Jedi Master Jackson...! by [Disclaimer]
Due to unusually inefficient espionage, I am hereby proud to be able
to present the following excerpt from the manuscript guaranteed not to
be used in the second Star Wars prequel. It features Samuel Jackson,
playing his part of Jedi-master Mace Windu.

Just about now, in a galaxy altogether too close for comfort...

Interior: The JEDI COLLEGE on Coruscant. We see Jedi-master MACE WINDU
reclining on a couch. Next to him sits a young PADAWAN APPRENTICE, a
girl about nine years of age. From an open doorway we cannot see
through, sounds of lightsaber fighting and angry shouts can be heard.
Windu looks relaxed and comfortable; the padawan is terrified.

Windu: " you wanna learn the ways of the Force, grrl? Well, you
gotta long way to go. But still, I have some good news for you --"

Next door, someone screams in mortal agony, and we hear the sound of
splintering glass as someone is hurled through a window.

saying, I have a piece of good news." From the confines of his robes,
he pulls out an old lightsaber. "This is your father's lightsaber.
When you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucking
stormtrooper in the room -- accept no substitutes." He passes the
lightsaber to the padawan, who accepts it with trembling hands.

Another scream of pain from next door, more sounds of furious
lightsaber dueling. Windu sighs and shakes his head in annoyance, and
looks through the doorway. The camera follows his gaze, and we now see
what is going on in the next room, which is the COUNCIL HALL. In
there, we see DARTH VADER engaged in furious duelling with three other
Jedi. The corpses of several other Jedi litter the floor. As Windu
watches, Vader decapitates one of his opponents with a cunning swipe
of his lightsaber, and when the other two dash at him, he evades one
and runs the other through with a stopthrust.

Windu sighs again: "They just don't train them the way they used to."
He watches as Vader slowly forces his last opponent at bay against a
wall. To the padawan: "Bet you 50 Republican Daira that he won't last
more than another twenty seconds against Vader. What, you ain't taking
it? I don't blame you -- the Daira is fucking worthless these days."

Windu stiffly sits up, and gestures at a LIGHTSABER RACK only a foot
away from where he sits. "Hand me my lightsaber -- it's the one that
says 'Bad Motherfucker'." The padawan scurries to obey; as she does
so, Vader kills the last of the defending Jedi. "Thirteen seconds. I
don't believe it. Who _trains_ these motherfuckin' idiots? The Good
Humor Man?" He accepts his lightsaber from the padawan. "Thanks, kid.
Now go. You must go to Dagobah, where you will be taught by Yoda, the
sly, sweet motherfucker who taught me this shit."

The padawan gapes stupidly at Windu. "What?"

Windu: "'What!?' What ain't no planet I've ever heard of!  Do they
speak Bocce on what?"

padawan: "How do you know he's there, Master Windu?"

Windu: "How I know he's there? Simple. Yoda's a rat, and these bolt
for their holes when danger appears. And Dagobah is the biggest
fucking rathole in the Universe. Now scram, kid."

The padawan flees in panic as VADER enters the room, his crimson
lightsaber at ready. Windu clambers to his feet. "Christ Jesus, Vader,
your timing sucks. I've been partying all night, and I have a
motherfucker of a hangover." Absentmindedly, Windu switches on his own
lightsaber; it burns with a dark brown, nearly black colour.

Vader: (wheeze) "It is too late for you to escape, Master Windu. Your
allies are dead. Yoda has fled. (wheeze) And the feeble flicker of
your strength is no match for the power of the Dark Side."

Windu: "Yeah, yeah. Says the man who sounds like he has the worst
fucking case of asthma this side of Bespin. Now let's get down to it."
He gestured with his lightsaber, causing Vader to scramble in order
not to be hit by the erratic movement. Windu then staggers unsteadily
towards Vader, who only barely parries the wild and clumsy swipes
Windu makes with his lightsaber as he struggles to keep his balance.

Vader then launches attacks of his own, but somehow, Windu's drunken
staggerings keep taking him out of the path of the attacks. Vader is
almost run through as Windu stumbles towards him and almost falls over.

Windu (laughs): "What's the matter? Never heard of Drunken Style
Lightsaber? You ain't any more than a fucking padawan, Vader."

Vader: (wheeze) "Your childish tricks will not save you long from the
power of the Dark Side." He gestures, and suddenly the glass of the
window splinters _inwards_ and flies in a swift cloud at Windu.

Windu makes an amazing leap out of the oncoming shower of glass
splinters. "You can stick your well-laid Dark Side up your well-laid
ass, Vader." As he lands, he throws his lightsaber at Vader who only
barely dodges.

Windu: "Feel the force, motherfucker." He gestures, and the
off-balance Vader is hurled out of the window.

Windu: "800 stories down. That oughtta hold him for a bit. Now, where
is that motherfucking escape ship?"

(To Be Continued)