbert sucks! He's a tool of management! [Chuck0, sorry for the editorial comment]
Sheridan is the only one to come back from the dead. And it,s only for 20 years and then he just stops. [CJ]
White Stars are elegant and deadly - V'ger shuttles - no comparison. [Priestess of Kosh]
B5 characters tell jokes, V'ger is a joke. [Priestess of Kosh]
Would STV writers have a virgin sacrifice to bring Chakotay back from the dead? [Alocer]
Ships that have (gasp) momentum! [SpikeX]
TO SNARF: You're right- (grin), Sheridan would blow the holodeck (everybody now) STRAIGHT TO HELL! [Priestess of Kosh]
I miss Ivanova. Who would you miss on Vger if you don't miss the whole show? [jkonecsni]
The character development isn't signposted for the viewers. [Anthony Kelly]
Check out: pages.nyu.edu/~kes5149. And I found this on yahoo`s star trek page! Judge for yourself. [Ivanova jr.]
B5 doesn't need a "temporal anomaly" for everthing to go straight to hell. [Zarah]
B5 moves people when Gkar makes his we will be free speech. I want to go fight for Narn. [lordrefa]
one line "itzilzar vennin in valens name" eric. [lordrefa]
You can tell the difference between B5 reruns and new episodes. Voyager--they just blur together. [Snarf]
Janeway said it best: "Who says deus ex machina is an outmoded form of literary expression?" [Snarf]
Doctors on B5 actually have to perform surgery instead of waving a magic wand over a patient. [Snarf]
This week's V'ger actually had a decent villain, but they'll still screw up the story anyway. [Snarf]
When the networks give it a 11:35 time slot because B5 is going to cable I still don't miss an ep. [llamaguy]
I HATE episodes of anything where they alter time so none of it ever happened. [llamaguy]
You know, the year of hell eps on STVoyager were good, but they screw everything up. I say we boycott it. [Harbinger]
re #746, Because Starfleet HATES free thought!(god forbid) [ARES]
B5 has better looking male asses than Vger. [MistressP]
"Year of Hell?" Yup. Another recycled plot device and another "consequence-free" ending. Yawn. [Oracle]
After watching the disappointing ending of Year of Hell, I decided I could skip this week's Voyager and not miss anything. [Chuck0]
Voyager had an ep. called "Year of Hell" B5 could be titled "Five Years of Hell." [Prestess of Babylon]
Talia Winters - the best looking Teep to show up on NYPD Blue. [keiferuzi@aol.com]
Wow a 2 Part Episode of Voyager, that was fairly good, and at the end....Nothing Happened...Yawn! [Neroon]
Babylon 5 is about consequences and responsibility. Voyager is about blindly following the orders of a meglomainiac. Mutiny anyoone? [Chuck0]
To Mind_Walker: Voyager ends? We can only hope, and the sooner the better! [Zathras]
B5 has a direction, Voyager dosn't (Probably because they don't know space has 3 dimentions. [Zack]
Well Voyager has one person who does free thinking, 7 of 9 she actually say what she feels. I give a couple of episodes before she is totally brainwashed by the Federaton. [Harbinger AKA SILENT STRIDER]
re: #746 and #823: Actually, they had one (Kirk) but Janeway thinks he wasn't Starfleet material [anonymous]
What do I want, Mr. Morden? How 'bout Tuvok hooked up to a Shadow vessel! [Snarf]
Two words: lizard babies! (DEVO was right!) [Snarf]
Voyager: Like chili before a space walk, you know whats coming and its going to stink! [erikangel]
Kes was so boring that she was replaced by a BORG, hummm? [cnovela@cafeina.net]
Babylon 5 doesn't feel inadequate enough to blow up it's competitor. (The weapon in year of hell) [tedrick0]
Because Babylon5...Babylon5 endures. [Nick]
Because V'Gers only cause of wanting to get better is to earn more money. [Nick]
ISN broadcasted Voyager episodes on Earth during Clark's regime. [anonymous]
On B5, it's admitted that everything is not perfect and optimism is about doing something about it. [anonymous]
B5: Never know who your friends are. Voyager: Trust the Federation. The Federation is your friend. [Lisa]
Bester's more annoying than Q! [Lisa]
On B5, characters change from friendlies to villians almost weekly. [Lisa]
On Voyager, Villians change weekly but the main characters stay the same. [Lisa]
ST:V has aliens that appear once and are never spoken of again, B5 has the coolness of the Pakma-Ra! [Pakma-Ra Ambassador]
In B5 the criminals become mindwiped from watching STV the viewers become braindead [Nick]
In V'Gr, they read the tech manuals to each other and put us to sleep. [Rich G.]
Character Development! Would V'Gr ever have time to show someone like Cartagia? [Rich G.]
Londo & G'Kar can read the phonebook to each other and we would still be interested. [Rich G.]
Or his 'shadow cabinet'? [Rich G.]
Remember Londo and G'Kar stuck in the elevator? V'Gr has boring turbolifts. [Rich G.]
If Janeway jumped down a hole, instead of saving her, Lorien would flee for the Rim. [Zathras]
Then again, if Voyager wanted to rip that storyline off, killing off Janeway might improve Vger. [Zathras]
Betray Janeway and get a stern lecture, piss off Ivanova and you get shot on sight! [erikangel]
B5's Bad Ones (Rifa, Morden etc) have better hairstyles than V'ger villains. [Priestess of Kosh]
B5 will have Penn and Teller during season 5. [Wiz]
B5:Exciting and dramatic opening credits ST:V:Wake me up in an hour when they're over. [mash]
B5 presumes that adults are watching the show Voyager think we're all semi-literate teens in heat. [Linda]
Seven of Nine is a hot babe? Heck, if I wanted hot babes I'd watch babewatch. [Chuck0]
The babes on Baywatch have more interesting lines then 7 o 9. [Chuck0]
I haven't watched Voyager since the time bandit episode? Did I miss anything, or are they showing the previous season in an infinite Trek loop? [Chuck0]
B5 needs no holodeck to break down and supply the crew with something to do every other week. [Dracthyus]
"get this cheese to sickbay" [a lonely vorlon]
Can you imagine ANYONE on Voyager being cryptic, or just anything other than flat and open. [Lord Vetinari]
Meanwhile, Kosh's monosyllables are both more insightful and confusing than any voyager engineer. [Lord Vetinari]
Babylon 5 actually follows military tradition (flight pay, fox five, ethics of rebellion) [Lord Vetinari]
Enemy ships: B-5: As big as death and twice as ugly; ST: a big cube? [Lord Vetinari]
One word: Hugo. [Lord Vetinari]
Sheridan built a coalition of aliens who wanted to destroy each other. [Snarf]
Janeway only manages to piss off every group of aliens she encounters. [Snarf]
On B5, having a senior officer who uses hallucinogens is considered a fairly serious problem. [Snarf]
On Voyager, having a senior officer who uses hallucinogens is considered a one-time plot device. [Snarf]
B5: Humans will evolve into beings of pure energy who guide other races to enlightenment. [Snarf]
Voyager: Humans evolve into salamanders (but then again, that is a step up for a V'ger character) [Snarf]
Gene Roddenberry would have watched B5--and not just to steal ideas. [Snarf]
Shadows and Vorlons shoot craps with Borg ships! [Snarf]
MST3000 mentions Babylon-5. [ST: Rebel without a clue]
Neil Gaiman is writing an ep for and is an inspiration for who...? [ST: Rebel without a clue]
B-5 spends a year and a half to build a race (Markab), then kills all of them to give us a cool show. [ST: Rebel without a clue]
Humans in B5's future will not *evolve* into slugs! [Priestess of Kosh]
STV: (Insert any line of any character from any episode) B5: Faith Manages. [Lightman2]
Shadow and Vorlon ships are impressive Borg ships are Rubik's cubes in space. [Linda]
When Star Furies are lost in battle, B5's defenses are depleted. [Linda]
When ST shuttles are destroyed, replacements magically reappear, like they did on Space 1999. [Linda]
Janeway : Make it so. Is this real?!!! [Tiger]
Two Words: Hugo Hugo. [Mr. Happy]
Which person would you LEAST want to be trying to get you? Garibaldi or Tuvok? [Mr. Happy]
Self-Destruct Mechanisms: B5: Ram the planet, Take out 2.5 Billion, 500 Megaton Thermonuclear Bomb. [Mr. Happy]
The Borg still haven't adapted to PPG's . [Fleet Captain Lennan]
To Lord Vetiari: B5 actually has enlisted personal in EA unlike the federation who has nothing but. [Harbinger]
Officers is it me or does that lose some of the distinction of being an officer but thats just me. [Harbinger]
You know I bet Gene Rodenberry is spinning is grave about STV. [Harbinger]
Self-Destruct Mechanisms: V'Ger: The often-used shower of sparkles. Ohh Pretty! [Mr. Happy]
V'ger characters have tea & coffee, B5 has Drazi keggers! [erikangel]
JMS built an arc out of his universe, Paramount built a casino theirs! [erikangel]
Three words: NO KIDS ALLOWED! [ferrio@execpc.com]
Voyager: less filling. Babylon 5: great taste. [ferrio@execpc.com]
Because only on B5 can we find someone with enough cahones to tell an ancient race where to go. [ferrio@execpc.com]
If TV shows were epic novels: B5="The Odyssey", STV="The little engine that could" [TechnoMage]
Janeway's trump card: "Strong yet feminine" (or so they tell us) Now, compare her to Delenn. [TechnoMage]
B5 Romance: Two people, building a relationship over the course of 3 years. [TechnoMage]
STV romance: Two people, in space suits running out of oxygen get feelings for each other. [TechnoMage]
pace suits runningB5-Best show ever made. Voyager-Brings shame to a minivan. [TechnoMage]
Two months with no Voyager: Cause for celebration. Two months with no B5: Sign of the Apocalypse. [Lightman2]
ONE THING B-5 has ST Never thought of SEATBELTS ! [Ranaman]
B5 Rangers: Martial arts experts who fly starships into combat. [Snarf]
Voyager Security: Gets its butt kicked regularly and can't even bring a shuttle back intact. [Snarf]
When was the last time you saw Garibaldi attempt to infiltrate a crime ring--in full uniform!? [Snarf]
Any B5 episode featuring Leonardo da Vinci would actually DO something with him in the story! [Snarf]
I watch B5 to entertain me while I'm ironing (and it does a fantastic job!) [Schririgalysa]
One word: "Absofragginlutely"! [The Kit's Meow]
Self-Destruct Mechanisms: V'Ger: Pretty explosions seen every other week. [Mr. Happy]
If there's an episode dealing with a character's crisis of faith, JMS would use an actual religion. [Mr. Happy]
TO TECHNOMAGE: For that matter, compare Janeway to Ivanova! [Snarf]
hr color=#a80000>B5's Lt. Corwin has matured as an officer in 3 years. Harry Kim is still clueless! [Snarf]
Janeway's supposed to be a scientist, yet she's commanding a combat vessel and hunting rebels? [Snarf]
B5: People frozen in stasis for centuries actually need to adjust psychologically and physically! [Snarf]
Voyager: We were taken by aliens for use as slaves and frozen for 400 years? What's for lunch? [Snarf]
Superpowerful beings on B5 either aid or deceive the younger races. [Linda]
On V'ger, a superpowerful being hits on the captain. [Linda]
Voyager can't keep it's telepaths alive, B5's telepaths can kill first ones. [shadow ghost]
Kes will live only 9 yrs, Lyta'll probably last a million. [shadow ghost]
I am a long time ST fan, but Voyager and DS9 make me weep Babylon 5 is the best thing on tv. [TIM S.]
I look forward to reading this website as much as I look forward to Babylon 5 . [TIM S.]
Babylon 5 Intelligence and CONTINUITY. STV & DS9: NONE with the original ST. [TIM S.]
Tuvok vs Spock, never mind Tuvok vs Bester. [TIM S.]
Ok here is an oldy but a goody reason B5 is better then STV it just is reasons are to many to list [Harbinger AKA SILNTSTRID]
This is getting pretty Sick 1,000 here we come. [Neroon]
Neelix comes within a hair of suicide, Next Week New Recipies...my how Scarring. [Neroon]
The "butt" scene Delenn: "I butt, he butts, you butt" [shadow ghost]
Harry may be a babe, but Lyta's already whuped his butt.(ST:V ep. Favorite Son) [shadow ghost]
B5 has cool battles between great fleets and we get to watch, on ST we take their word it happened. [Turboshaaft]
The Battle of the Line versus Wolf 359. [Fleet Captain Lennan]
Warp Drive versus Jump Gates. [Fleet Captain Lennan]
Sheridan - Teddy Roosevelt in space. Janeway - Martha Stewart in space. [TIM S.]
Can you imagine Tuvok say "let's just hold hands and sing Kum-by-yah" in the middle of crisis? [galina K]
Babylon 5= classic sci-fi odyssey in the making... Voyager= classic flop in the works! [londomoll]
B5 military= kickass space marines, die hard Rangers, honor bound warlords with a death wish... [londomoll]
Every Voyager episode is centered around a single character, B5, well.... [MadManJoe]
Voyager would never have the cajones to show us where the ST universe will be in a thousand years. [Lightman2]
Heck, what am I thinking? They probably don't know what'll be in the next episode they SCRIPT yet... [Lightman2]
On a whitestar ship you steer by crystal on Vg'er, it's a touchscreen from an ATM [doc konecsni]
Babylon 5 has a plot. [jessica]
Absofraginglutely Dammit!!!! [DWA]
Ivanova and Lyta would get it where as Janeway should just get killed. [DWA]
ST:The Federation is your friend. Have`nt I heard the same thing about the Psi Core? [Ivanova jr.]
STV: 7 of 9's silver spandex. B5: Lyta's LEATHER VEST! (drool). [Basara]
Any of the the Babylon 5 female characters are sexier than 7 of 9. [Chuck0]
B5 has the guts to show human ships with no gravity. [Chuck0]
When B5 shows a tragedy like the Earth-Minbari War, it really seems like a tragedy. [Chuck0]
Gee....Script-writers in ST must be spoo in disguise....(whine) [Spoo Rancher]
Would Sheridan EVER be caught flushing boogiemen out from under some brat's bed? NAH!! [TIM S.]
I swear, that STV episode with Neelix and that kid was the Last Straw!!!! [TIM S.]
I hope that Star Trek ride out in Vegas is'nt as dull as Voyager is! [TIM S.]
Can you imagine what a Babylon 5 ride would be like? Would anyone live through it? [TIM S.]
If Voyager gets a movie, ST fans will probably be up in arms. ["Meester" Morden]
B5 actually shows that humans can actually be bad guys. ["Meester" Morden]
Star Fleet is a "military" organization. [Banshee]
Sheridan still missed his wife even after Z'Ha'Dum. Anyone hear from Mr. Janeway lately? [Snarf]
For that matter, B5 characters seem much better-developed as far as their internal life goes. [Snarf]
Sheridan: Sees a less-developed planet under attack, starts a war with a vastly superior race. [Snarf]
Can Voyager fans come up with ~1000 reasons why their show is better than B5? [Snarf]
Janeway: Sees a less-developed planet under attack, and uses the Prime Directive to cover her ass. [Snarf]
If dramatic content was dynamite, V'ger wouldn't have enough to blow up Neelix! [erikangel]
If dramatic content was dynamite, B5 would be a Vorlon planet killer!!! [erikangel]
A cybernetic inflatable doll in spandex every day is not sensual. [Linda]
A Minbari ambassador in a simple satin negliee on one night *is*. [Linda]
Do people on Voyager ever get death blossoms? [tika]
Would anybody care what happened before the first episode of Voyager? [Lightman2]
"No one who saw them fighting .. the inevitable could help but be moved to tears at their courage" [Oracle]
"When they ran out of ships they used guns. When they ran out of guns they used knives, and sticks" [Oracle]
Now, would our 'Evolved' and 'Enlightened" federation have showed such courage? I think not. [Oracle]
On voyager, everybody listens to Neelix. ON b5, NOBODY EVER listens to Zathras ! [galina K]
STV characters are shallow, B5 have depth. [The Pretender]
Did yah ever get mad about missing a STV episode?!? [The Pretender]
Did you ever get mad that you didn't set the VCR right to tape a first season episode of Voyager? [Chuck0]
Just great graphics. [T.J.]
Memo to Paramount: Please send all the Voyager reruns to Mike Nelson, Crow and Tom Servo!! [Tim S.]
I wish Bill Clinton was like Sheridan or G'Kar! [Tim S.]
If Garibaldi & Zathras had a transporter accident, Zathribaldi would be cooler than Tuvix. [shadows@zahadum.com]
My ex-girlfriend LIKES Janeway. [BadBilly]
Sheridan's portrait hangs on the walls in Klingon homes. [Tim S.]
Sheridan's birthday is a national holiday on Romulus. [Tim S.]
B5: The first truly original TV SF in years. Voyager: a spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff. [Snarf]
Sheridan: Civil War general, WWII tank. Janeway: multi-level marketing scam. [Snarf]
B5 didn't steal plot devices and an entire premise from Red Dwarf! [Snarf]
For that matter, why don't we name Voyager's Doctor "Rimmer"? [Snarf]
B5 is not lost. [Dead space fly]
Let's see, if I were on Voyager and I had replicators which could make me a new shuttle every week, wouldn't it make sense to build a message probe and launch it on a direct line for the alpha quadrant? This would make sense seeing how Vyger has to stop at every planet to pursue Janeway's ongoing cultural exchanges. [Chuck0]
Who would you rather see naked on the bridge: Tuvok or Ivanova? [erikangel]
If you found out Voyager was only going to be on cable would you run to get your tv hooked up. [bruce]
Lorien vs. Q... I think Lorien wins. [DrStevans]
B5 has Flounder, Tomalak, and Will Robinson. Voyager has, um, nobody. [DrStevans]
The woman who runs the dockworkers union on B5 is tougher than Janeway!! [Tim S.]
Sheridan and (Ivanova, Delenn, G'Kar, Garibaldi, hell, even Londo) in 2000!!!! [Tim S.]
God bless TNT!!! God D__n Paramount!!! [Tim S.]
Shadows could kick Borg butt. [Chani]
'Cuz Babylon 5 reruns are more exciting than new eps. of Voyager. ["Meester" Morden]
Vger has good special effects. B5 has a great story. [Silbersturmer]
Babylon 5 has excellent special effects and an excellent story! [Chuck0]
Vger makes episodes. B5 makes history. [Silbersturmer]
B5 fans doesn`t wonder how many toilets the station has. [Silbersturmer]
7 of 9 pulled a Sheridan move. electro-shocking the bad guy while Janeway was blabbing! [Tim S.]
"Good! Let's Eat!" [Tim S.]
The only kids we've seen on B5 actually act like kids, not Federation zombies! [Snarf]
Londo makes deal with Shadows, must live with consequences. Janeway deals with Borg--no consequences! [Snarf]
Sheridan on Voyager: They'd be home by now, and the Borg would have joined the Federation! [Snarf]
Janeway on B5: Shadows conquer galaxy by end of season 3 (if Ivanova didn't space her first!) [Snarf]
Because V'Ger stories use a B5 fix-it kit: Organic ships, computer made ships, shadow/vorlon bad guy. [erikangel]
Hubble images: V'Ger uses them as screen displays in ASTROMETRICS or whatever! [erikangel]
Hubble images: B5 uses them as backgrounds for some pretty impressive space battles! [erikangel]
Cos it's time to do yet another page. [Babyl onian]
You'd think that programmers able to create holo-doctors would give them better personalities than Oscar the Grouch and Grover. [Frankie the Tux]
One Word: Byron (Upped the slobber factor ) [Purple]
A na'ka'leen feeder would starve to death on Voyager! [soporific]
Only Babylon 5 could make "Who are you?" and "What do you want?" into plot-driving questions. ["Meester" Morden]
You don`t even have to watch V`ger to find out what happened.Just read this list. [Ivanova jr.]
V'ger will die once the $$$ goes (soon). B5 can't be killed. [mkonecsni]
I had the 1000th reason! Do I win a trip to B5? [Tim S.]
Yes. As soon as Zathras travels through time to fetch you. [Chuck0]
Unfortunately, Star Trek, like most long-established institutions, is going stale. [Tim S.]
Voyager finally had a good, funny episode that didn't end like Gilligan's Island (the holodoctor visits the Romulans), but it is too little, too late [Chuck0]
If the shows were like music, B5 would be something by Wagner while Voyager would be something by the Spice Girls. [Douglas Jackson]
B5's format allows for great recurring characters like Bester, Neroon and Zathras. STV cannot have them, except for Q. [Tim S.]
The new head of Earth Alliance Security - Michael GariBALDY!!!! [Tim S.]
You don't cry if one of Voyagers' characters die. [anonymous]
G'Kar: paraphrases Ecclesiastes and Romans. Chakotay: makes up stories and pretends he's quoting someone. [Galina K]
B5: Londo's dreams not only are prophetic, but also show us the psyche of a character... V'ger a dream is really an unending nightmare. [Wyrd]
Voyager's no competition, how about 500 reasons why Babylon 5 is better than .. Touched by an Angel? [Tim S.]
B5 shows a non-commissioned officer as a prominent character, and knows the difference between a 1st and 2nd lieutenant. STV never shows anyone lower than an ensign (who will never be promoted) [Eowen]
When people on Voyager have a problem they talk to their imaginary animal friend; when people on B5 have problems they talk to each other! [Tirtzah]
Babylon 5 will take it's place in sci-fi history next to Star Wars and the original Star Trek [soporific]
Voyager will take it's place in sci-fi history as a footnote, if it's lucky. [soporific]
On B5, non-Terran religions are not only shown in a positive light, but they're comprehensible and interesting. On V'ger, not even the Klingon faith can get that kind of treatment! [Andrea]
B5: SF in the tradition of E.E. "Doc" Smith. V'Ger: SF in the tradition of Aaron Spelling [Snarf]
Even the villains on B5 have plausible reasons for doing what they do! Nobody on V'Ger knows what they're doing, much less why! [Snarf]
Watching B5 makes me want to join Earthforce or the Rangers! I really don't get all that excited about Starfleet watching Voyager. [Snarf]
To call Voyager the "Battlestar Galactica" of the '90's would be a grave insult to Battlestar Galactica! [Snarf]
If Voyager had referred to an episode a couple of series ago, everyone would have forgotten about it. [Babylonian]
B5 wasn't stupid enough to get lost in the delta quadrant. [Chani]
B5 senior staff: superior military and political leaders. Voyager senior staff: Radio Shack Assistant Managers! [Snarf]
On B5, when there's an immensely powerful alien race, they bring out the Rangers. On Voy, they bring out the nanoprobes. ["Meester" Morden]
Then again...can anytihng on Voyager be described as "immensely powerful?" ["Meester" Morden]
Is anyone on Voyager eloquent enough to write a Constitution, a Bill of Rights or a Declaration of Principles like G'Kar? I think not. [Tim S.]
Da Vinci would find anyone from Babylon 5 better company anyway!!!! [Tim S.]
I'm bored with Da Vinci's studio, tell Janeway to go somewhere else for a change, like the deck of the Titanic! [Tim S.]
Of course Starfuries are more impressive than Fed shuttlecraft. Hell, they're more impressive than X-wings(and I'm a SW fan)! [Linda]
Voyager doesn't get rescued by a Major Network, The Major TV Network guts its own show by bad characters and bad writing. [Chris D.]
Because blank videotape manufacturers love the fans of B5! [erikangel]
TO MORDEN (re #1048): Only one thing can--the foul, Stygian stench emitted by the scripts! [Snarf]
Can you picture a White Star having its engine stolen by unknown aliens? V'ger lost its warp core that way once! [Snarf]
Kids on B5: Tell me about the great Shadow War! Kids on V'ger (if there ever are any): Are we there *yet*!? [Snarf]
G'Kar: Lizard-man Thomas Jefferson in space. Tom Paris: Lounge-lizard George Jefferson in space! [Snarf]
They don't even show Human religions positively on Voyager, much less Alien religions! [Tim S.]
Where else but B5 would you have a character nuke his REAL wife. [dmach@hiwaay.net]
Babylon 5 always has more than one thing going on in the episode to make it more interesting. [Ivanova]
Janeway brakes the rules, Babylon 5 rebels and makes its own. [Elk]
I love Star Trek, but Voyager gives me the shits, give me B5 and DS9 any day over Voyager, Kate Mulgrew is a cow, Terry Farrell and Claudia Christian are kick ass babes. [Elk]
Cool Star Furies, ugly shuttles. [Coleman]
Voyager sucks because "Making movies not Zathras strongest skill" [Galina K]
Babylon 5 was pre-empted on President's Day! God forbid they should pre-empt wrestling!! [Tim S.]
Physiological changes: V'Ger: Wave a wand and "poof" you're a Romulan; B5: sit in a cocoon for a month and then try to figure out hair...and cramps! [erikangel]
Voyager writers don't understand "including sexuality" doesn't mean "a whole episode about 7 of 9 getting raped." ["Meester" Morden]
B5 Characters actually have "SEX" - and in non-PC situations vs ST Tease. [Dragon Lady]
7 of 9 is the only Voyager character that could transfer to Babylon 5 and fit in. [Tim S.]
Sheridan's Earth Alliance is a more realistic version of the Federation. [Tim S.]
STV has this little problem with the laws of physics. B5 is theoretically possible, even jumpgates! [Afraid of Spoo]
Only on Voyager could you get busted for SAVING THE FRIGGIN SHIP AND EVERYONE ON BOARD!!! ["Meester" Morden]
Seven said it best "[Janeway is] afraid of...individuality." ["Meester" Morden]
G'quon wrote: there's no greater darkness than the soul that has lost its way (like star trek) [Victor]
B5 realises that old age can bring wisdom (Old Delenn). Anybody out of nappies on Voyager? [Babylonian]
Hyperspace. Need I say more? [Chani]
Anla-shok: 'nuff said. [Starbuck]
On B5, important characters who have left or died are referred to weeks or sometimes seasons later on V'ger: Kes? Who's Kes? [Linda]
On VGER "hull integrity remains, even at 0%." On B5, ships and the station actually suffer REAL DAMAGE. [waldeaux]
Why if you replace Janeway with Barney the show will have a chance. [Galina K.]
How long does anyone think Harry Kim would last down in the Brown or Grey levels of B5? [Tim S.]
Janeway is so goody-goody she makes Mother Theresa look evil!! [Tim S.]
Bo and Mac make for a cooler maintenance crew than Torres, Ensign Cameo, and Q combined. [Lightman2]
Babylon 5 : Our last best hope for peace. Seven of Nine: Our last best hope for Voyager. [Galina K.]
Babylon 5 echoes great classics as Rama, Foundation and Dune. Voyager doesn't echoes not even the classic Star Trek. [Victor]
After Babylon 5, George Lucas will have to try real hard to surprise us this time and I'm not exaggerating!!! [Victor]
In Voyager you're a prisoner under the command of authoritarian robots, In Babylon 5 you're a warrior, an explorer, the savior of the universe and president of Earth!!! [Victor]
You can watch Babylon 5 in Russia, in Lebanon and here in Brazil too!! The last time we saw Star Trek here, Captain Kirk was in charge!! [Victor]
Unlike Janeway, John Sheridan never got a "Dear John" letter. [Galina K.]
Plot complexity : On b5: you miss one line and you are confused for the rest of the season. On voyager: you catch last 5 minutes of the episode and you already understand the entire episode. [Galina K]
On Bab5, security actually solves crimes using proven investigative techniques. Voyager security lets the command crew wander aimlessly about 'till they stumble on the solution. [Wanderer]
Mack and Bo. They just do their job. Doesn't matter if there's a huge enemy breaching pod on the other side of the hull. Security can handle it. We'll just crawl out of here and fix the church. [Jeff]
JMS: "This show is not Star Trek" Thank God. [Jeff]
Sheridan: "What do you mean they're raising the rent on my quarters" Janeway: "I think I'll sleep in Leonardo's Workshop tonight" REALITY CHECK. [Jeff]
White Stars don't use GEL for navigation. [Galina K.]
Organic Technology. [Chani]
Kes vs Lyta. [White Star 2]
Voyager: They're trying to get home, yet always travel real slow... [anonymous]
Janeway does not understand that chasing down and killing an innocent man is not the only way to make Seven feel at home. [Galina K]
Babylon 5 aliens: G'Kar, Shadows, Kosh etc. Voyager aliens : somebody with a PLAY-DOH nose!! [Tim S.]
He Violated Me, on V'Ger means having nanoprobes stolen. On Babylon 5, it would mean RAPE. [Tim S.]
John Sheridan, Aka Starkiller. Catherine Janeway, Aka Aunt Blabby!! [Tim S.]
Oh my God, you haven't really killed Neelix! You Bastards! [Shadowknight]
Babylon 5 can take the Comet Empire, the Cylons and the Death Star for breakfest!! :^) [Victor]
How many years since Kirk, and they still haven't found a new voice for the computer. [erikangel]
Characters who appear only once on B5 are never forgotten: Bo and Mack, Technomages, Jason Ironheart, Mr Adams, Rebo and Zooty, etc. [Soporific]
Re: #1055. A V'ger script is the only thing that smells worse than a Pak'mara. [Linda]
Re: #1082. Harry Kim is a pushover in any galaxy. How long do you think *Tuvok* would last in Brown or Gray Levels? I give him an hour, at most. [Linda]
Q brings a beach bum from Woodstock, the Vorlons bring Jack the Ripper. [Hidoshi]
"The Killing Game" was the most expensive episode of ST ever. Couldn't they afford a writing & editing staff? ["Meester" Morden]
Byron. Berman and Taylor would KILL for a character that good. [Tim S.]
Voyager will NEVER inspire anyone to take the time to do a great web site like this (Thank You ChuckO). [Tim S.]
I thought they had sunk as low as they could... then 7 of 9 started singing!!!!!! [Tim S.]
On Babylon 5, you will NEVER see - Delenn as a Torch Singer, Sheridan as a Nazi, G'Kar as a Bartender or anyone fragging around in a Holo-Fantasy!!! [Tim S.]
Did Voyager really have these things on an ep?! I haven't watched it in several months. [Chuck0]
Space Seven of Nine for saving Voyager! [Galina K]
On B5, the entire universe is sentient. On Voyager, it is still unclear whether the CREW is sentient. [Galina K]
B5 is now in it's 5th season as an independent program. Voyager wouldn't have lasted 1 without being part of the Trek franchise. [anon]
Babylon 5: "A dream given form". Voyager:"A ship of tears"? [Galina K]
ANY female of ANY species on B5 could kick Tuvok's butt (which isn't half as nice as Garibaldi's). [Long Live Women's Lib!]
For a Klingon, Janeway makes a very good Pak'ma'ra Dinner. [Mr. Happy]
The only time I have ever cheered on Nazis -- When they shoot Nelix (Do it again!) [Mr. Happy]
Babylon 5 has a consistent TIME-LINE! How many Zephram Chocranes do exist in Star Trek?? [Victor]
If an important character dies on Voyager, and nobody seen the episode, is that character still dead? [Galina K]
Kosh says things that would make a Tamarian proud. Neelix gives speeches that would bring shame to a Pakled. [Galina K]
Because watching John and Delenn go through the process of destroying and building great empires among the stars is far more entertaining than Janeway's episodic "wheel 'o Morality" powertrips... [londomoll]
Because "... that which is built endures and that which is loved endures... and Babylon 5 endures" [londomoll]
Babylon5 : Good Voyager : Bad Need I say more? [Ranma Saotome]
Because nobody chants "Mary had a little lamb" to block Tuvok. [Galina K]
ST: Last minute solution saves the race. B5: last minute solution too late, race dies. [Lurker Mark]
B5 still has it's creator, JMS, which makes it great. Gene Roddenberry died before he could set Voyager on the right track. ["Meester" Morden]
I quote: "That's it. I'm on the voyage of the damned."(V'gr's doctor in 1st episode) Truer words were never spoken. [Linda]
Reebo and Zooty, Mac and Bo, Brother Theo, Neroon, the Singers in Downbelow, Draal, Lorien, and all the other "minor" characters, who will stay in our memory longer than any of V'ger's "major" ones. [Linda]
The Centauri have SIX. The Q use their index fingers. Only. [Le Grand Biftec]
The Centauri have SIX. Q used his index finger. Only. [Le Grand Biftec]
Where *is* all that gravity coming from? [Le Grand Biftec]
Number of times B5 has been taken by hostile forces: 0 [Snarf]
Number of times V'ger has been taken by hostile forces: 3 (4 if you count holographic Nazis)! [Snarf]
When was the last time anyone on V'ger even NOTICED that someone had died, let alone perform an elaborate ceremony like "Day of the Dead"? [Snarf]
How to make V'Ger more interesting: Next week, a mutiny breaks out when the Doctor announces that the crew's Prozac ration must be reduced! [Snarf]
Somehow, I don't think Starfleet is concerned that Voyager is missing: "OK, Janeway, we've made you a captain and given you your own ship. Now get lost, and take all our malcontents with you!" [Snarf]
On B5,everything is coming FROM hell or going TO hell. VOY? going nowhere. [anon]
Let's see ST:V kill off an entire race once. How many times have we seen this on B5? [anpn]
JMS expects his viewers to be literate. When was the last time you heard Shakespeare, Dickens, the Old Testament writers or ANY classic author being quoted without an explanation on V'ger? [Linda]
Who would you rather serve under, Mrs. Columbo, or Tron? [soporific]
Severed Dreams [Chuck0]
Late Delivery from Avalon [Chuck0]
If they replaced Voyager crew with crash test dummies, would anyone notice? [Galina K]
Holographic doc said it best about Janeway: "euthanasia is the only humane option" ... for herself, the crew... the viewers!!! [Galina K]
Every week I say to myself, how can Babylon 5 get any better, and it does! It's just the opposite for minivan. [Tim S.]
Voyager should be made into a western, starring Calamity Janeway and Doc Holo-day! [Tim S.]
On Babylon 5 christian "seekers" die brutal violent deaths. On Voyager they would die from boredom. [Galina K]
A head on pike just would not look as good in Janeway's ready room. [Galina K]
NASA engineers want to build a Starfury (according to Newsweek) [Rufinator]
Nasa will probably build a B-5 like station by 2050 (according to a retired NASA engineer) [Rufinator]
Right, and the Mir is a functional space station [Chuck0, the moderator]
NASA doesn't give a rat's ass about Voyager. [Rufinator]
Voyager skillfully combines the worst of Star Trek: the acting is worse than in TOS, the stories more predictable than 2nd season of TNG and the crew is even more mismatched than DS9 ever was. [Galina K]
In DS9 no one EVER dispatched a ship to look out for Voyager in the badlands When a explorer ship was lost in the hyperspace, B5 sent a lot of startfuries to save them (and they did!) [Victor]
...and some people died in the effort." [Chuck0]
For people who don't like voyager, you all seem to watch it a lot! [Impartial Viewer.]
Good point! Why are some of you folks still watching Voyager? I stopped watching it months ago, so the only way I know what is going on with Voy is what you folks insult. [Chuck0]
I'd fly a Starfury over a starfleet shuttle any day. [Entil'Zha]
Join starfleet and seek out new life. Join EarthForce, seek out new life and kill them" [Entil'Zha]
I think Entil'Zha is missing the point about Babylon5. Unless you are talking about Clark's Earthforce [Chuck0]
In B5 digified characters die tragically, Voyager they are beamed up at the last minute and saved by treknobabble. [Entil'Zha]
When ships destroyed in B5, you still see debris floating around. In Voyager the Revell model is replaced by a explosion. [Entil'Zha]
Did you know that they brought Kirk from the dead for the third time and are trying to make him a wise cryptic hooded zen-philosophy oriented character identical as Sinclair? [Victor]
Anyone noticed that discussion between Picard and Worf in First Contact "...I would kill you were you stand..." is identical as the one G'Kar and Sinclair had in the earlier first B5 episode? [Victor]
Because they have translated more than two seasons of B5 into German by now! [Doro]
On B5 people eat contemporary food like hamburgers, On Voyager Neelix can't even make mac and cheese without infecting the ship. [Starfury ]
If anyone on B5 got anyone sick they would lose their job. [Starfury]
Know the Enemy: the only reason to watch Voyager anymore, and you only need to see the 1st miniute! [Tim S.]
The EarthForce Marine Corps !!! [Sgt. Bilko]
Londo and G'Kar, complex, tragic heroes. Forget VGR, I don't think PBS has anything that matches them! [Kobalt]
To Chuck0: I still watch Voyager out of hope it will improve in spite of itself. At least it's good comedy relief after the drama and tension of B5! [Snarf]
Janeway would have argued that the Drazi have a right to exploit their neighbors under the Prime Directive, and that the Alliance shouldn't "interfere." [Snarf]
Maybe Sheridan should send the Rangers to free Voyager's crew from Janeway's oppression! [Snarf]
Is it just me, or does Capt. Janeway remind anyone else of Kosh2 without the personality? [Snarf]
TO GALINA (re 1154): Janeway's head on a pike would look damn good just about anywhere! [Snarf]
Starlog magazine once wrote an article:"Things you must NEVER do when you write to Star Trek (or SCI-FI in general ftm), full of examples,Voyager writers seems to use that list as a reference guide [Victor]
Ummm, ChuckO, Mir is a Russian space station that is in joint use with the Russia and the US. [Harbinger4477]
I occasionally watch Voyager on the hopes that I will see the one or two episodes per season that is really well done. Despite Voyager, I still love Star Trek. Faith Manages. [soporific]
The rare Voyager episodes that I really enjoyed were 'Projections,' 'Death Wish,' and 'Before and After.' Maybe this season they will make another. [soporific]
Of course, I watch the bad episodes so that I can fully appreciate the Voyager MSTing page. [soporific]
Babylon 5: Marcus is dead. Voyager: Neelix is dead, and he may have to live with this condition for the rest of his life! [Galina K]
That's all folks!