You know you been playing to much Quake2 when...
You walk around with your head swaying to match the bobbing motion
You spin 180 degrees and walk backwards whenever you hear a sound behind you
You hear "Ka-ching" when you eat food
You yell "I got the flag!" when you pick up a set of keys
You befriend strangers wearing the same color skin
You start sidestepping around corners...
You change seats at the movies every few minutes so nobody will accuse you of camping!
When a cop pulls you over for running a stop sign you tell him you were lagged.
Whenever you walk into a room you look up at the ceiling.
You want to stay in college extra years to remain an LPB
You wish you could drive with a mouse
You Zig-zag when you walk down a long, straight hallway.
You spend $1500 stocking up on emergency medical kits, "Just in case".
You hurl insults at the local campground owner.
You run from carpenters with nail-guns.
You start throwing things into small rooms before you enter.
When every time you hear a metallic clank sound you try to turn and sidestep to avoid the grenade
When you find yourself circling around co-workers who are in a corner...facing them at all times.
When you wake in the middle of the night sweating with a grapler in your hand
You're standing in a queue at a supermarket, and you wonder how many of 'em a railgun blast would go through...