Once, long ago,
The Goddess journeyed to the edge of her world in the search of knowledge and experience.
She wished to solve all of the mysteries, even the mystery of Death.
Though she knew the earth and the skies, she was still young and had yet to taste either joy or sorrow.
She knew that she would have to go to the city if she was going to find these things, for nature is beyond them.
There she met the Horned God, the lord of Death, He knows the other side.....
"Show me Heaven, show me Hell," She asked "Show me what lies beyond."
"All things for a price," he replied, "stay with me."
"But I dont love you," She confessed.
"Then I must touch you," He told her.
"Alright," she said, the slightest hint of fear in her voice, "But first tell me your name."
"My name is Curnunnos and I will love you like none other for I have died a thousand tiny deaths
and every time I died I thought of you....."
"I'll show you what you are and what you could be. I'll take you beyond heaven and hell, my love,
for a price...... All things for a price."

Joseph Michael Linsner, 1995